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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Most MirAcuLouS ThInG I HaVe eVer SEen...BiRth:)

Good Morning everyone!!! I have to tell you of my experience yesterday..My great friend Sarah called me at 11am and said that she was probably going to have her baby and that I better get ready so when she called me back at 12:30pm she would let me know how things were progressing and if I needed to hurry up and get over to the I got ther at 2pm...she was only a 3 or 4:30 they gave her the epidural and she started to feel much better.. But little Nygel wasn't quite ready we waited...and lunch..they checked her..progressing..but not as fast..they broke her water at 4:30pm I might add and she was slowly progressing along..and then at 8:31pm..she gave birth..I would like you to meet Nygel Alfred Hogan..he weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces and is 18-1/2 inches long..and I will tell you it was the neatest experience ever..I think Sarah pushed twice and out he came and the really neat thing was even before his little head popped out..he was crying..and I wondered where it was coming from..and it was him crying in the birth canal..I cried..I didn't think they cried at least not in the birth canal...the picture above is moments after he popped out and they are cleaning him off..he was crying the whole time..he let them know he was here!!!..

Travis (the dad) cutting the cord..
getting weighed..he didn't like this so much..
he calmed right down..and he even held his daddys finger..oh I wish I snapped that shot..
ready for my close those little hats they put on..he even got 2 shots..and didn't even fuss once..
aren't they so cute..Sarah looks beautiful..and I will tell you she was graceful throughout the entire process..didn't say a mean thing once..I tell you had I been there..I would have probably killed my hubby..I love the way they wrapped up Nygel..I called him their little baby burrito..he looks so small and he looked like a doll at one point..

a radiant and happy..but tired mama..
ahhh the proud dad..I even got to hold him for a couple of minutes..he just melds right into you..and he even caught onto nursing within the hour..what a little the older 3 get to meet their brother..they are going to love now they have 2 of each..and from what I am told the last..;)
his little tootsies..I got home around 10:30pm..and was flat exhausted..I can only imagine how Sarah felt..I can't thank Sarah enough for letting me be a part of the process and welcoming a new little soul into the world..something I will never experience myself..and it was..wonderful..really words can't even express it..its one thing to see it on tv..and quite another to see it LIVE!!!..and it was just too cool..Thank you again Travis and Sarah for allowing me to be there..and Welcome Baby Nygel.;)

I hope you all have a wonderful day today..the weather looks a bit well like it could rain..Hubby took Tucker to work hopefully the weather will pick up and we can go walking tonight..
I am down 22 pounds now..I even purchased some new tops as all the rest are getting a big big and not flattering at I helped Hubby buy my birthday presents..I think he likes this..takes all the pressure off of him..and I got some new sizzix dies for my birthday too..still lots of things up for grabs in my garage sale..I have a really neat t kettle (for looks only)..that I want to sell..will post that tomorrow..great for a collector..I think its unique..have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for stopping by and saying guys/gals are the best.;)


  1. Awww, how precious he is! please congratulate your friend for me Gina, she looks wonderful, nothing like I looked after being in labor for 15 hrs. and swearing like a sailor at my Dr., tee-hee, I sure did! CONGRATS on 22 lbs, that's awesome!!!!!!

  2. What a great experience to be a part of. Congrats to the new parents on their bundle of joy!! Congrats to you on 22 lbs.. Yahoo!! Have a great day! Tina

  3. Yes, childbirth is an awesome and wonderful thing to experience. Funny thing when I had my daughter when she came out I closed me eyes. I guess I was pushing so hard I had to close my eyes LOL! When she had her baby I was right there and saw the whole thing. Such a miracle! Babies are truly a gift from God.

  4. Gina,
    That is so awesome! Such a tiny little perfect baby boy! I'm happy you got to be there. I saw my Best Friend give birth 24 years ago to Andrew. I'm his unrelated Aunt. He still calls me Aunt Patti.
    22 a big milestone, you go Girl.

  5. How wonderful! Congrats to all! I swear, I could not be a labor and delivery nurse, I would be crying at each and every birth! I even cry for the ones on tv.
    I'm so glad you got to be there :)

    Congrats on the weight loss! Any secrets of your success that you want to share?

  6. Gina,

    The miracle of birth is fantastic! Glad your friend Sarah included you in her baby's special day. Congrats on the 22#'s. Keep up the good work.


  7. You must have been in complete awe.So wonderful of a friend to want to share such a miracle with you.He is a sweetie,just adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. So glad you got to witness that. I never new they could cry on the way out either. And Sarah looked absolutely radiant. Amazing that she looks so calm, cool and collected after just giving birth!

  9. He is adorable. What a special thing for you to be invited to the birth. I was present for the birth of my first grandchild and it was amazing. Hugs

  10. Hi Gina!
    Giving birth ... an experience I will never feel for myself ... but I'm sure glad YOU shared such a precious memory with all of us!
    Congrats to all and may God Bless Nygel and his family! ~.~

  11. Gina,
    Congrats on losing 22 lbs!!
    I got to see my granddaughter be born and it was the most wonderful experience that I've ever had and will remember it always. I had both my girls by c-section.

    Have a Happy Birthday!!

  12. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There's nothing that compares to seeing a new life come into the world. I agree...Sarah looks just gorgeous and the baby is so cute. Girl, how are you losing so much weight so fast? Inquiring minds want to know. Way to go!

  13. You are very Blessed to have gotten to wittness The birth of a baby. It is one of lifes experiences that you can feel every emotion in the world all at one time...When Carmen was born they had to do an emergency C-section so I missed her actual birth which crushed me..but two of my friends let me go with them to delivery and it was beautiful. You will never forget it as long as you live Gina..and you will feel a special closeness to this child forever..

    Congrats on the weight loss it is going veryw ell for you...and New tops yea how fun!!

    Have a great day!!


  14. Congrats to the family~ oh, what a joyous time~ So exciting for you Gina~ amazing isn't it!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Gina! Well, aren't you lucky to experience that and taking great pictures to boot. It's cool his birthday is so close to yours too. They sure are a beautiful family. Momma is glowing:) Thanks for sharing with us Gina. Congratulations of your weight loss too gal! Keep it off now:)

  16. Hi Gina.. Oh what an experience you had! Blessings to the new bundle of joy and his Mommy & Daddy too...

    I looked like death warmed over after giving birth, 21 hrs. of labor, after all that, she decided not to come that way after all.

    Congrats to you on losing 22#, wow, that's great!


  17. My goodness! I did not look that put together after I gave birth! She looks great! I think he looks like his daddy already! Congratulations to the family.

  18. What a wonderful event to experience! The baby is beautiful. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Congrats on your weight loss too!

  19. Congratulations!! What a beautiful precious baby. I could just give him a hug and kiss. I saw all three of my grandbabies births and it was the most wonderful miracle that I have ever seen. To hear my grandbables cry their first cry. I was like you, I just cried and cried too!! Congratulations on your weight loss, I am so proud of you. Way to go. Hugs, Lecia

  20. P.S. Happy Birthday to you also!!!!! Lecia

  21. Beautiful baby, keep up the good work on the weight loss and hope you had a happy birthday!

  22. What a special day...he is so cute.
    And Happy Birthday to you.

  23. What a beautiful baby! And the mom looks so pretty! Congrats to them in such a wonderful blessed event.

  24. What a sweet baby, birth is beautiful! I thought I saw a post about your birthday on Thursday but couldn't post a Happy Birthday wish because of Blogger.