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Thursday, May 10, 2012

WoRkinG iN tHe Yard & MoRe CroCheTinG GoOdiEs

 Good Morning everyone!!! where does the time go in between just flys any more.;) I have lots to tell sit back and get something to eat and drink..its going to be a  long post..I have been busy out working in the yard..I have laid down 2 truck loads of bark so far and have about 2-3 more to go..this front portion is all done with the exception of the side that seperates me from the neighbor..I have been busy picking out Lily of the valley in my yard..that stuff will not die and it has a long root system too..I swear I dug to china the other day trying to get one is slowly going away..I just gotta keep on top of it..
 you can see I am still doing this portion of the week I will be getting more bark for this side if the weather holds out..I just checked out and if they are correct..I will be laying down more bark.;)it is great exercise on the old I will take any workout..its good for the soul too:)
 I planted my picket fence containers...I love this picture of the morning sun coming up..
 the garden is planted..but the slugs are having a hay day..the pumpkin plant is gone..but I planted some as seeds so we will see if they have a chance..the lettuce is getting eaten too..and not by me..dang slugs..
 we saw this idea on pinterest and planting those 2 round lumps are potatoes..and they are sprouting..only on the one side though..we planted some purple ones too..not sure why they aren't coming up..but the big garden itself has about 15 potatoe plants that we missed from last year...hoping they don't take over...
 awe a freshly mowed lawn..I do love a nicely mowed lawn..again cheap exercise..I do like mowing the lawn..its long as I don't step in doggy doodie.;)
 here is the wood pile..hubby has been splitting this on his days off..we have a nice pile now..our big 5 trunk tree is coming down on the 21st and looks like it is going to be a 2 is huge..I will be taking photos of this and filming it some too.;)it will give us about 5 years of wood for burning and so much more light and lets not forget less yard work in the future..eventually the tree you see by the splitter it will be gone too..but that will be in about 5 years when we go through the other wood..maple doesn't last will cut it when we need it..
 potatoes sprouting up every where..
 and yet more..we also have a zucchini plant too..hoping it gives us lots..I love to make zucchini bread for gifts at christmas..and I love cooking and eating them in salads too;:)I also planted nasturshims(?)..I love this plant..they are so hardy and just fill up spots..and they are tasty on a salad too..
 here is our "kittys" garden..we have 3 buried this is their little area.;)
 a view to the front yard..the neighbors tree in the upper left (not seen) has we are hoping it comes down soon..the owner didn't want it touched..but she didn't know about the rot going hopefully soon it will be gone..the renter doesn't want it either..
 the front rock wall..a misc variety of flowers etc..

 I have my sink planted again with alysum..they look like soap the idea from better homes and gardens..I am sure you have all seen their photo..I love the touch of whimsy that it adds..
 the other front side yard..I have sunflower seeds planted and other plants that I purchased..can't wait for the sunflowers..
 I got a new reminds me of a prarie type dress only shorter..and my new boots..I love these boots..they make me feel sassy...I want more...I wore this to church last sunday..I felt pretty and comfortable..
 okay I have been busy crocheting..I am in heaven..I made more "jane" hats as hubby calls them..
 and my latest craze..Aviator hats.or as we call them..Elmer fudd hats....(along with a head band in center.;)(I'm going to find me a waskily wabbit)..;)lol..couldn't resist..
 I love the big buttons..
 and they come in all sizes..
 oh that little one is just too precious..will look so cute on a wee baby's head..they range from infant to adult..if anyone is interested...just let me know..
 I made this one last night..they yarn is called "camo"..and I love the pink in it..I have revised the pattern and added a trim all the way around the a really nice finished look..and I love the braids..
 I made these yesterday too..slippers for my mother in law..her gift is done..going to pack it up and get it sent off..
 they were fun to make too..I revised this pattern and took elements from 2 different patterns..
 I made these last week..they will fit a little girl..need to make more of those..well on friday I went to a woman's show at our fairgrounds to see a friend that was doing the show..she gave me a free ticket (12.00) and off I went..the show itself was boring..but i got 2 glitzy bracelets to wear one is silver/charcoal and the other in pink..they are too cool..and I got 3 pairs of socks an $18.00 value for free from another vendor ( I buy their shoes) so they gave me some really nice socks..I also got a geico t shirt cause we are customers..I wore it to work in the yard..and I signed up to win a free 900.00 MRI full body scan at the place I get all my scans done..and guess what I won that full body scan..Yes you heard me will check me from head to toe. it does everything..that is the biggest win I have ever won..I found out when I went in for my Mugga scan on monday..(that is a test for my heart) since I am on this kidney study...and the gal that I met on friday came out and told me that I had won...
do you ever feel like you are being watched? girls love to watch me surf the net and they love wearing my hats too..I ordered the hand manequins..I have 2 coming from china..will share them all when they get here..well tomorrow I am having a couple come over and my friend I saw at that show is teaching us healthy cooking along with showing us the cookware she is selling..I am earning a free veggie thingamajig..I will be taking lots of photos to share..she brings all the food and cooks it for us..I can't wait.we are having fried chicken, tators, salad, veggies  lasagana cooked on the stove in 30 minutes and pinapple upside down cake cooked on the stove...lots of yummy food..i will be cleaning house all day tomorrow..I cleaned out my utensil drawer this morning..holy cow those things collect everything..and it needed it..cause I know she will want to know what I I had to make sure it was clean and organized..well that is it for me..I am off to eat some breakfast and then exercise and then head to the grocery store to pick up some odds and ends..I am also going to make meatballs in the crock pot (after I bake them) was a recipe from the gal that is coming over to cook for us..I will share the recipe when I blog this..oh and my birthday is this saturday...we might go out with some friends for an evening sail and get dinner and on monday (hubbys day off) that same set of friends and us are going to go see "Dark Shadows" and go to our favorite restaurant for burgers.;) next week is going to be a busy week and the week after will be too.;0) will fit in a blog entry in next week..I will try to blog this saturday...cause I want to wish you all a happy mothers day...what do you all have planned?


  1. Oh what a beautiful yard you have friend.
    I love all the different gardens. You sure have done alot of work. Feels good Im sure.
    Lovin those hats. So cute.
    The dress and boots are super cute too.
    Happy Early Birthday too.


  2. Mercy, I need a nap after reading what all you have been doing! You are one busy lady. No wonder you are losing weight! Love the sink planter. Never saw one like that. Enjoyed my visit as usual. BTW Amanda is getting some hair.

    1. great to hear about Amanda getting her hair she still wearing the hat? have a great mothers day,)

  3. Yay!!!! Gina I have been waiting to see pictures of your yard this year!!1 What a have so much neat ideas to look at...great eye candy.
    Can't wait to se more.
    I have been using pine bark mulch this last a long time.

  4. WOW on the scan:O that is a great win!!! Your yard looks picture perfect (as always) you would have a fit over ours right now, lol, just over 2 acres and it all gets mowed but the tractor quit on me when hubbs was gone grew a bit, and then he's home and it's been raining, good grief! You look adorable in the dress!!! I've lost 11 lbs. now, coming off VERY slowly but I'm not totally depriving myself because I know that will set me up for a major binge and i don't want that:) Feels so good to have folks say "you've lost weight":):)

  5. Will you send me some of your energy, please?! Wow, girl I'm tired after seeing all you've got done in your yard. Love all the new fun projects you've been busy making too.
    BIG high five! on the scan win!!!! Wow, that's got to a huge help.
    I laugh at you trying to rid your yard of all the Lily of the Valley, when I wish I could grown it here. I remember having it in our yard in NH when I was a kid. It's just not the right climate for it here.
    You take care, don't over do it and Psssst! HB on Saturday!!!!

  6. Gina...your yard looks great!! It puts mine to shame. LOL... We've had so much rain that the grass is growing like crazy.
    Love your new dress and those boots look so good with it!!
    Love all your crochet goodies!! I can't wait to wear the ones you made for me.
    I sent you a reply back to the comment you left me on my blog.
    Have a very Happy Birthday on Saturday!! I'll be mailing out your gift on Monday.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, happy Birthday to you!!! my daughter's birthday is tomorrow,, you may day babies are the best!!!
    love you

    1. thanks Lisa, was she born on mothers day by chance? I was..haven't had a birthday on monthers day in like forever.;) have a wonderful mothers day and happy birthday to your daughter.;)

  8. I know I am kinda late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gina! I hope you had a great day and many, many more great birthdays to come!

    Bear Hugs~Karen