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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MoRe YaRd WoRk DoNe.. a ReCiPe Or TWo and WhaT MaKes My HeArT sKip a BeAt..;)

Good evening folks!!! sorry for the late post..but better late then never I always say..I have been hard at work in the yard since saturday..worked on it and mowed the lawn..and then yesterday I was back at it for 5 is the best work out ever..and getting easier all the fact I lost another 2 that is 38 so far with 44 or 54 to go..depending on where I want to get to...but I feel better then I have in years and I actually like doing yard work again..(just not alot of it)..I would rather have my yard look good with little time spent on it..then spending hours and hours at it..I have better things to do..and with all the maples that surround my front yard...come Fall I am hating my front making it easier on me..(above is a BEFORE photo)
After...I ripped everything out of the yard..only going to put slow growing type stuff or put planters in..any suggestions on what type of flowers..don't want anything that trails, or gets evasive..I just ripped out all that eye of glory type plant..and I am positive it will be back next will have to stay on top of it for a while till its all gone..
still have a tiny portion right by the left part of the rock wall.(the post is in front of it)..I even trimmed up the forsythia trees yesterday..had no idea how big they were..but they needed it..then I am off to to the barking..thinking like 4 yards should do it..the daisys that are by the camillia bush will be ripped out when they are done blooming too..too much stuff in it and I just want plain and simple..if I can save them I will transplant them to the back yard..we transplanted a bush that changes from green (spring and summer) to a rust/burgandy color for fall..its back by that fence I put up..hopefully it will take off and thrive..(didn't think to get a picture)..

Okay Olde lady Morgan is having a giveaway and she is asking us what makes our hearts skip a beat..well for me..its my hubby loving the babies and my babies in he is giving Sunny bunny a love..just melts your heart doesn't it?
this was taken on monday I think..Lucy was on my I zipped up the she could snuggle..oh when she wants to just melts my heart..she gets in your face and the big purrs start and she kisses you on the mouth..
Margarita playing..
Sillie Millie on top of my flour sacks in my craft room.(she is warming up to Lucy) they played well tonight..
Sunny loves her dad..she nurses him on his neck..(she won't do this with me)..
Tucky playing with a big inner tube from Hubbys motorcycle..this was yesterday..:)
Tucky as a baby...he found that pacifier at hubbys work..he was a little fuzzy butt...
my Pody lynn or as I call her Podylicious..;)that is one pretty face..
Gracie Macie as we call her..enjoying a rare moment on her dads shoulder..she is one serious kid..
Nap-a-pop.he is our oldest kid from italy..
and last but not least..Stanley Steemer..he is the ladies man..look at that smirk..he is soft and squishy..he is a loveable kid..
Well now you know what makes me all warm and fuzzy...
I won a giveaway surprise from Pam of Basketsnprims the other day..totally surprised as I haven't won anything in a very long time..and I have wanted one of her baskets for a long time..and I think I am getting one..I am sooooo excited to hang it on my wall..will post it when it comes..:)
This is a recipe that we had the day of my mom's is sooo good..there were several there and I had seconds..small portions..but I still had seconds..They are called "funeral potatoes" because they are always served at funerals..
Funeral Potatoes
1 Large package of hashbrowns (thawed)
1 cube/stick of butter
2 cups sour cream
1 large (the double can) of cream of mushroom soup or 2 cans of the regular sized kind
2 tablespoons yellow onions diced
2 cups cheddar cheese
Put onion and butter in a pan, saute for about 5 minutes..Add sour cream and cream of mushroom soup and cheese..cook till well blended/melted. Add the thawed hashbrowns and mix well..
Put in a greased 13x9 baking dish, add extra cheese or cornflakes (crushed) on top..Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes until melted and ooohhhyy gooeyyy..;)
For tonights Dinner I am making Gina's Oxtail stew and butter noodles. (its by the "down home with the Neelys) program..we have had this once..and I tell you it is out of this world..if you want to impress anyone..this is the dish..oh my gosh it is good..;)
Well that is it for me today gals..;) thanks for stopping by..I love hearing from you and love getting your comments..I have to get my updates ready for the 15th with our new website..and friday there is a sale that I go to every year..I usually participate in it..but too many things happened in the last couple of just going to go and see whats there and see if theres nothing I can't live without...will try to remember to take my you will love her whimsical gardens..( I have posted her house twice before)..but there is always something new to see..Have a wonderful rest of your day and a great wednesday.;)


  1. I was lucky enough to catch this before I went to bed, hehe, the yard is looking great, not sure where you get all that energy though! Awesome job on the wt. loss, it's great that your able to keep on losing;) Love all your babies and Tucky with his "binky", LOL!!!!

  2. The yard is looking good! Love all your babies!! So very cute!

  3. Gina,
    Congrats on your winning Pam's giveaway!
    Your yard is looking great! I need you to come help me with mine, so it will look as pretty as yours.
    I just love all the pictures of what makes your heart skip a beat! You have the most adorable fur babies!!
    Congrats on the weight loss!!

  4. Love the yard and gardens! Look at all those fur babies! My you must be busy petting them! LOL! So sweet they are! Hope you have a good rest of the week!

  5. Love those fur babies! Your yard is looking awesome! I need to reply to your novel! lol....Congrats on your win!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. Sweet Gina your plants look so pretty. You all really made your yard look nice. Loved the kitty and doggie pictures. Our boxer had her own pacifiers. Hugs...nose kisses for the fur babes.

  7. Gina, your yard is looking great. Kudos to you on your wt. loss, wow! Your fur babies are so sweet.

  8. Hi Gina, Your yard is looking terrific! And now it's like a kick in the pants for me to get and get to work on mine. I've been way to neglectful this year.
    Love your pictures about what makes your heart skip a beat. :)
    Congratulations on your win from Pam - love her stuff!!
    Have a great day!

  9. Gina, your furbabies are so adorable... I love them all. and your gardens look amazing. I do not have a green thumb at all. Congrats on the continued weight loss.
    Have a great Wednesday

  10. Hi Gina.
    Your critters are beautiful, and so is your garden. What is your weight loss secret. I have been working like mad in my gardens and I probably have only lost about 1 ounce LOL
    Well back to weeding and watering. We have two huge vegetable gardens also this year, so lots and lots of work.
    Have a great day.

  11. Gina! Your stamina is amazing! I am so happy for you. Your gardens look fantastic. We are trying to do away with some of our gardens and revert back to grass. And next year, whether he likes it or not, we are planting a more manageable veggie garden!
    Have fun at the sale. Look forward to the pics.
    Are you on break from crafting?
    Just wondering....

  12. Gina
    your gardens look wonderful~love your animals~ I can see why they make your heart skip~

  13. No wonder those are the things that make your heart skip a beat~~they are glorious. How lucky to be so enveloped in love from both hubby and your furry babies. The garden looks lovely and I'm wondering if I can get oxtails (?). Don't ever recall seeing them in our supermarkets. Only recently and in certain supermarkets can you get rabbit...I haven't eaten it but I know it is a popular dish in other parts of the country, So oxtails....I will have to see.

  14. Gina,

    WOW!!! A great post with wonderful pictures on what makes your heart skip a beat!!! thanks so much for joining in!!! I am loving how many are making a post!!!! I think it might be time to start the "teasing" on the creations! OLM

  15. What pretty garden sites you have. I love to look at them, but I'm just not much of a gardener, as I don't handle the heat and humdity well, and, well, I really dislike the wet & dirty part --- and that's what gardening IS! So, I call myself a spectator gardener. I look but don't touch...much. Luckily for me Hubby likes the outdoor work so he does it and I do the indoor work. Works well for both of us.

  16. Wow, your yard is looking great. That's a lot more work than I ever want to do. Love the pics of your furry babies, especially the one your hubby is kissing. Now that's a sweet photo. So glad you won. I do hope it's a basket. How cool is that? Hugs....

  17. I'm trying to get caught up on what you've been up to. And it looks like you've been pretty busy. Congrats on the weight loss. That is a huge amount that you've lost so far. Now I'm off to check out your Olde Primitive Peddler stuff.