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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NeW QuiLt CrAnE HanGer...

This is the Surprise I was telling you about!! I ordered this from Firecracker Kid and I love love love the work she and her hubby does!!! This arrived at my door step yesterday and I talked hubby into hanging it up for me after a hard days work in building me a planter box in the back yard to put my lilac bush and some strawberry plants in..I will share photos of it when it is complete and planted..I gotta go and pick up the dirt today to fill in the big box..Anyway he helped me hang the crane and the peg board..and I love how prim the peg board is too..I couldn't wait to decorate this living room is now complete..hubby did ask if I had anymore wall space and I told him I was really helps the t.v. not look so out of place..I can't wait to decorate this up for christmas..;) and halloween for that matter.;)
This is how the living room used to look...before I got both of my awesome firecracker kid items...

And this is the after...I love my room now..:) it looks soooooo good and I love how the room is finally complete..If you haven't checked out Carols awesome items you should..she is also having a sale right now..I know you will find something you can't live without..I just wish I had a bigger home..cause I would be there buying one of everything..:) Thank you Carol and DH for making such wonderful things to make our homes just that much more.;)
Well the fridge was supposed to be delivered on was damaged so they told us today..well we got another call telling us it was delayed so it will be delivered tomorrow..I told them I will believe it when I see it at my door...kind of frustrated to say the least...will keep you posted on that one..well I am off to get dirt and then go and play in it..:) have a wonderful tuesday..;)
Oh I had a wonderful gal that is new to my blog, she calls herself the gap girl..Well she spotlighted me today and she just made my whole day...You will love her red house..I know I do and we are thinking about repainting again..thinking a white house with black trim and black shutters (If I can get hubby to make them)..won't be till next year though...we'll see.. Stop by and see what she had to say...I know it made me smile..:)Stop by and say hi...:) Thank you again for taking the time to do a write up about my truly made my day..;)


  1. I love your home, Gina. And I love your yellow house. It's so country. Have fun planted your new planter box. You have a wonderful hubby. And I love reading your blog. <3

  2. oops... ing (not ed) I can spell, I just can't think...

  3. Hi Gina! Hope you had fun playing in the dirt!!lol Your blanket crane does complete this area! It looks like it is all supposed to be one unit! Draws your eye up and you notice that before the tv! I must go check out what's on sale!lol I'm off now to visit and read about you on gal's site! Have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  4. I love your crane Gina...I just boughtthe farmhouse rolling pin cubby from Carol and I just love it.....hmmmmmmm did you say sale over at Firecracker Kids????? I know everything there I can't live without!

  5. Oh I love the quilt crane Gina! My problem is that every house we live in, we take walls out so there'd be no place to hang it!

  6. Gina,
    Love the quilt crane!! I have a blank spot above our huge tv and I purchased a long sign to put up there. It really does make the area look more complete with something there.
    I read about you on the gap girl's blog...and I can see why she made your day. I so agree with her that your home is so beyond adorable!!

  7. I wished I had more wall space after purchasing some wood pieces from Firecracker Kid. Such wonderful work and lovely pieces to pick from. Your peg rack & crane really complete the space above the T.V. I seen your bowl rack and all the wonderful items you put in it and It looks so great. Well have lots of fun playing in the dirt. Something I enjoy myself.

  8. Holy moly Gina! Those look awesome above your telly. Thank you for posting your pics, and thanks to you gals for your kind compliments:) It warms my heart to know our woodcrafts are in the homes of wonderful people who appreciate them. Hugs to you all!