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Saturday, September 4, 2010

PoTaToEs, ThriFt ShOppInG anD SwaPs.;)

Hello there everyone..I hope your 3 day holiday is off to a great start!!..we are doing nothing for the holiday but staying home and if weather on getting the yard put to bed for the fall..Hubby is taking vacation next might be putting in a fence or doing little projects that need to be done..and one is getting my table finished.;) I can't wait to get in in the dining room and see how it looks..we are supposed to get rain this entire much for the vacation..but we have plenty to do..Above Hubby picked the taters finally on monday..and this is what we got...not a good sunflowers still haven't bloomed..the heads are the size of a 50 cent tomatoes galore!!..not a great year for gardening..the blackberries are just now ripening and are puny at best..and I would like to pick some to make blackberry jam...the jurys still out on if that will happen..;)
Well yesterday was my big adventure with my best friend Kimmy...we always have so much fun together..and I love spending time with her..wish we did it more often..but on the other hand I would be broke..We headed to the local nursery first and they had alot of items 50% I got that wreath above for $12.00..the green goblets were $1.99..and the mugs were..49cents each..(they came from the Goodwill store)...
the big long garland was from the nursery as well..50% off..the fall picks and orange suede fabric was on sale for 6.99 a yard..I will embroider and make pumpkins..I also got that netting like fabric in fall colors..will use it to tie ribbons etc..;)
the accorns and pinecones came from Joanns too..and they were 50% off will fill up a bowl or something to display these for fall..guess I need to starting slowly..:)
the wonderful rolling pin with black handles came from a consignment store..I paid $6.99 for it..not sure if I will keep it or make a sleeve and sell it..I got the tablets at the nursery for 50% off..and the pumpkin lantern and the cat garland came from Goodwill..the lantern was $1.99 and the cat garland was .99cents..I will string this up for will add such a nice old fashioned look to my decorating..I can't wait..;)

here it is opened.;)
I got 2 boxes of scarecrow/pumkin garden stakes to line my walk ways for the little trick or treaters this halloween..they will be up soon..
and I was able to get 2 more rolling pins at good will each for 1.99.. not to bad..That was a long day..I set out at 10:30am and got home at 6pm..had some other errands after my day of fun and 6:30pm with the threat of rain this week..I decided to mow the lawn to get it out of the way as it was getting long in places and I didn't want to have to worry about it for the week..and then at 7:30pm..I came in and fixed 1 am I posted my items for the big celebration on etsy that we are doing..we will be posting our items on I will post those tomorrow for you to see..I will also post some photos of Kimmys house and what she has been up too..I love going to her house..cause she always gives me inspiration..;)

I just did a swap with our primpals forum and I got paired up with Jeanne Mills...and she sent me some wonderful goodies that I wanted to share...she sent me a gardening journal that she covered with fabric and sweet annie..;)
I got the wonderful little pumpkin doll and cornucopia..I can't wait to put out the cornucopia for my thanksgiving table along with my pilgrim doll and turkey.:)
she also gave me this sweet little fall pumpkin that will stay up till after thanksgiving and the sweet little scarecrow makedo..he is so whimsical..
and she made me this cute little tissue holder that she machine embroidered this cute little design that she designed herself and she was nice enough to share the design with I can make something..I have already used my tissue holder and love it..;) what a unique are getting the crafting juices flowing;)Thanks so much Jeanne this was so much fun and I got a new friend with lots in common to boot..the primpal gals really pair us up so well.:)
Now I am doing their september happiness exchange and got a new prim friend named Jennifer she is from Illinois and is a 3rd generation coal miners daughter!! I can't wait to spoil her rotten and get to know her better too..she is a beautiful gal to boot.:)

This is what I sent to Jeanne...

Well that is it for me..I gotta finish up some projects..(the story of my life) oh and my machine is acting up again..won't do the decorative stitches...but i can it will be going back in again..won't have to pay for it..but still not a happy camper..since I have only had it back since the second week of July...and Kimmys was acting up as well..Why don't they make things to last these days..we are such a throw away society anymore...and its more expensive too..Okay off my soap box..have a wonderful labor day holiday..and be sure to stop by tomorrow for the kick off to our Old Farmhouse Gatherings group and what we will be offering for fall/halloween..;) I have seen the items and they are great.;)


  1. Gina, what a delightful, long, fun filled post filled to the brim with your goodies and finds, I just love it all so much!!!! I can't wait to see you start your fall decorating, I've started a little on mine already, the rest will get done when we get back:) Enjoy your weekend and hubby's week off, I'm sure you two will find something to keep ya busy:D

  2. Gina,

    Wow! Great swap gifts received and sent! Love your finds while out shopping too. I haven't been out treasure hunting in quite awhile as I have so much stuff to already paint and do things with around here. Guess I'd better get busy!


  3. Sorry to hear it has not been a good year for your garden. You sure have found and received lots of pretty things though. It is going to look so nice and fallish around your place soon. Hope you get to do just what you want to do next week. Enjoy the weekend and your vacation. Hugs

  4. I came to visit with a bowl of fresh peaches in my hand. It was a treat to have a long time with you and see so many great pictures and hear all about one day in the life of...can't wait to see more pictures tomorrow!

  5. It was so much fun reading your blog and learning about all the great bargains you got and seeing your swap items. Today we went to a garage sale up the street and got a practically new Char-Broil charcoal grill for $3! We gave it to our son and his wife...such a great find and they wanted one!
    Also managed to get my two rows of lilacs thinned by 1/3 and all of those branches hauled away, while hubby cleaned the garage. We are off to a good start on all the things we wanted to do this long weekend.
    Enjoy the rest of yours and many blessings.

  6. Hi Gina,
    Looks like you found some great goodies on your day out with Kimmy!
    What great items you got from the swap...and great items that you sent! Isn't it fun to meet others that love machine embroidery as much as we do!!

  7. I love that scarecrow on you table & the white pumpkins you put in your swap. It seems like we just woke up the gardens & now we will be putting them to bed for the winter. My sunflowers are the same way yours are. I wish there smiling faces would show them selves soon.