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Friday, September 2, 2011

BinGo & aNoTheR ProJeCt..)

Good Friday morning..I tell you it is starting to feel like fall around here..I almost lit a fire last is a bit overcast and crisp out today..I love these fall days and hope we get a beautiful indian summer..I think September is my favorite month..
I am starting another project it all cut out last is a shelf/mantel cover to decorate up those shelves with..:) haven't decided if I will keep this one or put it on my 15th olde peddler update... I decided not to do the treadmill yesterday and took Tucky for the "long" walk..its the 2 mile one..and I tell you he kept me was I am getting out and getting a few errands ran..5 places to go and joanns is one of them..gotta get some things for my upcoming show this december..I have my patterns ready and need to get sewing..;)
I am watching on netflix Lark rise to Candleford..I love this series..if you like the 19th will love this series..:) I hope you all have a wonderful and safe labor day weekend..we are hopefully working in the yard on saturday..laying down some black plastic where the lawn on the other side of the house is and putting down red rock..something different and sunday is church, then dinner with 2 other couples..we are having fresh crab..yum..I am making brussels with tomatoes and onions sauted..monday we are having 2 guys over for dinner..having ribs, brats (for the guys), corn on the cob, and potato/macaroni salad..what are you all doing for the weekend? also we are getting our wood for the winter probably next weekend...its that time already..and we need to clean the stove yet..lots of things to do before winter sets in..I am also going home to my 30th reunion which is on the 17th..can't wait..and we are going to this wonderful store called taipan..its like a huge warehouse with some of the best deals and they have the best halloween stuff I need anything..but I am hoping to find something..I went in may of this year..its just not my cup of tea for spring..but I did get some candle tarts..but halloween..oh my gosh!!! and christmas they are the best..they have them in California and can see them on line..but they don't sell on line..bummer too...Well I am rambling now..gotta get on the treadmill and get my day going..have a wonderful are your 2 bingo words for the day.;)
first frost
trick or treat..


  1. Like you mantle scarf idea! Please post when its finished. You are one busy gal but it all sounds like fun! I have a 3-day weekend so I will be puttering around the house getting it ready for fall and HOPEFULLY cutting out some patterns. Have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. We were having some nice fall like weather here, but today it's upper 80's again, UGH! Have a wonderful labor day weekend Gina, you *know* I will:D

  3. sounds like you have a lot of plans. Have a wonderful time. It is HOT here again so we won't be going far. I went to one class reunion. That was enough for me. I much prefer my current friends, I have 2 really good girl friends from High school but I don't miss any of the others, so I don't bother. Mike has never been and says he doesn't miss any of those people. I think we are basically happy with just each other.....and our 9 fur babies!
    You enjoy yourself!
    Love your newest project.
    Many blessings,

  4. Busy busy! Love your mantle scarf so far. We're headed to the State Fair tomorrow, church and stuff around the house on Sunday, then my parents may be coming down to visit on Monday. So much unpacking still to do and I really want to get my sewing room all set so I can get busy! You can only old a crafter down so long before she'll explode!
    Enjoy your weekend dear!

  5. I am so jealous, you can light a fire, we have a fireplace, but in Florida it will probably be Nov. or Dec. before we can use it. Have a great time.

  6. Wish it felt like Fall is in the 90's, but heard that it will be in the 70"s next week.
    Sound like you have some wonderful plans for the holiday weekend!! We are going to check out a local craft show and watch Josie cheer on Sunday at the football game.
    Love the mantle scarf!! I've had a pattern for one that I want to make for 2 years now...maybe will get it done this winter.
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Hey! I love what you've been working on. I'm catching up on all the posts I missed since Hurricane Irene. Love ya!