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Saturday, April 17, 2010

WhO is ReaDy FoR a GiVeaWay!!!!

Say Kids what time is it?....Its time for a giveaway!!!! I was going to do this in February when my blogaversary was and well we can see its into maybe it will be my birthday giveaway that is in May!!! or just a simple its time to do a giveaway..:)
To Enter in this giveaway we are going to play BINGO...I have 26 words of "my favorite things" and you need to choose 10 of those words...I will pick 2 words each day out of my hat and when you get all 10 and yell are the winner...
You must also be a follower of my blog to play (no extra entrys)..
What you see above is what I am giving away..(a 60 dollar value) all to one winner!!!
You will get one of my aprons (shown), a coffee cozy, my room linen spray in "apple orchard" three little paper mache boxes, a pillow that I machine embroidered that says: our home was built under the flag of freedom and a little candle cozy with crows on it...
This is for the United States and Canada only...If internationals want to need to pay for postage..Okay here are your words..the game will start get your 10 words and let the games begin..(Guys you can enter too..if you don't like some of these items pass them onto your moms, sisters, girlfriends whatever..;)
whiskers on kittens
thrift shopping
cats (duh)
machine embroidery
raindrops on roses
bright copper kettles
warm woolen mittens
brown paper packages tied up with strings
hot chocolate
garage sales
veggie garden
I will email my two words tomorrow..Good luck everyone!!!
have a wonderful weekend..I am going grocery shopping...wahoo, yippeee!! I don't mind grocery shopping so much..I always love having a fridge full of food and lots of variety to choose from after shopping...well guess what? its was so pretty yesterday..(should of shopped yesterday)..Oh well..this is Washington...
Please email me your bingo list of words if you are email address is you get that you won..I will not be doing you must stay on top of this.:)
Oh and please do not put this giveaway on your blog. we want to keep this just between who comes to visit me..;)


  1. Oh my Gina, what a treasure of goodies! Do you want us to e-mail you our list of 10??

  2. WoW!!! Sounds like fun!!! Got my ten words ready!!! hugs carla

  3. I thought I was already a following but I didn't come up in the list! So...I followed again, at least I think it was again. Anyway...I was just about to put your giveaway on my blog when I read you want to keep it hush-hush. Ok. I chose my ten words. This should be fun. What a fantastic arrangement of gifts!

  4. What a wonderful and fun giveaway! I am emailing you my 10 words now. :)

    Hope you get to enjoy the weekend,

  5. What a NEAT idea for a Giveaway Gina!! Happy Blogoversary and you will have to post when you Birthday is in May, so we can all wish you a Happy Birthday.

    We have been getting rain here and there too, but mother-earth still needs it and drinks it up. Why can't it rain at night. LOL

    I don't like to go grocery shopping, too much money when you have a house of 5 and 4 of them eat constantly. I just don't see how they can all eat so much :)

    Enjoy your day and I love the goodies you are giving. I will get my words emailed to you.


  6. Gina,
    What a lovely giveaway.. awesome .. love it all !

    I am on my way to email you my list of words.

    Grocery shopping is no fun in the rain.. or snow.. it is snowing here at the moment .


  7. Awesome giveaway Gina! I have just emailed my words to you!!


  8. Count me in, Prim Sista'! I would
    love to win! I just got my stuff
    from Willow Bend Prims and I will
    post it soon...
    We are having a live chat on Prim
    Pals on Wednesday nights at 7:00
    pm Central time...Please join us!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. I thought I was a follower too but didn't see me there so I signed up again and will email you my list soon. I want the apron! :)

  10. ok fun times ahead. Makes me think of ten things I like! hope they are the same

  11. What a fun game--with AWESOME prizes! Yummy! I will email my 10 favorite things to you!

  12. Gina,
    What a fun way to do a giveaway!! Getting ready to email you my words.

  13. How fun! I'm e-mailing you my list right now!

  14. Happy Spring!! Happy Birthday!!
    What a fun game. emailing you my words now, thank you:)

  15. I love Bings!!! Sounds like fun.... sent you my words!!!


  16. Hi Gina! I just sent you an email with my words. :)

    Hubby does pretty much all the grocery shopping. I don't have a car nor do I cook, so I don't mind. ;)