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Thursday, December 16, 2010

HeRes What IhaVe BeeN woRkinG oN

Good morning everyone!! well I have the crud that everyone in america has..the dreaded cold..think its sinuses..that twice now in the last 3 months..but I won't let it stop me from getting stuff done around here..I made this for my friend Sarah..I gave you a sneek peek yesterday..she is huge 32 inches huge and is rag stuffed..I painted her a warm white and added all the wonderful details to her..this is from the pattern by bittersweet folkart..I changed her up quite a bit..but I love her and know Sarah will too
she has the sweetest exprssion to her face and look at those long eyelashes..all the better to get a Mr. Winterberry..she has a little rusty wire holding up that twig star..
she is also holding a vintage candy cane..
my amazon packages came got part of hubbys christmas and some stuff for me too..we watched the christmas carol for the first time last is our favorite so far..we loved the animation..and if you haven't seen it you need too..this would be great to see in 3-D...
I also picked up two books to read this winter when I can actually sit down and relax..(like that will happen)..I love the old quilt on the basket..I just love that look.;)
my friend Kimmy made me my christmas purse years ago and I almost forgot it this I will be sporting this for a week..I love this purse and I get so many compliments on it...
here is a picture of my smudge pot..I was on "a primitive homesteads" blog the other day and noticed she has one too and I learned what they were called and she put lights in hers to look like it is working..I loved her idea to put lights in I took my strand of 20 yellow silcone dipped lights and put them inside..I love this..and this wil be staying put in our bedroom from now on..This poor pot has seen better days has been on the porch for years now..:0 ) but aI do love me a good prim piece.You can see Laras smudge on the link above..;)genious Lara..

it really does look like a fire is the ambeiance of this.;)
Well I was in sewers heaven yesterday..I finished up Sarahs doll and made 2 is for a gift so can show it..and this one is on my etsy site..waiting for his adoption..I changed this up too..his body is cedar chipped stuffed..his hat is rag stuffed..and he is primmed to perfection..
Cindy digitized the snowman melt your heart for me..and it looks so wonderful..:)well that is it for me..I must go and mail off some packages and go grocery shopping and then back to bake cookies for our church girls party tonight.;) I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are..the sun just peeked its head that is alway nice..thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love hearing from you..and welcome to my newest followers too..:)


  1. Adorable snowpeople! love them!
    Wonderfu>>Wonderful job!
    OH, yes looks so warm & cozy!
    enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Gina, love the snowpeople, I bought those patterns too but it will be after Christmas before I can start on them. Yours are adorable. Smudge pot looks good too, I need to get lights in mine.
    Hope you get over the crud before Christmas day.

  3. Your snow dolls came out amazing Gina! I love them!!!!

    That christmas purse is the best too!!! Love it!

    Merry Christmas!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Your dolls are just adorable Gina and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smudge pot! I can't believe you had that wonderful treasure on your porch, LOL! I love it with the lights and it sure does look like it's burning!! Stay warm and feel better:)

  5. Gina, Love your snowangel!!!
    Enjoy the books!!
    Christmas Carol is on my list to see as well! OLM

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your star-snow-lady. even when you're sick you go go go , have fun tonight!

  7. The big dolly for Sarah is beautiful...she does have a kind and pretty face! I remember the little heaters (smudge pots), like what you did with the lights inside. And that Santa pocketbook is perfect for the season! So sorry about the sinus thing...I've had something for the past 2 weeks where my nose has been running like a sieve...I'm ready for it to STOP! Maybe I'm allergic to the cold...LOL

  8. Mew?! Sit down to relax and read a book?!?! MOL Mewmewmewmewmewmewmewmew...whew, someone help me up off the floor please.....oh wait, I need help rolling over first....Miss Gina, sit down to relax and read??! I've heard it all now....

    Laughing and snorting between purrs....


  9. I LOVE them both !!

    thank you for buying my patterns .

    Merry Christmas ~


  10. Gina, what a fun Mandy-s patterns...and you did a great job making them your own...very nice:)
    That purse looks like a real attention getter, I love it.

    Well, traveled here by way of BittersweetFolkart...glad I did:)
    Merry Christmas and sure hope you feel better dr. had to give me a Musinex nosespray for my drippy nose!!