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Thursday, June 16, 2011

WheRe'S WaLdo...Er..The TreE?

Good Morning everyone!!! how is your thursday starting out? ours is glorious outside..and the babies are chilling in their kennel..enjoying the morning sun..This was photo was taken on monday..This is the BEFORE you can see what we did...
Here is the start of this project..we decided this was a big messy tree..that was here when we got back from italy..while I love this is starting to compete with the fir (not shown) its on the right of this photo..and it was as tall as the house..and a mess come fall..
all limbed up..
will use this for kindling for the woodstove...
oh the mess..we drug this to the back yard and tossed it over the fence in the raw property next too us..
hubby needs to get a new blade for his chain saw and that sucker is getting lopped off..and hopefully a straight cut..I will put a pot on it..
and here is the after photo..
you can see the entire house just opened up the space and it seems lighter now..O)
what do you think? on the cut down list is the holly tree..that is one messy prickly tree..and it is outta here..the only draw back of the tree missing is the upper left window you can see in no more running down the stairs naked at night..or at the very least..half;)not a site that anyone wants to witness anyway.;)

Yesterday I went and got my orthodics for my feet..they are wonderful..test drove them last night for an evening walk..and my foot didn't then onto Joanns yesterday..they had alot of stuff on sale..and I couldn't pass up the fabric I purschased this fabric..I am in love with them all but mostly that home sweet american was 50% off..going to make some prairie dolls and embroider this cutest thing on their aprons..:) can't wait..stay tuned..
I also picked up some more a gal that I met on facebook is having me cut out die cuts for her felting I picked up some more..
I love this darling fabric..we are doing a service project for the little african girls at our church tonight..we are making T-shirt I picked this up for my friend who couldn't make it..but wanted to contribute..
I am contributing this whole basket (yes there is a basket under there) of fleece..just not using it and its going to a good cause..
while waiting at the orthodics appt. yesterday..i was pulling out recipes from a country woman magazine 2010..and thought I would share this recipe since the 4th of July is almost upon us..
besure to click on the photos to get the recipe..:)
well on my way home..I stopped by the shoe store that deals with support issues..this is a spendy store..but their stuff works..I just had to have these sneakers..and my orthodics work in them..
and I got a pair of dress/church shoes.I have sandels ..but these would be great for my feet get that is it..tomorrow I share my 4th of July is truly nothing fancy..just slapped together and simple....I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks as always for stopping by.
Tamera if you are reading this..I sent you an email about your inquiry yesterday..;)
Have a most wonderful day.;)


  1. Love the new shoes, really cute! I think it opened that area up alot by taking out the tree, looks great, as do those cupcakes...YUM!!!!

  2. It really did open up the area, didn't it, Gina? I just love your house anyway, so it's nice to show it off more....even though you can't streak now! :)

    Thanks for sharing the cupcake recipe! I think Joy and I would like to make that one!

    Have a great upcoming weekend!


  3. It made your whole area open up! You have a beautiful yard & home. I really like your blog, lots of fun & very interesting to read! I love your new shoes!

  4. Gina,
    I love what you did with the tree. It really shows off your house more.
    I love your iron gate too. How quaint.
    The fabric is just gorgeous, especially the House fabric. I love fabric of any kind, even if I don't know what to do with it. I just got home from work and will check my e-mail.
    Have a great evening.
    Country at heart

  5. Wow Gina, you are always such a little busy bee!! I need a Joann's run myself..
    Hugs, Pat

  6. I like the tree gone too cause it did really open things up. It's amazing how it really didn't look that big until you had to clean up the mess. It takes forever doesn't it.
    Hey I got orth shoes last week too and I love them! No more pain so I know how you feel. I would get so bad I could hardly walk by the end of the day. Expensive but worth it just to be out of pain.
    Talk to you later:)

  7. busy busy, in the yard, at the store... YOU did it all, and came out on top with all your goodies. GO YOU

  8. Love your shoes!!
    Taking down that tree really did open up the area in front of your home...looks great!!
    Seeing your wonderful fabric makes me want to make to trip out JoAnn's. I haven't purchased any new fabric in a long time.


  9. Your yard is looking good Gina. I am so happy for you with your weight loss... Wow is what I should really say 31 Pounds is a lot.


  10. Wow! What a difference! Looks great. I'll be looking to see the streaker!
    I used to wear inserts. I wish I had them now!
    Good for you-donating idle stash for a good cause! And replacing it with some awesome new stuff!! I'm looking forward to seeing your prairie dolls.
    So much going on for you...
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Love how open your home is now without the tree.Great fabric choices.Have a great weekend !Jen

  12. Your home is cute already, but now you can really see it!
    I like it! I haven't been over to Joanns lately, I just got coupons though, so maybe next week.
    I don't like always having to be good! LOL!
    Have a great weekend.