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Saturday, July 10, 2010

LooK WhAt CaMe In ThE MaiL and MoRe StrAWbeRRiEs...

Good Saturday Morning!!! what a glorious day here in Washington state..Mornings are starting to become my favorite time of the day...don't mind getting up early to a beautiful day...I had my usual morning bagel with peanut butter on one and butter on the other and my yummy strawberry jam on both..and my glass of though I ate out on the picnic table and read a magazine and listened to the birds...the girls are out getting their morning show of the squirrels and birds...House is swept and mopped, bed made and I am ready to get sewing..Yesterday I got my wonderful package from Carol of firecracker kid!! I tell you I am in LOVE with her work..she and her hubby make the best things to look like they came from way back when..and I have 3 pieces now..and I want more...This is in my kitchen on my counter..and she was nice enough to shrink it a bit to make sure it fit..and it does ever so nicely...I couldn't wait to start tweaking..:) and tweak I did..I stole things from my big dough bowl rack to fill up this piece..and I must say I love how they both look now..
This is with the flash...
and here it is with all my other kitchen goodies..Thank you Carol and Hubby so much for the wonderful work and love you put into each piece..I am thrilled with my items and it is certainly adding to my prim/country home..:D
Well this little picnic table used to be on the kitchen counter..but you see it has been replaced..:) so I added it here with my other goodies for the summer and it looks oTay!!
Yesterday I made 3 more batches of wonderful yummy smelling scented strawberries..They are in my etsy as we first set sold and are going to my good pal Karen of the barely there primitive bear...Thanks Karen you will love these..can't wait to see a photo of them displayed in your home.;) I put my yummy Jam into the photo too...couldn't resist..

These were alot of fun to make..I used 2 different patterns to get them the way I liked them...and I used 2 different fabrics to give them more character as well...the weather is just purrfffeeecct today..not too hot and not too cold...just right..68 degrees in fact...Got the lawn mowed yesterday and the watering is done for this morning..We did lose power last night for about 2 no AC..long night...I hope your weekend is beautiful as well... Thank you all that stop by to say hi..I always always love reading my comments and love hearing from you all..;) Take care.:)


  1. I enjoyed the tour of your home and found it very inviting and cozy.

  2. Don't you just love getting a package in the Christmas! Where do you live that it is only 68 degrees....I'm in the car headed wherever that is:)

  3. I love it all Gina, and thank YOU for all the wonderful eye candy filled posts that I so enjoy coming to read;)

  4. And I can't wait to get them! I
    love strawberries! I am always
    on the lookout for thing with
    strawberries on them, for some
    body. :) Love your post, as

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Your rollingpin dough bowl rack looks just perfect on your counter! Carol is such a sweetie isn't she! Her and her hubby do amazing work! Love the strawberries! Can almost smell them! :)


  6. Gina Gina Gina... you are the cat's meow. LOL. I love what you did with the rack as always you amaze me with your ability to create and decorate. I'm so thrilled to be a part of your beautiful home decor. Thank you sweety and keep on being you:) Love ya!

  7. I have 4 pieces from firecrackerkid and I love them all. I need more walls for more I have said. The roll pin bowl keep shrunk is so cute. Filled so nice & full. It is prim perfect on your counter. Such a wonderful idea to shrink. Strawberries are so yummy looking.

  8. Gina,
    I have a piece almost exactly like the one in your kitchen that you got from Carol. Mine is a tan/taupe color...I have a rolling pin in it too and some towels, a old muffin pan and another small rolling pin.
    I'll trade our 86 degree weather for your 68 degress. Have a great Sunday.

  9. That looks great on your kitchen counter. Wish it had been 68 degrees here today. Weather guessers said from Thursday through the weekend it was gonna be COOLER. They were wrong again. It's stinky hot here but I'm happy for you with cooler temps. Fall isn't too far away. Love those strawberries!