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Monday, May 16, 2011

WheRe haVe I BeEn...

Hello there fellow bloggers!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes!!! and glad Blogger was able to recover that entry..;) I had a wonderful birthday..went to lunch with my friend to olive Garden and I had 1 bread stick and salad...stayed on it pretty good...she gave me a dozen red roses..they are beautiful..then when I got some more flowers from 2 more gals..yellow this time and a cute little note book and a red polka dot pen and 2 pieces of chocolate cake..and I will tell you I ate my cake..they must have read my mind that I was craving was goooooddd..;)we didn't got to dinner as I wanted a walk we ate fish tacos I think and had a nice quiet birthday.. I am getting new glasses..the ones I have don't have the little nose guards and I am forever pulling them on my birthday I went and found another pair..I had purchased the insurance incase I didn't like these and only had to pay 40.00..and they are I think I am heading into town today to get them.that was quick..they said 2 was only 2 days..hows that for service..
My regular computer has pooped itself..the fan that makes it stay cool is not photos no nothing till hubby finds me a new power supply..I am on the lap top and my photo are on my computer..that is why you are getting the cute kitty photo..
Saturday I had another attack..not sure if I was passing a stone or what..but it was painful..from 9am till 11:30pm..the pain just stopped..drank alot of water..still retaining water as a matter of fact..not sure why..haven't lost..but haven't gained..crappy week for walking...only went out 3 times this week..hoping this week is better..
My girlfriends new baby had a lung collapse..but he is out of NICU and hopefully coming home today...poor little guy..
Well that is it for me. will be mailing off some packages today..and getting everyone their totals for the things they purchased..sorry this took so long..had big plans to do it on saturday when the attack happened...and it was a gorgeous day too..was going to work in the yard..take a walk..oh I sat on my butt and withered in pain..the only good thing is I am caught up on my dvr have Harry Potter to watch tonight..hoping it is I loved the other movies..has anyone seen this one? the latest? what did you think of it? I hope you all have a wonderful monday..I think when my computer is fixed I may have more to sell..soap type be on the look new projects..need to get started on is going to be a halloween pumpkin hanger..can't wait..take care and welcome to my newest friends that are following me..:)


  1. Hey Gina...happy you're feeling better...sorry you had all that pain! And about friends happy he's out of NICU! I stay away from my blog for a few days and everything changes! A blog friend had her baby another has taken her blog down who knows what I'll find as I keep visiting...I'd just like to be able to sleep through the night without coughing! I'm going to have to check in with my doc and find out what the hecks going on (Neylan is coughing at night too...neither of us is shaking this last infection we had/have). Great about your new glasses...2 days is wonderful service!

  2. Sounds like you had a good Birthday and glad to hear the attack has passed, I hate thinking of you in pain:( I hope the baby will get to go home soon, poor lil' guy!

  3. Hi Gina,
    Sorry to hear that you were in pain agian...glad you are feeling better now.
    Happy to hear that your friend's baby is now out of NICU...that must of been scary for everyone.
    It sure is no fun when our computer's go bad!! Hope you get yours fixed soon.
    Take care.

  4. Good news about the wee one! Hope he continues to improve.
    Bummer that you had an acute attack but mega-super that it passed.
    OG is the bomb and their salad is my fave......

  5. BIRTHDAY GIRL! ok a couple of days late, but if you are lucky you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h out a birthday for a week, the gift that keeps on giving. Thinking of you and hoping it was/is wonderful. seems like it was

  6. I sure hope you're feling better and I'm also praying for that sweet baby! I'm glad you had a great birthday!