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Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 WinS ThIs WEek..It juSt KeePs GeTTinG BetTer.;)

Hey there everyone!!! are you wondering why I haven't blogged my fridge yet? well its because I still haven't gotten yet..Don't ask how frustrated I am cause it just gets my blood boiling..I will tell you to never order an item on line like a huge appliance..cause what you will get is alot of stress that didn't need to happen..and you get a call center not the actual store in our case it was Sears..I thought I was calling our local Sears here in our State..but NO!!! I wasn't and they had us down for a Sunday delivery..well they called right before and said it was damaged..okay things happen in they tell us Tuesday...again there was a delay..(probably their way of saying it is damaged) they set up for Wednesday..okay they haven't called us and the delivery was set for 10:30am-12:30pm..1pm rolls around and I decide to call to find out where our fridge is..well have you guessed it yet? It was DAMAGED AGAIN...and they didn't bother to call cause someone on that end cancelled it or had the wrong phone # and didn't bother to call us to let us know they wouldn't be delivering...Hubby took off work, and we had other things we were going to do because he has to work the 4th..well needless to say we ended up running around trying to find another fridge..cause they said they would deliver it today..I had a gut feeling they wouldn't cause of the last 3 times they hadn't why should I believe what they were telling me now..we hit 4 stores, which the last was Sears..we decided to talk to them in person to find out what the heck was going on..they said they were probably recycling that same damaged fridge to us and not taking it to their scratch and dent they set it right for us and we got an even better fridge same style, french door bottom freezer..but they gave us the deluxe model and we got it for 250 dollars more then the one we originally purchased..and it is sweet!!..I can't wait to fill this one has so much more then the previous we are keeping our fingers crossed that they DO deliver it tomorrow as planned...I will keep you posted...oh and the call center is sending us a $50.00 gift card for our troubles...might be spending that on new glasses..not sure..but so far they have redeemed themselves and it all worked out in the I am happy that it went this way looking back on it..but I certainly didn't think so yesterday at 1pm...
Okay now for the really exciting stuff!!! I have won not 1 but 2 giveaways this week...I am still in shock and can't believe my good fortune..I am so excited and can't wait to decorate yet again when my goodies get here..The first one was from Southern Blessings that you see above..:)
and this one comes primitive heartstrings..she lives just across the pond from me..and I just recently joined her blog...that was todays winnings.:) Thank you ladies for truly making my week cause I needed it...;)
Okay I did some more tweaking..I love twinkely lights and thought something was missing from the peg board above the t.v.....
so I added a pip berry swag that is black cherry that I got from Factory was going to use it for another project..but it fit so well and I strung my lights through it and hid the cord..and I have my twinkely looks so much better now..
This is what I found yesterday...Silly Millie taking a siesta in my fabric...could she nook in any more? she was looking so cute..I just couldn't resist a photo...
Well I was going to take you all along on a trip down memory lane of how our home has evolved but that will have to wait till tomorrow...Today I am going to fill a garden box with dirt and get my things planted...tomorrow...fingers crossed my new fridge comes..then I am off to help core strawberries for our annual Strawberry festival on saturday..then off to do grocerys..can't wait to fill that new fridge will be like decorating my saturday we have the festival..and I am getting my hair is 3 weeks past its due date and it shows..I hope you all have a wonderful fun day..our weather is starting to look up..rained a bit this morning..which is fine with me..means I don't have to water...Oh and I sold another item on my etsy....and that makes me smile too.;)


  1. Gosh what an ordeal for a fridge, I hope the new one comes SOON! I love the twinkly lights up there too, they make it look so cozy, kinda like sillie Millie;)

  2. I have those lights over our patio door, the grandfather clock and on the bookcase in my living room, sweets. Just adds a nice ambiance in the evening.

  3. Gina,,

    Seems like all your luck has been on giveaways, certainly not new fridges!,lol!, everything looks wonderful, love seeing sillie Millie, aren't kitties the best!! Congrats on your winnings, you lucky gal!

  4. Sorry about your ordeal with the frig. Hope it is solved soon.
    Congrats on your wins. I hope it rubs off on me

  5. At least you are having good luck
    with the give aways! I think I
    need to come rub your head! Have
    a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Congrats on your might want to try the lottery! LOL. Lucky girl! But not so lucky with the refrig. I hope it coes tomorrow!

  7. Hi!!! Big congrats on your winnings!!! Hope the fridge is there and on time tomorrow!!! hugs

  8. I need to learn how to spell.....!!! Hope your refrig comes tomorrow!

  9. Gina,
    Congrats on all your winnings!! Hope things go well with your fridge tomorrow.
    I got my hair done on Tuesday and I have a lot more blondle highlights than I helps hide those gray roots as my hair grows!
    Your kitty looks so sweet sleeping amoung your fabric!! And I love the twinkle lights you put up!!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh Gina enjoy your giveaways! Congrats to you. I love the lights you added to the peg rack. I bought a poster bed off ebay once. Took weeks for it all to arrive. Pieces damaged and missing. It was insured but the seller tryed to claim the check then give me less. Insurance called asked if I was the buyer. Well yes. Sent me the check & told me never to deal with that seller again. Many claims that week for that seller. Never again. I now buy in person for large items. I hope you get that frig on time.

  11. LOVE little Millie.... I love all your cats actually and looking forward to your next post! =) Congrats on the new fridge... its the small things that make us gals so giddy! Oh, I emailed you

  12. Sorry you had a bad experience with Sears...I have had one too. Unless you complain and very loudly, they don't do anything. Glad you got yours worked out.