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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SoMe FaLL Decor..

Hello there everyone..I got my box on Monday from Lottie and I love it!!!.I didn't realize it has a built in seperator which I love even more..I couldn't wait to decorate it I went grocery shopping yesterday and got the pumpkins and gourds to fit inside is the finished look..I also added my tin black star to the back of the front door and put the wreath on the front door..I also hung up some dyed flour sack towels that I embroiderded and hung those in the downstairs bathroom..(not shown).The table is coming out so beautfiully..we have a second coat of varnish on it..hubby will put a 3rd on it on will be moving into my dining room..hoping the chairs get here too..Can't wait..we are going to refinish the old dining room that we have the technique down pat..and it will be done for my sale in July next year.I will be pulling out more stuff tomorrow for decorating..I can't wait..then onto cleaning for my Sensaria Party on Saturday.:).well I am off to get some breakfast before I head out to the hair salon..I am getting a new do and I am looking forward to it..will keep you posted on that.;) I hope you all have a wonderful day today..:) and welcome to my newest followers..:)


  1. Oh I just LOVE your style Gina, LOVE that box with the punkins too and can't wait to see the rest of your decor come out...HURRY UP...LOL!!!!! Let us see your new *do* as well, thinking about getting mine cut but not sure how, I have fine hair and it's a bugger to style:( Enjoy the day sweet friend;)

  2. Waiting for the new do! Love your decorating.

  3. Gina,

    Oh, I love that box. You couldn't tell from the pictures that you posted before that it had the separation. Can't wait to see your new do....I don't have to go to the salon to have a new just shows up everyday when I'm drying mine....I never know how it's gonna end up!


  4. Gina it all looks great. Be sure to show us the new do. 8-)

  5. Sweet box Gina! I'm really loving it!

    Have fun with the new 'do and be sure to post pics!

  6. Gina, Love the box!!! can't wait to see the table all done! OLM

  7. Gina, everything looks so nice!! I love your prim decor!!! You have the touch!!!

  8. Ohhh I love your decorating. I was planning on decorating for fall sometime this week.

  9. looks fantastic, gina! i love the mustard color! gourds & pumpkins were the perfect fit! :)

  10. Can't wait to sprawl out on that table! You said there would be room right?!? I can bring my own blankie....or do you have one I can borrow?

    For "her" Fall is the bestest decorating time - prims are the best choice and we both love the look and colors - it all purrs fall and cooler temps. Which I'm telling you I would certainly appreciate - ever try walking around in 90+ temps with a fur coat on?!? No, didn't think so. If I wouldn't look so ridiculous I might ask her to shave me for the summer. Nah, never mind....Dad is already calling me a sissy because "she" carries me around too much and because I love on "her" all the time.

    Anyway, we both love your new fall decorations!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your day! And I really hope they didn't shave your head bald - you were specific about your new do weren't you?!?


    Romeo and "her"

  11. Love your prim decor and I will have to post pictures and get your advice on helping me decorate mine if I ever get there. So many set backs and will just be glad when it is done :)
    Be sure and show us the new "do" I got my hair cut short on Monday..Love it...easier to manage

  12. I love the box--looks like an old bread box without the lid! And mustard is my favorite color!
    Looking forward to the 2 reveals---new hairdo and table!

  13. Gina,
    Love your new box!! Love how you decorated it too!!
    Can't wait to see your new do!! I'm going on Saturday to get my hair done...been trying to let it grow out.
    Oh...I can't wait to see the table redo!!
    Did you get the stuff that I emailed to you?

  14. Everything looks great Gina!
    Looking forward to seeing your new hairdo!