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Friday, November 25, 2011

ThAnKsGiVinG YuMMieNeSs, TrEEs, KiTteHs, PrOjEcTs DoNe & StiLL woRkinG On.;)

Happy Day After Thanksgiving..well yesterday went off without a hitch..although I was in the kitchen for about 5 hours was worth the wait..although before I started all this..I hit the treadmill for a 40 minute workout cause I knew I would gain because of this yummy dinner..and I did a hitting it again today or taking Tucky for a far the weather is looking decent has rained nonstop for 3 days straight with tiny little breaks in is just so damp here..getting tired of the rain I must you can see we tried Granny trace scraps and looked so good we just had to try it..) and I will tell you this is a keeper..I think this will be apart of our thanksgiving every year..the bacon is soooo good on it.I haven't had real bacon since January..we only buy turkey bacon..but you need the real stuff for this recipe..hubby and our friend who came said it was the moistest turkey ever..and so was the white meat.;)Thank you Trace for this wonderful recipe.;)
that was my plate..big turkey wing and the bum (I love the bum) roasted veggies, cranberry (crazins) turkey stuffing using real toasted bread, my sweet potato casserole our friend loved this as much as I do..its like eating dessert..I tell you your family will love this one, and garlic parmesan smashed was a delicious tasty dinner...sent the friend home with leftovers..and we still have plenty of our tonight we are having turkey salads..(its low carb day)..and I will put crazins on the salad versus raisins..should be tasty..;) I hope you all had a great thanksgiving..we had pumpkin pie for dessert and watched the charlie brown just wouldn't be thanksgiving without it.;)
my little christmas tree in a firkin..I read that someone had put their tree in on and the light bulb went I grabbed one of Linda's wonderful firkins that she swapped with me and look how wonderful it looks on my counter.;)
love the twinkly lights..adds a nice glow in the kitchen at night..I will be doing my christmas decorating after my show next friday the week of the 5th is when I will decorate..right now cramming for my show and I have a long doctors appt on gotta take lots of handstitching to keep me occupied..and gonna be sewing all day and when I can squeeze it in as thursday next week I set up my booth..
this was our first frost on the that wheelbarrow and the wagons have been put away for the winter..I had my mums in there when it frosted over..
last tuesday after my blood draw I went to Joanns and got more fleece for my scarves that I am making..I love the light turquoise and that will see below what the scarves will look like..I am so making me one and you will see it as well..
got some buttons..stars and gingerbread men..for projects I am hoping to get done..
tissue paper for my show..along with safety pins for the price tags and pins cause I am running out with all the projects I have in the works..I need an extra set of hands..
then I stopped by JC Penneys for fur covered boots..they were regularly 89.00 on sale for 62.00 and then I got 15.00 more off..they are so cute on with a pair of jeans..
you've all heard of the honeymooners...well these little stinkers are the "honeyspooners"..little brother loves to spoon his sissy..couldn't resist this pic..
this was taken last night on the couch..they were all snuggled on their sheepskin..and little Stewie was doing the lick/bite on his sissy lucy..
finally all settled in for a long winters nap..;) precious aren't they..we certainly think so..
I made this coffee cozy for a gal that purchased one of my dolls..she and her mom love it was fitting that she have one..
these are done with the exception of the velcro to keep them closed..I have about 21 more to make..I love the little simple coffee designs..these were a nice little seller at my shows..make great stocking stuffers...
and I am making snowmen, pies, snowflakes, santas, stockings gingerbread men..using my sizzix..I love this thing..I am almost done with the snowman..have to put the pom poms on two of them..I love my sizzix..
here are the scarves I told you about..need to do all of these..the one on the left the blue one is mine..I love the colors..again using my sizzix..
almost forgot this one..
almost finished with this mantel/shelf scarf..gotta finish "a snowman" and do the blanket stitch around the edging then its done..

last but not least..making Santa and Elmer doll..the two other reindeer will be extras to purchase seperately..then onto another doll..I got my work cut out for me..between now and thursday..I hope you all have a great weekend..I know alot of you all did your "black friday" shopping..never been and never will..don't like the crowds and they get mean..I may not be around much this upcoming week due to my show..I may post after I set up to say hi..take care everyone.;)


  1. As always, you are one BUSY girl! Good job with only gaining one pound from Thanksgiving dinner; that time on the treadmill really paid off.

    Can't comment on much because for some reason none of your pics on this post would load for me. Doggone internet!

    Hope you do really well at the show...


  2. Thats a heck of a bird, and did you cook it with bacon on it?. And i hope your Thanksgiving was a very good one, love those cats also and they look how i feel right now. I think i ate too much this year,lol. Richard

  3. Good luck at your show.
    Your dinner looked so good! I was going to try the turkey but had a pork roast instead. I tried the Corn Casserole that was in the new Simply Cooking book that came out and let me tell you it was a hit.try it sometime cause it's yummy and easy to make.
    Your cats loo very comfy and such a sweet picture.
    Have a great day.

  4. Love all your creations and your new boots are adorable!!! I normally won't go out on black friday but I did go to a small country shop with 2 friends today, only because it was the only day we could all go;) Good luck at the show and your turkey looks great!

  5. That turkey sounds yummy with the bacon. I have a friend who wraps bacon on pork loin and it is so delicious, nice and tender. Boy, you sure have alot of projects going on.
    I so love the scarves and coffee cozies. Those kitties of yours look snug as a bug in a rug. I love your tree in the firkin, how neat an idea. I love the warm glow in the kitchen at night, just enough light to find the snacks. As for Black Friday, I don't do it and stay away from town the whole weekend. So not worth fighting folks for an item I can get online ahead of time. Suckers! I wish you lots of success on your upcoming show. Gotta go, there is a pie calling my name right now.
    Take care
    Country at heart

  6. So many goodies in one post...holy cow! That turkey looks amazing! Ours turned out really awesome this year - so moist and juicy - but...hmmmm...bacon? How could I possibly resist that?! One of my most favorite things in the world! Love your firkin tree - and those kitties - awwwww....those wonderful, precious, kitties! I wanna bury my face in them! Love your little reindeer - can't wait to see your rendition of Santa and Elmer...I love that pattern. Best of luck with your appointment - and with your show....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Wow that turkey looks divine! I can't believe all the projects you've gotten done! Your show is gonna be a huge success! Those little pussycats are so cute. My guys do that sometimes especially Robin with his Mom, Mommy cat. Love ya!

  8. WOW!! Great job on turkey!! Looks awesome. SO glad it turned out so well for you. 1 POUND? You are amazing friend.
    Love the scarves and santa.Are there gingerbread men on them?
    I heart gingers!
    HUGS Trace

  9. All kinds of goodies going on there. I didn't venture out today but last year I got a pair of boots from JC Penneys that I love; now you're making me question my decision to stay home today! What sweet kitties. Mine will tolerate each other to sit on my lap, but otherwise don't snuggle together. Have a good weekend. ~Roberta

  10. Gina,
    Isn't that last week before a show just busy trying to finish things up.
    The first day of my show was great! I already out sold what I did for all 3 days when I did this show back in 2009.
    I hope you have a great show!!

  11. Gina.. that is one beautiful Turkey.Perfectly Golden brown.. Yummy..I think the pound was worth it..

    Busy busy bee..everything looks fantastic....Not a coffee drinker but those cup sleeves are way to cute..

    Love the colors you chose for the scarves all my fav's...

    Have fun stitchin this week..I know you will be crammin all week long for your show..I hope it goes well..


  12. I just showed my husband the picture of your turkey! I want bacon on ours at Christmas!!!

  13. So much wonderfulness Gina...your turkey looks delicious. Love the tree in the firkin!

  14. Love the little snowmen......
    I am going to try one of those bacon-wrapped turkey breasts.
    You are always on the go, aren't you?
    Very creative idea, putting the tree in a firkin. I really like that!

  15. That dinner plate looked SO yummy...and very similar to mine on Thanksgiving day. Think I'll head in there now and make up a "leftover" plate. Yours made me hungry! LOL! ~~Annie

  16. Loveeeeeeeee the tree in the firkin!!!! I've been so busy painting haven't been a good blogger lately =( Your boots are adorable....Your Thanksgiving dinner looked yummy...we go to SIL's but I go the day before and help her cook all day.I'm like you with Black Friday.......never been and never will!