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Friday, August 12, 2011

A FaLL LiKe MoRninG, GiVeAwaY WiN, LuCy, ProJeCts, NeW CloThEs...

T.G.I.F... what a beautiful fall like morning we are was a bit foggy this morning..there is a crispness in the air..I have all the windows downstairs open..and it has a nip to it this it..I am sure it will burn off..according to accuweather (its never been accurate yet) says 64 sunny to partly cloudy...just right in my book..;) so this was taken this morning to show you how the morning looked at 8:30am.;)
Well I got a wonderful surprise package in the mail the other day from my good dear friend Cindy of Cynthia Lee's Designs..I guessed where she was putting a vintage tablecloth and she sent me this cute halloween wall hanging that she picked up at one of her favorite this will hang on the front door for fall/halloween..(is anyone out there chomping at the bit to decorate)..I am but only with pumpkins and mums outside..they already have glorious mums at albertsons here for 5.00..and they are nicely sized..I will be picking up some to put in a wheelbarrow..I have been reading my "Primitive Place" magazine..and getting some wonderful decorating ideas for can't wait till the end of September to start really decorating.;)
Cindy also sent this wonderful book by Judy Condon..oh this is next on my list when I am done with my primitive place magazine..I love to read these in bed at night..:) its the only time I have to sit and read..I just don't take time to do it..
This was Lucy goocey last night at midnight on my lap..had to snap the shot..she is currently asleep on my lap as we speak..she is my new blogging buddy..Sunny has given up that she doesn't like being around miss bossy butt..oh she rules this household that is for sure..:)
Yesterday I got alot accomplished..Tamera if you are reading this..I have your penny rug done and will be shipping them out today..along with the other 2 you ordered plus some goodies for patiently waiting..I hope you like them..will post photos when I know she has received it..want it to be a surprise for her..I also got some felt cut out using my sizzix for another order yesterday..leaves in various fall colors, 2 different black cats, the word BOO, snowmen, ghosts...oh
2 different black crows..haunted houses, cornucopias, christmas stockings...
a turkey, more leaves..and some acorns..
I still have these to cut out..I am also cutting some out for myself to make pillows, etc good friend Carolee..(the house I go to to fine my brooms and wooden sunflowers from) called me the other day and wants some templates of my diecuts..she and her hubby do a lot of traveling looking for items to sell and she does a lot of hand sewing while they are traveling..I told her I wanted her to look for some firkins, and wool would be great too..she usually finds these things too.:)
more things to cut out for Carolee..;)tags and circles..

I love this one..I am cutting some out for me too..would this make a cute little pillow tuck?
I ordered some boots the other day at and they came yesterday..I love these..they fit so cute..I will wear these with my dresses to church on sundays..I have a long jeans dress this will be purfect with..
along with this new sweater..I will be wearing that jeans dress, this sweater and boots this sunday..I can't wait.. I am slowly getting a new wardrobe along with clothes I haven't seen in a while..I love getting dressed up again..and shopping is fun too.;)
We went out on a walk the other night and I found 12.00 in cash just laying on the ground..yippeee..I'm rich..wish it would have been a that would have been nice..I have been working out on the treadmill everyday this week..and only one walk through the this was nice..hubbys knee has been really hurting him..fearing surgery..and his work doesn't help it either..well that is it for me today..I hope you all have a great weekend..oh and I hit the 400 mark for followers..funny only about 25 seem to respond..have lots of lurkers that never leave remarks..and a blogger that has come back after being gone since February..yes Jessica I am talking about you..she has her regular blog and her crafty go on over and say hello and become a follower..she loves anything kind of gal..
Well I see I got no takers for the soap..seriously thought this would have flown out the door..if you want to make me an offer..please do..or a swap would be great too..I just want this stuff gone..
Okay I hope you all have a great weekend..thanks for stopping by and saying hi and for all of you that come by daily..I love ya!!! :)


  1. I know what you mean about followers. I think most people only have time to scan through these blogs anyway and only really read the ones they have become familiar with. I have over 300 followers and about 25 commenters. These I call friends because they are consistent. You-Gina-are a friend!

  2. OOOhhhh, I LOVE those boots!!!! You'll have to show us a pic of you dressed up in them;) love the wall hanging from Cindy too and I am looking forward to fall so much! Hope you have a wonderful day and Lucy is just hilarious!!!

  3. Gina,

    We've had a couple of fall feeling days too and boy am I ready! I get excited about fall!

    And I know what you mean about followers. I was thinking it would be nice one day to just ask every reader that dropped by that day to just say hi, just to get an idea how many people do stop by at least to read! Maybe I'll do that one day!

    I love your boots and love the idea of wearing them with dresses! I like your style!

    Hope your hubby doesn't have to have the knee surgery, and will add him to my prayer list!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!


  4. At lease you can tell who comes by from your blog frog. I love your boots and you need to post a pic of yourself all dressed up for church! I liked what you sent me, especially the jam! I can't wait to try it on ice cream, I think it is the best I have ever had!
    Have a great weekend. I am hoping to get my new stove in! Yippee!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Hey Gina hope you had a great week. From reading this post you had a busy one.
    Your boots are really great and your smart for thinking ahead and ordering now
    Oh how I wish we could say it was fall weather here this morning. Girl we almost wake up with triple digets. lol
    This drought or Texas is the worse ever and no rain until late October.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Gina~ Don't worry about all the people who don't leave comments.I know myself there are so many blogs I only comment once in awhile as I enjoy reading but have very limited time.Just think Wow so many people found me interesting enough to take the time to follow me.You're a sweetie! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Hi Gina
    I have many followers too, and less than 10 that comment on a 'regular basis'. I realize that many of the followers only followed to get in on some giveaways too....which is ok, always the hope that they pop in once in a while to see what's new. I think I'd have a heart attack if more than 5 people commented on one of my posts, lol.
    Love those boots! I'm sure they will look great with your denim dress/skirt!

  8. Gina,
    Love the wall hanging from Cynthia.
    Love the boots you found too. You are ready for fall and winter I see.
    I can't wait to get my penny mats and it is so nice of you to throw in some extra goodies. You are a true blog friend for sure.
    Country at heart

  9. Hi Gina,
    I love, love, love your new boots and sweater. Congratulations on the weight loss and your new wardrobe!! Have a wonderful weekend. Give those cute kitties a hug for me.

  10. Hey Gina.. your boots are adorable! I am chomping at the bit to do fall decorating too! I am so ready for this hot weather to be over and for the cool days and crisp evenings. I know what you mean about so few comments on blog posts, my FB business page is the same way. But everyone is still busy with summer so maybe once school starts and all the summer activities come to a halt it will pick up in blogland. Have a good weekend.

  11. Wait til the end of September to redecorate?! Nonsense! Hahaha... My room has been completely autumn for over a month now, hehe. :D But yes, I felt that familiar crisp chill to the air last night, as well. It felt and smelt AMAZING.

    Oh I wish I had some of your motivation, Gina. I really do need to exercise more. Good for you for getting on the treadmill and walking around as much as you do. I'm still so excited for you. :D

  12. Gina,
    I'm so glad that you like your goodies that I sent. that little Lucy ever so cute!!!
    Love your boots and they will look awesome with your dresses!!
    I wish we had your cooler weather here...I'm so ready for it to not be so hot.
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. What a great feeling to be enjoying your clothes again. You look terrific. Love the boots and the sweater. I also LOVE that wall hanging! We have had some cooler weather here, and I am loving that but I think we are in for humidity tomorrow. That little baby pussycat is such a cutie. I would be kissing her little face all day.

  14. Cute stuff! Love the boots! I think it would be hard to always comment, and I guess I don't join in on the giveaways because I don't want them to think that is the only reason I follow. Maybe I am weird. LOL!
    I like your hanger that you won, and looks like you have a good blogging pal there!
    Zipper was pretty fired up this morning~doing his Tony Hawk moves down the hall! Silly boy!
    I was still trying to wake up!
    I hope you have a good weekend. I will be working this one.

  15. Hey to wake up and feel that little change in the air early mornings..only last about 5 minutes here but hey it gives me hope! lol Sweet fur baby...I really miss mine...Little Maggie has been gone over 2 yrs now..hope your hubby's knee gets thing about getting older..I hear alot more creaks and pops when I get up in the mornings! lol Thanks for coming by sweetie...hope you have a glorious weekend!...Picket

  16. hi, gina~
    Country at Heart is one of my favorities of J.Condon!
    Lucy is so cute!!!
    Girl you are always just busy~ busy~ amaze me~
    So excited for you~ new size~ new outfit~ Girl strut your stuff~ giggles~

  17. HI!! I was thinking of you the other day as I was driving. {shamefully} I have not visited you (or anyone) in a while. I was wondering if you had moved to Utah (?) to take care of your mom or not and what was going on... I was thinking of your garden and your kitties. We just got a kitten in June. A black and white male named LINK and we are in LOVE!! My hubby picked him out and he is a PERFECT fit for our family. Fall is upon you soon... I know you will be loving life with your decorating. One day soon, I will curl in bed with my laptop and go back to where I left off with you and catch up on all your happenings. Even though I don't comment much, your on my mind

  18. Hey Gina..

    The energizer bunny..

    Cute wall hanging ..

    don't cha love those prim books and magazines ? full of inspiration.

    Cute kitty !


  19. Hi Gina Sweetie...
    Oh I simply adore this post.
    I love seeing that cool morning with a little mist in the air. How beautiful, I could almost feel the cool weather out here in Phoenix. Notice, I said almost. NOT, another HOT day today.

    How exciting that you found 12.00 on your walk. Will keep you walking more often and paying more attention to the ground. A small but wonderful blessing is it not?

    I love, LOVE your boots. They are so darn cute. I can't wait to see them on with your ensemble. DH must take a picture for us all.

    I love the little wall hanging from your friend Cindy. How lovely was that? Just in time for the upcoming holidays. They are coming fast.

    Thanks for the beautiful share today. I so enjoyed myself.

    This is the Miracle Weekend makeover. I am one of the hosting sites. For every comment left, Guideposts magazine will pay a dollar, to the next cancer makeover patient. Please stop by and read the story about 9 year old Charlie, and bless me with a comment. Out goal between the 4 or 5 blogs is 5,000. I know we can do it. I would appreciate it, if you pass the word around to as many friends as possible.

    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  20. Just popping in to say hello! Love the boots!

    Carmen and the Primcats