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Saturday, July 3, 2010

GuEsS wHaT Finally CaMe....

Well Guys the fridge finally came!!! This is the old fridge above and I was not sad to see it just kept getting worse and worse...This was a GE...Not Doing GE ever again..
So yesterday it was finally delivered!! this is a Samsung!! and it has alot of bells and whistles..more so then the one we originally is huge!! wider, taller and in depth too..(at least it seems that way to me)...
I will say that I love the shiny surface better then the old one that had that texture to it..this will be much easier to clean..and the display on the door is blue light will tell us what the temps are in the fridge and freezer...SWEET!!! now we just need to read the manual to figure it let hubby read up and then he can tell me..cause I hate reading that stuff..the little shelf to the right of the icecube dispenser lifts up so you can get bigger items in there if you need too..I may fiddle with the shelve to get better use of that space..the handle on the freezer was a total selling feature for me..(I know a handle did it).it lifts up automatically and breaks the seal so you can open that freezer like butta..the others when you went to open them the fridge would come out with it..and you don't want the handles that don't lift up have a tendancy to break cause they are only held on by screws..and they come off..this is a fixed handle and it lifts so easily..we got the demo at Lowes when we were searching...found the exact same one at Sears where we purchased the one on line and then this one..They were really good at making it right because of their screw we are happy campers now.;)
2 for low humidity and one for high humidity..
right below those is a pantry for coldcuts etc..lunch meat. meat and veggie trays and it has a thermostat to it as pulls open...the drawers are deep on the sides too..not deep enough for a gallon of milk though..
the ice dispencer and more shelves..
the freezer..see the little squares on that little opens so you can slide down pizza boxes etc..the top shelf comes out a bit so you don't have to reach in all the way to get it...
and it slides out all the way as well..
Well I went grocery shopping after I had put away what I had in the fridge..and shop I did..the gal that waited on me in the check out was really cool too..they had this save 10% off your NEXT total purchase if you spent $50.00 or more..well I spent 354.00..I thought the savings was for this one..well she had a coupon and let me use it towards this I save 36.00 from that one and with the perferred card my total savings was $ not bad...and it was nice to save some money..:)
The freezer is packed to the gills..the bottom portion...
the slide out drawer (upper shelf) now its gotta take some getting used to..cause you know that muscle memory in your brain..the left was the freezer..and now its on the bottom..
okay onto the fun the midst of getting my mail girl came and dropped off a was my winnings from Primitive Heartstrings...Julie sent this off on the first and I got it the next day..hows that for fast service!!! and look how she had them wrapped...(note to self)..I will remember that when I send off future packages..little pieces of homespun wrapped around each one with a little grapevine heart attached..and she threw in some extra gotta love extra goodies.:) and a sweet note to go with it..
She threw in the heart and the little jar of how it is covered with burlap..;) again note to

Here is my little prairie stump doll and heart..on my hutch...
for right now these are in my craft room..but I am going to make some strawberrys with a kentucky primitives pattern that I have and may stick it in with those in my little strawberry baskets..Julie I love the detail of your handy work..Thank you so much!!! they will be treasured..;)
after grocery shopping I had to drop off my apron that I made for a birthday gift to my good pal Debbie who ordered it for her friend..her friend however did see it on my blog..cause Deb couldn't wait to show it to her...I know the feeling Deb..I just got my best friend something for her birthday in September..and I am itching to show it to her now..:)well she went thrifting and look at the wonderful goodies she found for me...I will say my fav is that little strawberry pitcher..I love it..might have to put a single flower in it..and put in my kitchen window..for now it is in the kitchen on my baking shelf...
I stopped by on my way home yet again..I had some running around to do..yesterday was my good friend Betty Fagen's 84th birthday..and that gal could run circles around me..she is ageless and the best gal ever..I bought her a bouquet of flowers in red white and blue for the holiday and her I had to drop them off to her...I was supposed to go and core strawberries yesterday..but the fridge took she had two cases of these in her trunk..they bought extra and I purchased this case for $15.00..they are the best strawberries I have every tasted in my life..they were picked fresh that morning and delivered that afternoon in time for coring..oh my gosh are they good..I can't stop eating them..I am going to make homemade shortcakes and that will be dessert tomorrow..and the rest will be made into that is what I will be doing tomorrow after church..I just hope they will hold out that long..they don't stay well for long..any tips out there to preserve them from getting moldy so quick...Well I am off to the showers to get ready for the festival and then at 2:30pm.. I am getting my hair colored and maybe cut...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..thanks for stopping by...
Oh and I think I am going to do a christmas in July stay tuned..;)


  1. Whew, you are one busy woman! LOL! Glad you are having SUCH a good day. The fridge looks great. I hope mine lasts at least 40 more years. Ha!

  2. Oh my gosh those strawberries are beautiful!!! I LOVE your new fridge, it looks HUGE but you sure got it filled up quick;) Love the goodies you got too and can't wait to see the new hair-do:) Enjoy the weekend sweet friend!!!!

  3. Sweet... everything is just Sweet!

  4. What a beautiful fridge... I love that you filled it too. Nothing makes me happier than a stocked home!!!
    Have a great weekend... and I would love to see you blog about your homemade jam. Your so handy dandy =)

  5. Very nice looks big to me too, but I see you filled it all up. :)

    Ohhhhh, those strawberries look wonderful!

    All the goodies that came to you in the mail are so very nice.


  6. Love your new fridge. I have been looking at one like this, but the washer and drier broke, so you know what I got!

  7. Gina,
    Now you can drool on your fridge for me!! LOL... That is the one that we have been looking at...ours is making noises, but we are waiting until it goes completely before we purchase a new one.
    Love the pitcher with the strawberries on it!! It is perfect for your kitchen.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. WOW!!! Neat, sugar. I have a fridge with the freezer on bottom that pulls out and just LOOOOOVE it. It was the first thing we bought for this house when it was being built. So nice to look in without being over. I didn't get the ice maker because we don't use ice and needed more room for food in the freezer. Great job, chick!!

  9. Wow...I am jealous, love your fridge. When we get a new one I'm going to get one of those with the drawer on the bottom. We have the side by side with the water and ice in the door. The water don't work anymore, hubby broke the little thingy you push your glass on to turn it on. Oh well, I never used it anyway. Those strawberries....YUM!


  10. Isn't it funny how wigged out we get over a new appliance! *chuckle* I hope you and your new fridge will be very happy together.

    And OMG!! that box of strawberries! *drool*


  11. I want that fridge!! And I just finished eating strawberry was sooo good. I have to find time to make Jam this week too. Hope you had a happy 4th!