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Thursday, February 10, 2011

BinGo aNd StuFF...:)

Good morning everyone!!! sorry I was awol yesterday..I had my kidney stone appt. yesterday and then I worked in the yard..first the kidney appt..I have kidney stones apparently in both kidneys..didn't know this..I am getting the blasted in about 2 weeks..before they cause problems down the road..they are not good to keep in your body even if they don't cause problems..cause eventually they will..I also learned that using Calcium Carbonate is not good for you..and it could very well be causing me (among other factors) to be getting kidney if any of you out there are taking the back label..the kind you should be on is Calcium breaks down easier and is a bit more expensive then the I came home and threw that big bottle away..and will go and get the right stuff...I will be knocked out with this procedure as they will insert a catheder into you know where and pinpoint each stone and blast them slowly..should take about 45 minutes to an hour...and I will be sore for a while and have some bruising..Hubby gets to smack my back for 3 weeks to help knock out the stones (dust) and I have to pee through a screen so they can look at them under a microscope to see what they are made up there you have it..not thrilled but would rather have this then try to pee them out..which I have been told is worse then childbirth..okay secondly..I came home to take care of my neighbors yard as she couldn't be bothered with doing it herself..took me an hour to burn all the new blooming what I call "chickweed" not sure of the real name, but this weed spreads like wild flower, if it goes to seed and you pick it..the seeds jump like jumping beans everywhere..and their yard is covered in it..cause they haven't done any yard work except for like twice and it wasn't in the part of the yard that needed to be done..and now she is gone for a month and a half in another today I am taking roundup to the rest of it...not happy as I made sure this yard was weed free before they moved in..I spent hours over there taking care of it..and you can't even tell I did anything..and you all know by now how I feel about weeds..I came home and spent about 15 minutes in my yard and it is people think a yard will take care of can't just mow and edge your yard and call it a takes more then that to keep it looking nice..and I told them this..but it fell on deaf ears apparently..and she had the gall to call me out on this as I posted this a couple of entrys ago and she was upset by what I said..well after seeing their yard in the state it is in..I should be the one that's upset..and trust me...I am...but now that they are mostly gone (the weeds) I know it won't spread into my yard..oh and they are moving now we get new renters..oh the joy of it all..just hope they take better care of the yard then the last couple of renters they have had in this house..very frustrating to say the least..okay I am off my soap box..sorry for venting..but this is just really frustrating especially when we took them in and gave them so much stuff to make sure they were comfortable and well cared for..kind of feel like I was crapped on..and I don't know anyone that likes being crapped on..
The photo above is of a mixed media that I made a while back and I was going through my stuff for sale and thought I would put it up on my etsy site...I love this little piece of folkart...the design is from Chestnut Junction..I love her patterns etc..

this is on an 8x10 wood frame..I also used my burnishing tool and made the designs in the door...and I also edged the whole cabinet. the little flower pot is to represent a firkin of some sort..
I made these flour sack pillows a while back and just got around to stuffing them..the backing is flour sack material..these will be going up in my etsy site as well..;)
okay who is ready for their daily bingo I will add 4 words today since I missed yesterday...
baby lambs
easter candy
speaking of sunshine..we are getting an even more beautiful day today..but it is supposed to end tomorrow..hence working next door today..the jonquils are coming up next door, and so are the little crocuses..I purchased a dalhia plant the other day..maybe I will plant it today..we had frost this might wait...gotta get the babies out for their daily watching of the squirrels and birdies.;)
Again sorry to have ranted and carried on about next door..I hope you all have a beautiful day and that you stay nice and toasty for those of you in the snowy sure to take care of the homeless furry children that they have a warm place to sleep and good food to eat..;)


  1. Our weather is supposed to go up in the 40's this week end and then drop again and more snow. I am so sick of this weather and will be thrilled when it gets up to 60 degrees. Love your flour sacks :)

  2. No chance of doing yard work here. Snow & ice covered yard & flower beds. Oh how nice it would be to see those spring flowers you spoke of. I like a perfect yard & gardens. Why have them if you do not take care of them. I have seen two homes around here that have turned their yards into all pea gravel. Looks ok but I love green grass & flowers. I go in next month for a recheck of my kidney. I pray there are none. I had some removed back in September. They were not able to blast them. The pain & surgery to remove them was unreal & I never want to go there again. Catheder not fun. I had a stint for around three weeks. I stopped calciulm. Kidney docotor advised drinking water & lemon aid only made with real lemons. I drink a gallon & a half each week. Good luck & prayers. Ollies friends seem to have moved on. I sort of would have liked to adopt the one. Blessings!

  3. Oh you are wise to have those stones taken care of. I guess I produced some 13 years ago when I was pregnant. A few weeks after my son was born, I thought I was in labor again. Ended up in the ER with a kidney stone. Luckily it passed while I was there, but it does feel like childbirth all over again except you don't have a cute little bundle of joy to hold in the end. lol. Not fun. I hope you aren't in discomfort for too long after.

  4. Gina,
    No yard can be done here either...still lots of snow with ice under it in the yard. The only good thing is that the roads are all clear now. It is going to get up in the 40's next week...which will feel like a heat wave. It is only 15 degrees outside right now!!

    Hope all goes well with removing the kidney stones. Saying prayers for you, my friend.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Gina
    Ok, so jealous you are doing yard work! oh, to see my yard, even some brown grass, anything, and crocus, and daffodils anything sprouting up would be a joy but probably I have a good month before Ohio starts to see Crocus!

    Sorry about your neighbors yard!

    How thoughtful about the animals, it is cold for them, I am so lucky I have my barn, with all the hay & straw for my cats, and the dogs have a condominium with bedding & when it gets really cold like last night we put them in the barn! I too always worry about the animals!
    Your flours sacks are so cute, great job with them!

  6. Gina,
    Sorry I forgot to say I will be saying prayers for you!
    Good luck with the kidney stones!

  7. lOVE YOUR CREATIONS AND SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT THE STONES, I'VE NEVER HAD THEM BUT KNOW FOLKS WHO HAVE, glad your getting rid of them;) Great creations and sorry to hear your weed troubles, I would LOVE to see a weed here about now, LOL, ours all buried under BIG SNOW!

  8. Gina,

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stones but glad they can take care of them for you. Too bad that you had to clean up the neighbors yard again, but on a bright note, maybe you will get some new neighbors that have some pride in the yard...never know...can't get any worse.

    Only 1 word for me today...are all mine hiding in the bowl or what? LOL!


  9. Hope you feel better~~about those kidney stones and the dang neighbors. Sorry you have to go through that with the hospital procedure but you'll be happy you're taking care of the problem. As for the neighbors, I would be very upset. We(meaning people like you and me) are people who care so much about our homes and then you have people who just think of their house as a place to dwell. They don't care. Bless you for being so nice and helping them out. And look at the bright side: You'll get alot of crafting done while you recover. Make sure you shop ahead of time so you get all your supplies!

  10. YAY! all four words!!!! So much for my celebration....I hope all goes well with your "stone" removal. I know those things can be nasty when they begin to move. I cannot imagine working in my yard...that is wonderful. We still have snow, mud and gloomy cold her in KY! Blessings and keep those words coming.

  11. All your creations are quite lovely...sounds like you're starting to see the first flowers of wonderful. Regret your probs with neighbors and the weeds! That's always such a hassle, particularly when you keep your place so nice. Hope the kidney stone "blasting" goes well...will keep you in my prayers.

  12. I can sure empathize with you on neighbors that just suck! It seems none of our neighbors care about weeds. They let trees grow up next to their house-right out of the foundation. Thistle is everywhere. Then when I complained about it, he sprayed weed poison on a windy day and killed all our pepper plants! Grrr.... They leave their trash can on the curb 365 days a year. Their dog gets loose and runs through our garden and up and down the fence to tease our little dogs. I think they go out of their way to be disgusting.
    We have about 4 feet of snow all over our yard except in places where it is deeper! There is rain in our forecast next week. I have known it to snow in April. We just hope it gets warm and stays warm.
    I'm like you, I worry about the critters of the forest. This past week has to have been extremely hard on them all. We put out suet and corn for the birds. We've seen deer at other people's bird feeders! Too bad I didn't have my camera.
    I'm glad you are taking care of those kidney stones. They are so painful. Good luck, Sweetie.
    Cute flour sack pillows!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh boy do I feel bad for you!! Ive had stones and luckily they have passed on their own and even with the screening process I NEVER found them! I did have a similiar procedure with the cath last yr when they found that cyst on my kidney. I felt horrible after, so Im thinking of ya and praying it wont be too invasive on ya!!! Good luck!

  14. I feel for you on the kidney stones. I had a large one that blocked the kidney, what pain. I had the lithotripsy done, it really was not that bad. Be glad that they are doing it before it moves. Three worst pains in my life. 1. Childbirth. 2. Kidney stones. 3. Stingray sting. In no particular order.


  15. Oh, Gina:
    You're always so busy.
    I hope the dr takes care of the stones.
    Look at it this way...At least you got some exercise:)
    Do take care..Laura

  16. 2 more words! Love your feedsacks...

  17. Best of luck with the stones...hope it all goes well.