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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BinGo GiFts GiVen, my TreNchEr FiLLed with SpRinG GoOdiEs..

Hey there every one...Can you say its raining like cats and dogs? holy moly..but now our sun is coming out..might have to take Tucker for a quick walk..:) If you will remember I had my Bingo and I had 3 Cindy of Cynthia lees designs won and this is what I gave her...go to her blog to see where she displayed her little penny rug.;)
and Patty Sumner of my mountain blessings was the 3rd winner so I sent her a penny rug..and this little embroidered sheep candle mat/doiley.;)
Here is my trencher...I put in those prim rabbits, and those blackened wax rabbits..oh they smell so good..I also added my glass eggs from Italy and some of my salt dough cookies on sticks and some from my good pal Carmen..

I also added my carrots from y good friend Kimmy and my can that I made..I love this little spring trencher.;)
and yesterday as I was out getting some groceries..I picked up some primroses ...2 in yellow, one in red and one in purple..I can't wait to incorporate them in my garden..;)
This is me.;)
Oh I could use a serious kitty pile.;)
I won a loaf of bread at our local bread/bakery outlet because I answered a question right..
so here is the question to see if you get it right...
What Model went to NYC to start her modeling career in 1966?

okay my wonderful blogging buddies I hope you all have a wonderful day and welcome to my latest "friends" who are following me..;) take care and thanks for stopping by..;)


  1. Hi Gina,
    Your trencher looks nice with all the bunnies in it! The penny rugs are cute too.
    I bet the answer is Twiggy.
    Have nice evening.

  2. I don't have a clue on the model question but I can totally relate to the cross your waist bra:( so sad, the effects of gravity! i love your goodies in the trencher, can't believe you still have those ornies i sent you, LOL, glad you are still enjoying them:) Love the primroses, they are so pretty and they say "SPRING"!!!! Have a wonderful day ((HUGS))

  3. Wonderful spring trencher & bunny ornies. I love prim roses but never have any luck with them coming back up the next year. Do you have a secret. Blessings! Lara

  4. Gina,
    Thanks again for my goodies...I love them!! Your trencher looks all the bunnies you put in it.
    It has been raining here all day and more rain with a little snow mixed in tomorrow.

  5. Hi Gina..

    I just can't seem to find any primroses around here this year ! What the heck !

    Stopping in to say hi !

    Your penny rugs turned out nice !


  6. I would also say "Twiggy". I Love, love, love My gift....It was such a generous gift and so beautiful. I will definitely be posting about it. Oh ya! The trencher looks great all decked out for Easter. Blessings!

  7. I love those penny rugs! You are quite generous, my dear! That blanket has served you well. Love your work, absolutely love it!
    I still haven't found any wool pieces worthy of working with. Nor do I have any way to cut little circles, so there will be no penny rugs coming from this house.
    Has there been anymore discussion about your moving? Am I not being kept in the loop?

  8. Hi your Spring Trencher piled high with prim goodies...looks great...Blessings, Traci

  9. I'd say it was Twiggy too! I like the model Jean Shrimpton during that time better....she was so pretty.

    Love all your penny rugs....I'd love to make some but I have so many other projects in the works right now. Working on a red and white only doll quilt for a swap. I have been looking at my reds in my stash and discovered that I need to go shopping!

    Have a great's raining cats and dogs here this morning too!

  10. Cheryl Tiegs maybe and/or Twiggy maybe!

    Gina love how you dressed the really says SPRING!

  11. Hi Gina, Love the trencher! Those bunnies look perfect in it! I also love the picture of the pile of pussycats! You do such beautiful work. Love ya!

  12. Love that trencher and those bunnies. How cute is that pile of kittens? There's not much more charming thing on this earth than a pile of purring balls of fur.