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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ShOppInG At JoAnnS and aNoTher PumPkiN...

Hello is everyone this beautiful Wednesday morning? It is beautiful here...the leaves are starting to fall though and the sun is setting a different feels like fall in the mornings especially..although I am enjoying this weather...Okay yesterday I went to Joanns after dropping hubby off for his Drs. appt and list in hand I hit the fabric dept..not expecting to find some really cute fabrics..but I did..these above not sure what I will use them on..or I will just use the thanksgiving one on my table till I decide..they had some cute fabrics there yesterday and I am a sucker for more
these will be used in my pumpkin them..
chenille on the left to make "sugar" pumpkins, and orange velvet on the right to make pumpkins...this was on clearance for $7.00 a yard so I picked up 2 yards..:)
fall/halloween ribbon....
cupcake holders..Love the crow ones..I am having to partys will make cupcakes and use these...
more thread for my embroidery machine and to see up pumpkins with..;)
joanns is getting a whole new "martha stewart" line in..and I coudn't resist these treat bags..will give out bags of treats to my party guests for my partys...
They had these really neat stencils there that help you to shade stuff in layers..I love this..and I can use these to make "blocks" with ...
here is the larger one opened so you could see whats inside..;)
the directions on how to use your stencils etc..;)can't wait to use these..need to get hubby to cut me some wood.;)
Well I put the orange velvet to good use yesterday...I embroidered this design onto it..and it is an "embossed" design so it gives it a 3-d effect...and I love it..;)
really makes the words pop off the pumpkin..:)
I gathered some of my little pinecones from my yard and used one of my dried stems and waaallaah!! a pumpkin...I love how this one turned out..I have 4 more designs to do.. a witch, a crow, a pumpkin and a scary cat...when I get home from my drs. appt today..I will be making more of these little beauties...the fabric is cut...just waiting for me to embroider and sew em up...I will be listing these on etsy for our Fall Celebration that we are doing...but will probably list this one today...;) I can't wait that I must go and get ready..I hope you all have a fabulous day..;)
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  1. Please don't tell me that Martha Stewart is invading Joanns!!!!!!! She's already invaded Michaels and ruined the scrapbook supply section. I guess you can tell I'm not a Martha fan! LOL! That golden velvet pumpkin is to die for......I find one I love and you post another one that I can't resist! Hoping to go to Joanns on Thursday after some lab work.

  2. Gina, I was in our Joann's this morning:D I LOVE that fabric, specially the Thanksgiving one and that pumpkin is awesome!!!! Enjoy the day sweet friend!

  3. Gina, your pumpkin is gorgeous!! How did you do the embroidery? by hand or machine? Great job.

  4. Hey Gal, you are putting out the pumpkins! I love
    the material you got, I found some I want to get. I might even make curtains for Fall, for over the sink...Might take me until next year to get 'em
    done, though!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hey, girl, just had a thought: make one of those banners I've been doing and make one side halloween and the other Christmas. I think you could sell those!

  6. pumpkins, pumpkins pumpkins, the gold one is SO unique! and beautiful You have the gift!!! I hope you won't be stuck in the house all day, it is beautiful out there (through the window here at least!)

  7. Wow you sure did get some cool things at joanns! And love that pumpkin!! Very cool!


  8. Gina, Love all the fabrics. I am a sucker for fall homespuns! OLM

  9. I love the fabrics you chose!!! It is getting cool here in KY too!!! It is starting to feel like fall already!!!! I will miss the sun but not the humidiy!!!! hugs

  10. Gina,
    Love the pumpkin!! Each one that you've done is awesome!!
    I want to go shopping at JoAnn's with the fabric. We have a little JoAnn's here in town and have about a 40 minute drive to a bigger one.
    I posted pics of the primitive show on my blog if you want to see them.
    Crafting with my sister tomorrow for my show that is in 6 weeks.
    Sent what you needed through email...hope you got it ok.

  11. This pumpkin is my favorite....the fabric, the embroidery. Love it.

  12. You are really getting good at making those pumpkins. I love them!!!

  13. That machine must be awesome!
    I love the stencils. I'm going to be stopping by to check those out. I do love the Thanksgiving fabric as well. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Gina,

    Love that pumpkin ! Just awesome the way it turned out !

    You must have shopped at a super Joann's because I don't think the little Joann's in my town has any of the items you purchased !

    I have to go to Pittsburgh, 2 1/2 hours away from me, to find one !

    Those little treat bags are cute !


  15. Pumpkins and scarecrows! Two of my favourite. Your photos are great on this wet, windy day in central England.

  16. Love your pumpkin!! The embroidery on it is just beautiful. Lovin' that Thanksgiving fabric too!!

  17. Gina,

    Love the new pumpkin. Your embroidery machine is awesome if it can do all that you've been showing us.

    How about making a table runner with the fabric or some placemats?
    Can't wait to see how you use your fall fabric.

    Happy crafting.


  18. I found some really good sales on fall flowers at Joanns last week. Seems to be getting alot of great stuff. I like those stencils. Your pumpkin patch is growing lovely pumpkins. I am not ready for the leaves to fall. Still green here and much cooler. You comment on my plate rack made me smile Thanks!Blessing to you!