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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ChRiStmAs 2011

Good Afternoon everyone!! did everyone have a wonderful christmas? we did too;) christmas is all about our babies..but is Stewie aka stewbert riding on his daddy's back..this is his favorite thing to do..get a horsie ride..he has this nasty habit of when you are sitting on the toilet..he thinks it is funny to jump from the sink onto your back..scares the crap right out of you if you aren't expecting it..(so I guess its good we are on the pot) he is a little character and this was his and Lucy's first christmas..

he stole the straw out of my drinking cup..little stinker...
the aftermath of opening the kids toys..the kittys all got catnip toys..whatelse!!! they slobbered and chewed on those things..Sunny on the couch was not too interested.she preferred the heating pad..;)
love this shot of Tucker enjoying his candy can rawhide..he loves to chew on this thing..
silly Millie enjoying some nip.;)
that would be Stewie playing in a box...another favorite toy..
does Tucker look happy or little sister sent all the kids toys and Tucker got 3 rubber can see 2 of them there...
Margaret came in for a bit..she is an outdoor kitty but loves coming in, in the winter..she got her toy to play with.;)
and when they are done playing..they crash this not just the cutest picture ever?
and this one that little pink nose..precious!!!
this was taken this morning as I was trying to make the bed...(its still not made)..sunny loves to snuggle with us...well we had a great christmas..I got some wonderful gifts from 2 of my blogging buds..Thank you again Cindy and made my christmas..Hubby got a gun and well I got clothes (that I had been buying through out the year) little sister sent me a hello kitty watch..I love it...and she sent me some jammies and sweats..oh I love my jammies and sweats..I also got a cute knitted hat to wear on my walks..keeps my ears and head toasty.;)we then went to our friends house for a nice turkey dinner and played the funniest game..(can't remember the name) but we loved it..
yesterday I took down the christmas decor..amazing at how quickly you can put that stuff away..I only have a snowman wreath on the front porch and my big snowman out in the front..and my lights on the porch..otherwise it is done..couldn't wait to put it all away for another year..the house seems to have gotten bigger too..and I must say I love the simplicity and how clean it all looks..Hubby went out and shot his new gun after our walk yesterday..and I raked up leaves again..(we had some wind on the weekend) and it blew everyones leaves back into my yard..gggrrrr...and I did a bit of weed burning too...gotta keep up on the yard looks good too..they are saying rain and wind tomorrow..hoping we keep our power..but we have a full propane tank and hubby is getting gas for the generator should we lose power...we have plenty of food and I don't plan on going we are set..any big plans for new years? we might go to our friends house that we spent christmas with and play more and bring in the new is also our anniversary that night..this year will be 26 years for us..can't believe its been that not sure..might stay home and relax..anyway have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your week too:)
update: I just stepped on the scales and I am down 73.5 pounds now..I lost over christmas..I turned down 3 sets of treats..and the treats we did get..I gave them to our friends...I have really been watching it..cause let me tell you I really wanted to splurge and eat to my hearts content..but then I would have paid for it..and I have worked too this just made my day.:) take care and Happy New Year!!! :)


  1. O Gina just love all the babies enjoying Christmas and snuggled up and in is so stinkin cute !!! Congrats on the continued weight loss you go girl its a lot of work and you have done a phenomenal job ! Big hugs and Happy Anniversary ! lilraggedyangie

  2. 73.5 lbs is an AMAZING amount:O I need to get busy as soon as the kids leave I'm going to buckle down!! Love all the cute pics of your babies, looks like they all had a great Christmas!!!!

  3. Gina, love the pictures of your babies with their gifts. They look like they wore themselves out. I love the pics of the kitties all cuddled together, how sweet. I am glad the holiday hub bub is over. I can't wait to get my house back together. I just hate the chore of packing it all up and then lugging it up to the attic.
    Congrats on sticking to your diet, especially being tempted by all the goodies.
    Happy early anniversary to you both.
    Country at heart

  4. Gina very sweet pictures!
    Great job on your weight loss...keep it up.
    Have fun at your friends and Happy New Year!

  5. What a great Christmas you all had sweet Gina. We had a very nice one too. All those pictures are just wonderful. I love the ones of the kitties all cuddled, hugging and sleeping together and the one of Sunny snuggled in your bed they are all just adorable. I have never seen a candy cane rawhide chew that large before. Tucker struck pay dirt with Christmas. Such a cute picture of him and his chewy.

    You have done so well with your weight loss and to have lost over Christmas...bravo!!! You are doing fantastic. Hugs for you and nose kisses for the fur babes.

  6. Have a Happy Anniversary and a Happy New Year! Tucker and the kitties are adorable!

  7. Love the pictures of your babies, they are all so precious! Wishing you a happy Anniversary! Hugs, Lecia

  8. Gee I wonder if y'all are animal lovers? I can't tell by these pictures. Those kitty pictures are so sweet.
    BIG BIG HUGS to you for losing 73.5 lbs. I know you must feel so proud of yourself. I am on a constant roller coaster with my weight but I've managed to stay down about 80 pounds from my heaviest. It feels good, doesn't it?

  9. Gina, Love all the shots of the kitty's...Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. OLM

  10. Hi, Gina, you've got THE best cats. They are almost human, some of them.
    Congratulations again on your weight loss. I know how hard it is having failed several times. I begin soon, so wish me luck. Stay safe.
    In case I miss you somehow, Happy Anniversary!!

  11. So glad you had a nice Christmas, Gina! And hooray for your extra weight loss...over Christmas!

    The pics of your kitties are adorable; love the snuggly ones.

    I have a hard time getting our bed made every day because of Blackie. When he hears me straightening up the covers, he tears into the room and leaps on the bed, hoping that I'll throw up the sheet like a parachute so that he can huddle under it. He loves that! LOL


  12. Love the pic of your kitties sleeping cute!!
    Congrats on the weight loss and to lose over the holidays...Great job!!
    Have a Happy Anniversary!!

  13. Oh, what a fun post! I just LOVE all the kiddies! Love the one especially of the two sleeping! How sweet! Stay warm and make sure to batten down the hatches! ~~Annie

  14. Wow you have really done great on the road to good health...happy and healthy new year!

  15. Happy Anniversary and New Year Gina,
    The kitties are so cute! I love the picture of the two snuggling together.
    Congrats on the weight loss.

  16. Adorable! Love the hugging napping one.Gina you have inspired me to make my new years resolution.I'd like to drop 50 lbs so I'm going to go for it this year.Glad you had a nice Christmas! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  17. Hi Gina...LOL...I have jump on your head Pot Kittys too.. why is that do they know we're imobile or what?
    Loved the Two snuggle baby pictures what a priceless moment and you got it on film...

    Is Tucker a Blue Merle Sheltie? He sure looks like he is..He's beautiful...I raised Shelties for 30 yrs..Puddles is my last. He's 15 now..

    Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas along witht he Fur babies..I'm still enjoying my Christmas decorations..can't beleive you got yours all down and put away already..

    Awesome on the 73.5... you go girl you got more will power then I do.I loved all the Christmas yummy's and I know the scale will share with me how much I loved them..hehe...

    Have a great week!

    Hugs & Blessings

  18. Gina,
    those pictures of your babies are so cute! Love the two in the basket-precious.
    And, that is awesome that you have been so disciplined in your weight lose, especially with the Christmas treats. Good for you girl!
    Happy Anniversary to you too.
    I started working on our "Heart of Winter" swap too ;-)

  19. Running woefully behind here in the blogging world I'm afraid - and sorry to have missed your Christmas posts - but I did read them now - and I so want to plant my face in one of your goodie plates! I didn't bake at all this year - seemed like we never ate much of it, and I just didn't have the time - but, wow, can't believe how I miss it! Look like you had a fun Christmas at your house. But how, exactly, do you get your kitties to snuggle like that? That is the cutest dang thing ever!! My two won't get close to each other without the little princess witch batting at my Sasha kitty. Love, love, love those photos. And, really, you've taken Chirstmas down already? I keep mine up for at least a week or two after the new year - makes it feel so much more like a season rather than just a day. And this year, the "season" might even last a bit longer than usual as I don't know when I'll get to taking it down. (Uh, no - mine NEVER comes down even half as easy as it went up! Do share your secret!) ;o) Don't know how much I'll be around, so would like to wish you a wonderful new year and the happiest of anniversaries. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. Your little babies are just too cute! I love how they all have a personality, especially that little Stewie of yours.

    Congrats on your weight loss! You look amazing!!!

    Have a Happy Anniversary and a very Happy New Year!

    Thanks for your kind words on my last post over at my blog.

  21. I love seeing your little guys in your pictures, such little hams they are. Wishing you a very healthy and happy new years for 2012. Your friend Richard

  22. WONDERFUL!! You continue to go and inspire me. I have gained so much I am scared to get on the scale.UGH.
    Looks like your furry kids had a wonderful Christmas!
    Happy Anniversay Dear Friend.
    Hugs Trace

  23. Honey these pictures of your babies are just adorable. Loved my visit by here tonight because you know how I love cuddly fur babies.
    Wow you are on top of it having everything put away for the holidays. Girl I have not put one thing up yet. Dreading even starting ....hahaha
    Wanted to come by one last time this year to thank you for being such a dear friend in 2011 and looking forward to visiting with you in 2012
    Happy New Year

  24. Honey these pictures of your babies are just adorable. Loved my visit by here tonight because you know how I love cuddly fur babies.
    Wow you are on top of it having everything put away for the holidays. Girl I have not put one thing up yet. Dreading even starting ....hahaha
    Wanted to come by one last time this year to thank you for being such a dear friend in 2011 and looking forward to visiting with you in 2012
    Happy New Year

  25. We have chosen your blog for the Liebster Award. Please stop by our blog to pick up the award and see the instructions. We love your blog! Hugs and nose kisses Mumsy and Furkids

  26. I found you on Mumsy and Furkids.
    Congrats on the Award she gave you. I love your fur babies and if I had my own home again, I would adopt more kitties. The photo with 2 kitties snuggling together is priceless.
    Congrats on your weight loss. I fell off the wagon during Christmas, but hope to lose more in the new year. Have a happy new year.