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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 6 of BinGo and ProJecTs doNe & SuPeR bOwL FOOd.;)

Good Morning everyone!!! well I just finished up this sheep that I am making for my swap.I love how this turned out and will have to make myself one..he is a long haired Sheep..:)

I will also have to make one to put on my etsy site...easy and fun to make..I think the blanket took the most time..;)
so here is what my swap partner is valentine penny rug..the lamb, recipe cards, not pad, chocolates, and a apple pie candle along with a candle and room scent from Avon..great in a bathroom.;) and 2 silly valentine cards (the kind the kids give out)..
okay here is the spread that Sarah and I put out for the super bowl yesterday..can you say "feed and army"?...we had chicken wings, and other chicken, dip, salsa, veggie tray, fruit tray, olive, pregnant pickles (OMG are they good) dill wrapped in turkey or ham with cream cheese..tasty!!!!I made blue cheese cole slaw in the bottom right was good that food the recipe from the Neeleys..;)
thats the pregnant pickles on top..;)
I also made jalepeno poppers..haven't made these in years..and not sure why..they are super easy and oh anything with bacon is better right? and cream cheese..slice in half clean out seeds put in cream cheese, wrap with a half slice of raw bacon, put in 350 degree oven for 25 minutes or until bacon is a bit crispy..YUMMO!!! got this recipe years ago from like country woman magazine.:)
I also made chicken enchiladas..easy..10 flour tortillas, 2 large cans of cream of chicken soup, and 2 small cans of green chillis and a large container of sour cream...mix these all up together..and you can also mix a bit of your large bag of cheese with this..but first put down a thin layer in a Pam sprayed 9x13 dish then take your chicken that you will need about 4 large boneless chicken breasts, boiled or baked or cooked in the microwave (which is what I did) and shred the meat..mix the meat up in the sourcream/soup concoction and add about a half cup to 2/3 cups on each tortilla and wrap up..layer along the bottom of your dish and (keep some of the sourcream mixture without chicken aside about half maybe..eyeball it.cause you want to put that layer of it on top of the tortillas once you get them in the dish..then layer the rest of that large bag of mexican cheese on top and bake for 45-55minutes till golden..and serve..they are a nice satifsying dinner..
oh and Sarah made these to die for cookies..I need to get the recipe from her..and when I do I will share it all with you..
well our team won..and I didnt' watch one second of it..we stayed upstairs and talked and played with the kids...oh and made the boston cream cake (not shown) was delicious!! got that off of someones blog here recently...all from scratch..gotta love homemade..;) well I am off to go play with the girls from church..we are making valentine stuff..not sure what I will be doing..then home to sew..;)
here are your two words for today..:) some of you are doing really well..lets hope these help too..:)
dying eggs
have a wonderful day everyone..and see you all tomorrow.;)


  1. Girl when you go to bed at night do you ever close you eyes and just go to sleep or do you lay there thinking of new things to design? You make me tired! I wish I had half your talent and energy!! Keep up the good work.

  2. OH YUM!!!! Looks SO good, I LOVE jalapeno poppers!! My son was watching at ft. Lee and rooting for the Packers and my DIL was watching here and rooting for the Steelers, LOL, they were texting back and forth picking on each other's teams the whole way through the game! Love that sheep, too cute!

  3. I love the sheep. Really awesome.....
    Your swap partner will be delighted with her goodies.
    The spread looks to die for. Bleu cheese cole slaw? That sounds like my kind of side dish. Especially with the chicken enchiladas. Mmmmm. Dang it! Now I'm hungry. Time to make lunch....
    I'm not batting a 1000 with the bingo but I'm doing ok, I guess.
    I'm really looking forward to getting the penny rug. Do you need a check or do you have PayPal?

  4. the sheep is sooo cute!the food also looks so delicious.we didnt watch the game either,we been catching up on all the supernatural seasons.have a great night and c ya tommorow.hugs and blessings michelle

  5. Gina,
    The sheep turned out great!! Your swap party is getting some wonderful goodies from you!!
    I wish that I could be crafting, but the doctor said not to with my back out. This sitting or laying down...doing really getting to me. I was finally able to post to my blog last night though.
    I have half the bingo words now...only 10 more to go!!

  6. WOW! You sure did have the food didn't ya? Everything looks so tasty Gina!! And the sheep came out awesome!!


  7. Hi Gina your sheep is absolutely beautiful! I love him/her! And the food...just looking at it I gained back the 40+ pounds I've lost over the past year and a half LOL I hope it was a good game...I was rooting for GB too! Yay! I get my exercise reading about all you get accomplished in a day! *smile*

  8. The sheep turned out awesome! Hope it wasn't a surprise swap LoL..I would have closed my eyes during that part.I love surprises.Food looks Yummmy my favorite part of superbowl.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Gina,

    Love the swap goodies that you made for your partner esp. the valentine penny rug. Now girl, how many people did you cook for? It does look like an army could have eaten there with ya. The food looks yummy. I may have to try those jalepeno poppers. Have to see how many grams of carbs the peppers have first. The enchiladas looked yummy did the cookies! Anyway, we watched the super bowl for the commercials. I loved about 5 of them, the rest were just commercials! Got 2 words today! Yeah!


  10. Dang, girl, that food looks good!!! Love your sheep, he turned out great! Your swap partner is gonna be thrilled with all her loot! I didn't have either bingo word today, darn it!! :( Oh well, maybe tomorrow! Have a good evening!

  11. Wow, you girls know how to put on a spread...YUMMY!!! The sheep looks great and someone is really going to be blessed. Keep those words coming......Blessings!

  12. That table looks so delicious. I would just make myself a big ole plate! Super Bowl has always been about the food for me anyway! I love the sheep. I'm so amazed at what you do. My cats would be chewing on the fur though! My little devils.

  13. What a spread, you had enough goodies to feed the Green Bay Packers. Born and raised in Wisconsin, have been to a Packer game, so I was very excited to say the least. I was crying tears of joy, called my son back in WI and he was crying too. It was our turn, the Packers were due, they came to play....
    Love your wool sheep, my comment too, do you ever sleep girlfriend!!!

  14. That buffet looks delicious! Hope you had a fab Super Bowl weekend!

  15. love the spread, yum yum and I can't wait for the recipe of those cookies!!!

  16. THat sheep is the cutestes fatest little thing I have ever seen! :)

    armen ad the Primcats