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Saturday, December 10, 2011

FiNiShEd ProjEcTs, YaRd WoRk & My ChRiStmAs HoME 2011 & SoMe GrEaT NeWs..:)

Good Morning my fellow bloggers and newest friends!!!..hope your saturday is starting off right..its been a while since I blogged will catch you up on whats been going on..I started my christmas decorating on monday..and finished up and tweeking know how that think you are done and then you find you forgot something..blah, blah you tweak a bit.;) lol..well its offically done..but first I wanted to show you some projects I just finished up a couple of nights ago..they did not make it to my they are listed in my etsy shop..:) I love how these shelf/mantel scarves turned out..and I am so loving Gingerbread men this year..can't get enough of them..and still making more as we speak..I used my sizzix on this one above and below..I love my sizzix..I am asking Santa Claus to get me a Silouhette cameo for christmas this year..I want to do vinyl cutting glass blocks were a huge hit and I want to make more and do signs etc.;)
I will tell you this post is picture be prepared..notice the smoke coming from the chimney..its heart shaped..I love this little gingerbread house with the gumdrops framing the door..;)
I love the saying on this one..I am going to make candle cozys with this saying..I am making some for my church gals that I visit..and the candle is vanilla gingerbread..and do they smell yummy;) these gingerbread men/gal are cookie cutters that I have..
okay for the yard work portion..It was an absolute gorgeous Tucky and I went for our 2 mile walk and then I came home motivated to get the yard work done for the winter..had the last of the leaves to rake up and mow..
oh how I do love a tidy yard..
swept off the decks, so no slipping and sliding on them..its I think we are done for the winter..did the front and back yard..feels good to have it done for the year...
okay hang onto your seats here is my home decked out for the holidays..the front of the house..
all aglow..:)
I love my vintage snowman and them both for under 10.00 each.. and do you spy a kitteh on the porch? that would be our Stanley Steamer..or stan the man as we call him..the girls swoon over him..he is my big squishy kitty..

ahh yes the blurry photo..we all have to have at least one..but you get the picture..
my neighbor gave us that wreath years ago..and it fits in so nicely at my it's rusticness.;)
I made the hot chocolate sign..I also sold one this year was my first sale.;)
I love this little trio of snowmen in the girlfriend purchased it..and then decided she didn't want now its mine..and another vintage santa...
love it all lit up at night..
the front door..
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little wreaths with my snowflake vinyls that I got at our church auction last month..I almost forgot up they went yesterday..

Santa is up in the upstairs guest bedroom everyone that drives by or walks by will see him peeking out..
and my burl ives snowman..oh the memories this evokes..and I do think rudolph is on tonight..and yes I am recording it..I watched Frosty last night along with the new elf one..still need to watch "yes Virginia there is a santa"..I love all these programs..and then I have my dvd's of christmas favorites..the waltons homecoming..young pioneers christmas.(if you have not seen this one you must) it is my favorite hands can only get it on VHS..last night we watched christmas you watch/like the old shows we watched as kids?
ahhh electric sex looming in the Laundry room this year..adds a nice soft glow doesn't it? another one of our favorite christmas movies.."the christmas story" my little sister gave this to me years ago..and our neighbors that live just across the way from us..their grandson owns the original house used in the movie..and he has restored it back to the "christmas House" he even makes the lamps..he has quite the money maker..
I got this really neat copper collander years ago and made it into a lamp..see the sleeping kitty there?
I have lights in the bottom..they shine out of the star holes..

my kitty spoon rest and salt and pepper shakers.;)
This is the tree that I took to my show..I added a few ornaments too sits in an old firkin that I need to paint..

so far the kittys are doing a good job of leaving this one alone..

the curtains I made a couple of years ago..I love how prim they look..they have a nice glow in the morning.;)

another one of my favorite sayings.;)
my little whimsical, I call it my "who" village..

it adds such a nice glow at night..

my little mouse and candle stick that I won from Soft in the head 2 years ago I think..he comes out of hiding (the hutch upstairs) and graces the shelf at christmas..I added the bucket of coal..he's not getting the bucket of coal for could Santa resist that face..there will be a nice piece of cheese there for him on christmas morning;)
onto the dining hutch has my Santa collection and my home interiors manger scene..

love those vintage santas..and that one in the center is a cluster of santas..I love this one..I noticed (the gal that I got it from has a snowman one..may have to check out her home next weekend and see if its still there.;)

I added 2 little plates that I got at the thrift store and some vintage cookie cutters..

Cindys little triangle mouse has joined Mrs. Claus in the dining friend Kimmy made me Mrs. Claus..usually she sits with my 3 trees on the vanity..but I didn't put them up..cause I knew they would have been destroyed by our two little monsters..that are running through the house as we would swear they were cattle running through the house..they are fast..;)
here is how the vanity is decorated this big trees..maybe next year..
this tree was in the its my little snowman collection..I made the stitchery.)
ahh the stockings hanging by the wood stove to dry out..;)
the kids stockings hanging waiting for santa to fill them..
I did this last year..drug out my metal laundry clothes hamper thing I usually use it in the summer time when I take out the wet laundry to hang on the clothesline right off the back deck..but at christmas it holds my two "honey and me" santas and there are stockings and a mitten hanging as well..
I put in my favorite christmas books in the side pocket to of my favs is the tasha tudor christmas book.;) love all the photos and the story about her.;)
my little elf sitting in a candle box that firecracker kid made..

now for the stairwell.;) I got that big santa head at a huge gift show..I love its vintage quality.;)

a wooden santa and trees watch over 2 little wool felted animals..a reindeer and fox..I added vintage red ornaments to an old jar..

the bedroom..I added a garland strung with white lights and a chenille chain garland..)simple and effective..

these three seem to enjoy it..have the winter quilt on now..and the flannel bedding is on now..(has been for about a month crawling into flannel sheets at that is my tour..hope you enjoyed it and I didn't bore you too much..
I went to rite aid the other day and they had those spice organizers..and I had been wanting some..and they happened to have I got 2 of them..and think I will go and get 2-3 more..just wish they weren't so I organized my spice cabinet..and threw away alot of stuff and now I can actually find stuff again..I love being organized..:)
oh and another bit of great news..its offical..I have hit the 70 pound mark!!! just hit it this morning..:) I am doing the happy dance..only 12 more to go...I seriously can't begin to tell you how much better I feel mentally and most of all physically..I feel so good..I love being able to do anything now and not be tied down because of this body doesn't ache like it used to..I am off both of my blood pressure meds..and my prilosec..that in itself is I hope to keep it off with all the holiday baking and the goodies coming my way....I just hope folks are respectfull of it.;) okay I am off to get some hot mush and get some baking done..I have my monthly doctors visit this monday and need to take in some holiday cheer...will post those goodies as I make them..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..thanks as always for your love, kindness and friendship..I do love you all even though I haven't met you..I feel like we have been friends for years.;)
(((( hugs))))


  1. Sweet Gina, all of your little ginger bread things are oh, so cute!! I love your hot chocolate sign. Your home looks so comfy and all ready for Christmas. All of your decorations look great. It all gives me a nice warm feeling.

    The cats are lovin' that nice bed. I have our flannel sheets on them in the winter time.

    You always have your home and yard neat and tidy and looking very nice. You put in a lot of hours to keep it all looking that good I am sure.

    Bravo!!! Great job reaching the 70 lb. mark. That is wonderful!

    You are sure taking some nice long you find the time is beyond me with all you do. I admire you sweet Gina for all you do.

    I want to thank you for being a faithful visitor and commenter to our blogs. You are very sweet and we love your comments. Hugs and give the kitties some nose kisses for us.

  2. I love all the photos so much, I rolled them back and looked at "em over and over! What a great job decorating! So cozy! I love it. We watched Pioneer Christmas last night (thanks to you) and LOVED it. Caitlin at first didn't like it but we all did. She loved the ending when they opened their presents and received the sled! Thank you so much! It is now on our must watch list each year! I loved the authenticity of the set for that movie. Back to your house, the front looks amazing! 70 pounds! Congratulations! You are beautiful in and out!

  3. I love the Merry Christmas sign, and your frosty's !! You do such neat and beautiful blanket stitches. I still struggle with blanket stitching, but I'm getting there! lol

  4. Gina,

    WOW!!! I am in awe that you got all that done in a couple of days.. I have been at it for 2 weeks...almost done...darn back...So love the Burl Ivy's!!

    WOW!!! 70 so many congrats!!! that is amazing and you should be so proud! OLM

  5. Ummm Gina I thought you were keepping it simple this year.LoL.Wow that was alot of decorating.Great news on the 70 that is amazing.Christmas Story is hubby's favorite movie too.Will have to dig out the DVD tomorrow and watch it.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Thanks for the great catch-up, Gina! I got almost all the way through my peppermint mocha reading your post! Everything is beautiful... and although I think I said it last year, I'll say it again... I really need to get myself some electric sex too!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Your home is looking beautiful this Christmas Gina! From top to bottom it's full of Christmas Cheer!!!

  8. Love love you warm and cozy home. What wonderful vintage things you have too. Congrats on the 70lbs!! WOOHOOO!!
    And you know I just love the ginger scarves, Beautiful!
    How blessed we are with our blog friends!
    Hugs & Joy to you

  9. Wow, you have a lot of Christmas stuff. I have simplified a lot over the past few years. Loving the gingers and the spice racks!

  10. Wow Ms Gina.. I want to first of all give you one great big giant
    ((((((((((Congrats Hug)))))))))) for hitting the 70 lb marker & gettingoff the Blood pressure meds.. High Five, Pat on the back, Three Cheers for Gina.. I know how good it makes you feel inside and out, Physically and emotionally!

    I do believe itis looking a lot like Christmas at your house..everything looks so cute..To bad the kittys didn't have little Red Santa Hat's on..giggle..that would've just made made the best Picture...
    The babies are getting so big..
    I really liked the Hot Chocolate sign how cute.. No wonder you sold the other one...

    Hope your Dr. appointment goes well..

    Thanks for stopping by and all the well wishes & prayers...

    Have a great weekend!

    Christmas Blessings

  11. Gina, sorry to be so late visiting but I'm way behind on my blog reading.

    You really do a lot of Christmas decorating; you put me to shame! LOL Everything looks really warm and homey. You can just see all the love that was put into it.

    Congrats on your weight loss, girl! I'm still hanging in there; not trying to lose any more until after Christmas. I'm just happy I'm not gaining any. If I could stop taking my Dexilant after losing more weight, I'd be a happy camper!


  12. Congratulations on the 70 lb mark! Oh how I wish I could say that! I have lost 7 lbs lately, so I am making a little stab at it.

    I love your decorating!! I adore Santa Claus!! You have some great ones!!

    Do you know how I could get in touch with the man who makes the electric sex lamps? My husband would love one of those for his office!! it's our favorite Christmas movie!!

    Loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing!!

    God Bless~

  13. I LOVE Your Pictures..and the Gingerbreadman

  14. Gina~ So many wonderful decorations~ looks so festive~
    kitties on the bed~ looks like home~ giggles~
    enjoyed the tour~

  15. What a delightful, deliciously tantalizing treat of a post! Love all your decor, specially your collander lamp you made and your candy cane lane out front, very festive! Always love how you decorate, hope you have a super day and congrats on the wt. loss, you are awesome!!!!

  16. You've surrounded yourself with festive cheer with all of your handmade Christmas treasures! I sure love that big copper bowl that you made into a lamp with all the pretties! Happy holidays to you and your family! ♥♥♥

  17. So fun and festive Gina! Wow - when you do Christmas, you DO Christmas!! Holy Smokes! Where do you store all of that?!! I love your little village above the sink - it looks so cozy and warm at night with the lights....And kitties on the bed - always the perfect touch for any holiday - or non-holiday! ;o) Happy Sunday! Have a great week ahead ~ Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And WOO HOO on the 70 lb mark!!) :o)))

  18. WOWSER! You have been seriously busy!!!! First and foremost - SEVENTY pounds?!?!?! Two paws up on ALL the cats here for reaching that tremendous goal - did I mention how proud of you we are!?!! That is great!

    Okay, love all the Christmas decor, but my favorites are the "squishy kitty" wink, the curtains - they look tea dyed and deliciously prim, and the little village on the kitchen window sill - so many wonderful things here....think I'll go look again ;)

    I hope all is well! Purrs and hugs,

    "Her" and Romeo

  19. Hi, Gina, sorry I'm just getting here at 3:30 in the morning. I can't believe what a fantastic post you did. So many gorgeous photos. I love the vintage Santas, all of them, and you always put your decorations together so well. Your home is beautiful and oh-so-homey. I like your mantel scarf a lot. I've seen them in magazines, yours is better!!
    Merry Christmas, friend,

  20. Amazing!! Loved it all, esp. the gingers!!!

  21. Warm welcome back to blogging, and it looks like you have made up for your brief absence with this post with its lovely images. Richard