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Sunday, August 29, 2010

More PuMpkins and A ToWeL for a HoStess GiFT..

Good Sunday morning everyone..I finished 2 more pumpkins yesterday..still need to attach the stems.;) don't they look cute all stacked..
here are the two latest ones..disregard my messy craft table..
here is a towel I made for the hostess at the BBQ we went to last night..which was fun to get out and chat with folks from church...beautiful evening too..;) have a wonderful sunday..I smell breakfast on the table...:) oh and if I didn't know it was August..I would swear it felt like late October..there is a chill in the air today..and it is cold enough to light a fire...leaves are falling everywhere..its only going to be 59 degrees today..but it feels like 57..(thats accuweather)...:)


  1. I love the punkin patch yer growing, LOL!!!! Hope you have a fantastic Sunday, I'll be busy again crafting;)

  2. Love the hostess towel. The punkins are fab as usual.


  3. You are right about it getting a bit chilly . . . and a fire sounds oh-so cozy right now!!

    Looks like you have been very busy - these are just perfect for fall!! You must have one of those ultra cool and wonderful embroidery machines . . . it is soooo amazing what you can do with them!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!! :). . . liz

  4. You are really coming along on the pumpkins and they are so cute. Love the towel you made for the hostess. Hope you are having a lovely day today. Hugs

  5. It's cool here in Southern Oregon too! In fact, Misty was so cold she was sitting by the heat register waiting for the furnace to kick on. Rich turned it on and we all 3 sat back and enjoyed the warm room after a while. I've been busy making fabric apples. I have 6 sewn together and starting to stuff them. Can't wait until they are finished. I found some perfect small twigs to use as stems yesterday while attending one of our local communities Pioneer Days parade. We met up with some friends and watched the parade with them. After the parade we had lunch at our favorite cafe and then looked in all the shops in town.

  6. I've got to confess I was so envious of you folks out west with the cool weather that I headed out of North Carolina and went to West Virginia. While I was there it was in the 50's at night and 70's in the day. It was 'almost heaven' alright.

    Love the pumpkin and towel!

  7. I love your pumpkins! Thank you for emailing me the OFG Fall Celebration date. Not sure why I did that! Maybe cause I'm in a mad rush to get things made! lol Oh well I it's fixed. Thank you! It's sure feeling like fall here too. Really chilly out today, but perfect for those hot & cold flashes us old gals get! lol

  8. Gina, You have been a busy girl! Love the pumpkins!!! have a great night! OLM

  9. It was only about 74 here today...but back up to 80 later this week. Your pumpkins are beautiful. You are so talented.

  10. Oh how I wished we were having your weather!! It was in the 90's here today.
    Love your growing pumpkin patch!! And what a cute hostess the towel!!

  11. I love all the pumpkins! That is a nice little collection there. :) I like the towel too! What a sweet thing to do. I bet your hostess really appreciated it!

    Hope your enjoying another 'almost fall' day,


  12. WOW Gina... your beyond talented. Everything is just awesome. Your blog gets me so giddy for Fall. We have a slight crisp in the air in the mornings but the day time is still about 90 . it won't get down to your high till november/december but even for us fall is on its way. I was just sitting outside thinking about the scarecrows I want to put in my garden in just a few weeks.LOL. YAAAAAA for fall.

  13. I really adore those pumpkins. The stitching is so great on there.

  14. LOVE your punkins!! And what a fab pressie to take for the hostess of the BBQ, I bet she loved it!

    I am on the look out for some fresh pumpkins to decorate the cart with, thankyou for all your great ideas, I really loved reading your thoughts!


  15. I absolutely love the saying on your, so, sweet!

    Hugs from your neighbor in OR,

    Punkin Seed Productions

  16. You are so talented Gina, love your awesome pumpkins, and the towel is the cutest!!! I love sheep too, you are one talented girl. Love how you have your distpan on your blog!!!

  17. Fantastic as always darlin'!!! ♥

  18. Those pumpkins are the greatest!!! You are so creative and talented!!!! And the hostess was so lucky to get your gift!

    Thanks so much for stopping by - I always love your comments :) I will try and get her to post more. Seems that there should be no reason now that the heat has just about killed all the plants...wouldn't you agree? I mean what else is there to do?!? Oh wait, almost forgot, I'm the one who's supposed to be posting...hmmmm, maybe that's the problem. I forgot I was supposed to be doing it and was spending too much time napping. Oops. I better get with it!

    We are having a cool nip in the air in the mornings - life is grand!!!!

    I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


    Romeo and "her"

  19. I love all those cute pumpkins and that towel is so nice! I wish I had your talent!!