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Saturday, February 12, 2011

VaLeNtiNe IdeAs, & BinGo..:>)

Last night as I was sitting at my computer this is what I saw behind me...Millie Jean the little calico was trying to get her sister Sunny bunny to play with her..

this is about all we got from that...Do your kittys have nick names? Millie is better know as Mimi Jella Feeny.:) Sunny has a song for her name...Sunny Bunny..she's my little honey.;) (please don't ask me to sing it)..its actually my hubbys song for her..but I love to sing it to her too..all of our kids have at least 2 of my beloved kittys before he passed away had 21 nicknames..I don't think he knew his real about you guys? well it looks as if my next door neighbor has me blocked on facebook and to her how do I block her from my blog? Linda has been trying to help there any other way and also how do you block them on facebook..if any one can help me..please let me know.. I am not getting rude comments or anything from her..I just don't want her in my business any longer...
okay I have some cute ideas for Valentines day..these came from our church bulletin and I thought I would share with you these so you can try them out for your valentine.;)


Pick and choose 14 IDEAS from the list below. Perhaps it will spark your own creativity! Then, for the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, give your honey a different daily treat!

  1. You are my dreamboat. (Toy boat)
  2. You are my "Big Hunk". (Big Hunk candy bar)
  3. I have the hots for you. (Red hots)
  4. I am "Twix" by your presence. (Twix candy bar)
  5. You make me "Snicker". (Snicker candy bar)
  6. You light up my life. (Candle or light bulb)
  7. I'm nuts over you. (package of nuts)
  8. You make the world go round. (Jumbo cookie, cake or pizza)
  9. I'm lucky because you're my "Sweetheart" (Sweet Tarts)
  10. I'm bubbly all over with love and excitement. (any fizzing type bubble bath.)
  11. I hope "U-No" how much I love you. (UNO cards)
  12. By "Gum" you're special. (Gum)
  13. If love has lost it's flavor and you feel you're in a "Crunch", just remember you are loved so very much. (Crunch candy bar)
  14. You are worth a "Mint" to me. OR We were "Mint" to be together. (Mint)
  15. I can't lick any of my problems without you. (Sucker)
  16. You're "Eggsactly" what I want in a husband/wife. (Write this on a hardboiled egg or use an empty plastic Easter egg.)
  17. I'm lucky to have you as a husband/wife/son/daughter. (Lucky Charms)
  18. I'm a smart cookie to have chosen you as my husband/wife. (Cookie)
  19. You're a "Cracker Jack" husband/wife/son/daughter. (Cracker Jacks)
  20. I've gone bananas over you. (Bananas or banana chips if mailing.)
  21. I love you a bunch. OR We love you. From: the whole bunch. (Grapes)
  22. Thanks for putting snap, crackle and pop into our marriage/family. (Rice Krispie Treats or Crackle candy bar)
  23. Thanks for putting your mark on our home. (Marker)
  24. You're worth a million. (Paper money)
  25. You're worth more than $100,000. ($100,000 candy bar)
  26. You really rise to the occasion. (Helium balloon -write the msg. on the back.)
  27. You're the icing on the cake. (Cake and icing)
  28. We make a "Ding Dong" couple, but I love it. (Ding Dong)
  29. Let's go on a date. (Dates)
  30. I hit the nail on the head when I married you. (Nail)
  31. My love for you snowballs. (Snowball cake with coconut)
  32. Write a love note on a heart shaped paper. Then cut into puzzle pieces.
  33. You can make a large candy kiss by taking a funnel and butter the inside: Put foil in the narrow end of the funnel and pour into the funnel either melted chocolate, rice krispie treats or fudge. Write a note on long paper and wrap with foil like a candy kiss.

Balloon Goodies

Insert candy surprises into balloons before inflating them - add a folded-up Valentine's message then inflate each balloon. Tie with a red ribbon and attach to your loved one's chair for them to find Valentine's morning.

Family Affair

Have the children help you prepare red Jello with cinnamon hearts mixed in, mashed potatoes colored with pink food coloring, heart-shaped cookies and any other creative ways to present your Valentine's Day meal.

Cuter’n-cute ideas for valentines … and not too difficult for the craft-challenged.

okay some of you are getting close on Bingo..Maggie I sent you your list check your junk mail filter...hopefully you are closer then you think..;)



okay I hope you all have a wonderful good..;)oh and Nancy your quilt blocks are done..will mail yours and Lindas stuff on on monday.;)


  1. Those are some neat valentine's ideas:) I'm so sorry to hear you are having problems Gina, not sure how to block someone from your blog, but on FB you can remove them from your friend list and have your privacy setting at "friends only" to view your info. We don't have kitties but we have MANY names for the 2 house rabbits and Kiah, LOL, not too sure I would want to post them though, folks might think I'm crazy or something...LOL!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy the day, another snowy one here but supposed to have a little warm up coming:D

  2. Our furbaby, Misty has a couple of nicknames....Missy or Missy Mouse.

    Great Valentine's ideas!

  3. Gina,

    Don't know how to block someone from seeing your blog unless you made it private. And you don't wanna do that, as you wouldn't meet all the nice other bloggers...I say if she has to read, then let her. I have 2 former friends that stalk my etsy, blog and website...I have google tracking and they live in very small towns it's easy to see when they visit....oh well, people like that need to get a life.

    We do have nicknames for our bunny...He was named Petunia, cause we "thought" he was a girl, well we soon found out that he wasn't, so we call him Toonies and I even sing the Tiny Toons song to him...cause sometimes he's a little looney! LOL!


  4. Hi Gina
    Your kitties are way to cute.. we have 2 guinea pigs called Carly and Roxy I refer to them as my girls.but I remember as a child my best friend had a jack russel dog and she was called TRIP coz she was so tiny but also answered to dibble come on officer and of course officer dibble HA HA..memories eh..♥

  5. I did just block someone from my FB and that is not hard if you do like Carmen said..Just take them off your friends list...I also have someone that snoops on my blog from town we used to live in and then when they repeat what they read it is not right so...I just make sure I put posts about how wonderful it is to live here yada dada and how horrible it was living there..can't stop them from looking at my blog but since I made it where I have to approve the comments they can not leave a comment..I just delete it.
    It is so sad when some people have nothing better to do than snoop and you have to worry about what you post...If there was a way to block that 1 person they can still use a different name and come in. My DD quit blogging because she was getting stalked from an old boss..they moved out of the country but if and when they come back they will be arrested (my DD now works for an atty) it is a shame when we have to go through this...blogging is supposed to be fun :)

  6. Our furbabies have tons of nick names Gus Sugar Baby is our kitty..Mungie bungie,mungles is Mung.Scarpiccino is the other dog Boo.LoL..Long story.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Sorry, Babe! I think the easiest thing to do is use comment moderation. You get all comments before anyone sees them.
    On Facebook, when they comment, hover your mouse over the upper right corner until you find an X. Click on that. It will say several things. You want to click Hide all form this person. Their words will never appear on your page again.Also unfriend her/him--delete them from your friend list.
    I still need 7 words. Looks like I lose. :(
    Every one of our dogs have nicknames. They respond to their nicknames just as well as they do their real names. Loyal is the smallest one so I can her Midget, Gidget, or Itty-Bitty. Gillian gets called Gilly Beans. Clifford is Cliff Dean the seldom Seen though he is right in your face ALL the time. Liberty is Libby Jean-she's the one and her kid is not my son. ( Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.)And it goes on......
    Love you, Kiddo. Hope you have a better rest of the weekend!

  8. Gina your cats are adorable. We don't have too many nicknames here but sometimes each one gets called by everyone's name until I finally get the right name...sometimes I never make it and just say..."Whatever your name is"...I guess when you have lots of them that happens sometimes. My cat Snookums has more nicknames than any of the rest of them. Have a great weekend. Hugs

  9. Gina,
    My Pets have nick names, and full names. Charlie is called, Chuck, Chuckie Charles, Charles, or just plain Kitty.
    Lately he's been bad, so I call him Chuckie.
    Sorry about your not so nice neighbor.

  10. Your kitties are so precious! Don called Pooh Cat...Hissmaria (Hiss-muh-rye-uh)...I tried to use that name at the Vets and everyone would get so confused I just started calling her Pooh Cat all the time. Baron is Baroni Macaroni and Wunderhunder!

  11. Gina,
    Your kitties are just too cute!!
    My little Chloe has a nickname...sometimes we call her Boo or Stinky.
    It is easy to block someone from FB, but I'm not sure about how you do it on your blog.
    I will be emailing you soon...I forgot to let you about the quilt labels.

  12. Thank you Gina! I have 14 words so far. Do you need all 20? I feel silly asking cause I never played before! We have 7 cats and all have nicknames and I sometimes use special little voices for them. (I'm sure my kids will be commiting me to long term care in the future! A nice padded cell, maybe? :) Anyway, if you can stand to hear them: Dutchess is Dutchie Doodlebug, Dixie is DIxie Doo, Red Cat is Stinky Boy, Robin is Bugaboo, Patches is Patchy Poo, Bootsie is Bootsie Boo and Mommy Cat is Pretty Mama Girl. The best is when my husband calls them and forgets the nicknames and concocts his own~~he'll call Dutchess Doodle Boo or something. We laugh (with love, of course). He is the Dad and is the hard worker putting the (cat) food on the table!

  13. Great Valentines ideas!!! My cats wind up with nicknames too!!! I think it is because you give them a name when you first get them...but you don't know their personality and characteristics until you have been around them for awhile...some cats can really have an attitude!!! hugs

  14. You kitties are tooo cute!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

  15. Hi Gina: There is a way to block on blogger and FB but I'd have to figure it out...sorry. Humans are funny with their pet names...My doggies have several: Molly has a few: Mollz, Moll-Moll, princess, stinker, stinky-booty and Zoey is Zoes, Zozie, Zoebee, Zobert, teddy bear!! haha...Wow, that's a big list-I'm not that organized to do something like that for 14 days. I have 9 more words to get so I don't think I have a chance!! :)

  16. We have always given our dog and cats nicknames. My husband is the king of nicknames and the ryhmes to go with it. He always gave our girls nicknames and songs to go with it. Happy Valentine's Day! Blessings.....keep those words coming.

  17. Love your fur Babies...when I moved to my Trailer I had to rehome my long haired PusPus Fur Baby, just not enough room for three cats, a dog, a bird and fish. (which by the way broke my heart,but she is in a great forever home)
    Anyway your fur babies brought back warm fuzzy memories of PusPus.she was as beautiful as your babies.
    Nick names more then we can count here.. isn't it silly we name them then call them something else...

    Have a Great Sunday!


  18. we just have a dog. and I grew up with and love cats (insert sad face) so just love your babies.. and what a tart to block you from FB, I mean really!!

  19. thanks for all the ideas!
    Kitties so cute!
    Happy valentines day!

  20. All our pets (past and present) have had nicknames. I made up a goofy little song for my dog too. I think our pets just bring out our silliness with their crazy antics.