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Monday, April 19, 2010

Say KiDs WhAt TiMe Is IT?...

yesterday we woke up to fog..I love the fog..there is just something about the way it cacoons you..felt and looked so much like fall to me...

Here is Stanley Steamer waiting to be let out to enjoy the day..the 3 outdoor babys sleep in the garage at night..cause we don't want them eaten up by coyotes..Well we went for a morning walk and I took my camera in hand..turned out to be a beautiful day I must say..sat outside after church and read a magazine while hubby worked on our fence...on my walk though I took one photo..but first see the photo below..
this was taken in 2007 as we got the beautiful garden award and it stays here for at least 3-4 weeks for all to see..well as we were walking yesterday we saw where the special garden sign was and right next door this is what I took a photo of..made us both laugh and I had to share it with you all..see below..
the guy is honest I will give him that..he does carve the neatest pumpkins at halloween though..they are spectacular..
Well I just finished mowing the lawn and checked on the mail and look what came for me today..I won this over at Rorys is a wooden key that you use to pull out your oven shelves without getting burned..;) Thank you is beautiful..stop by his blog..he has/does wonderful work on restoring furniture and can help you if you are having questions on your stuff..
Here is where I put it..right next to the stove for when I need it..:)and when I was coming in the house...I noticed a package on the front porch...I am loving this..I did an April swap with a gal I just met her name is Rie..from the speckled hen and this is what she sent me..boy did she hit the nail on the head or what..I love everything!!!
I got a cute cat lovers mug..gotta have some hot chocolate now.:) and she made the cute little bags and box that held a cute little angel.(sorry no photo) is in my dining room..and a cute little cat treat jar..and I put the cat treats in it too..:)
in the cute little bag was a little kitty stamp set with the block..I love this..
see the kitty in the corner..Thank you so much Rie for spoiling me rotten..I love getting gifts in the mail when you least expect them..I am working on yours and will have it sent off by the end of the week..:)
okay are you ready to play some bingo? make sure you mark them off and when you get bingo let me know.:)
here are your words:
thrift shopping
Cats (duh)
okay everyone going down to fix dinner...take care and thank you to all that signed up to play...have a wonderful evening.:)


  1. Hi Gina, You always have so much to share. Love the kitty! Mine sit by the windows all the time.

    Your garden was awesome and you deserved that award. That one you showed us, his own sign, I sure laughed at that. He is pretty honest, huh?

    Love your goodies from you swap. And that key you neat is that. I always use a fork, knife or something like that.

    Yeee Hawww....I got both words! I probably won't get any tomorrow. LOL

    Have a good one, Gina.

  2. I'm itching to say, "It's Howdy Doody time!" answer to your question. Love your post AND that cute kitty stuff. That snack holder cat is divine!

  3. Gina,
    You got some wonderful kitty goodies from your swap!!
    Woo-hoo...I got both words today! Can't wait to see the next two words.
    I'm going crazy over this embroidery software program...had to take a break and read some blogs.

  4. What great pictures! There is something calming about the fog. I love the wooden key and all of the other goodies too!

    I can see why your garden won. It is beautiful!

    I hope you have a great Tuesday!


  5. Great pics..You struck the kitty jackpot with all those sweet swap goodies.
    And a big yippy skippy.. I got the first 2 bingo words too!


  6. The garden sign got me laughing and I love the oven key, what a splendid idea to stop you getting burnt fingers. xx

  7. Hi There Gina! Glad you liked your oven key. Thanks for letting everyone know where you got it. Have a great day. Rory

  8. Hi Gina,

    Love your morning fog photos !

    Adorable swap goodies !

    The oven key is so "cool" ! I love the wall pocket that is holding it. Did you make it ?

    I love this bingo game ! I may have to have one !

    Have a fun day !


  9. Wow you got some great stuff Gina, I love the little treat jar!

  10. I love getting goodies in the mail too and I'm also a fan of fog! :)

  11. That Kitty Treat jar is so cute....makes poor Misty's empty peanut butter jar that we use for treats so plain! Guess I need to spruce it up!

    Like others I had both words today!

  12. What a perfect swap for you.
    Oh the "special garden" sign was too funny.
    Enjoy your day

  13. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for taking me on you "walk" with you. The not so special garden was a hoot! I love the key, too -- what a great idea. What are the rule for swapping. I love that idea.

  14. Our Maine Coon goes in and out during the day, but we make sure to keep him inside all night, don't want him to turn into some wild animal's snack. He's gotten used to not going out at night, thankfully!

    I love gardens! The sign from the guy is too funny. :D

    The oven key is pretty cool. Never seen something like that before. Your swap goodies are wonderful, it's fun to get spoiled now and then!

  15. Thank you Gina for the look at your garden. I loved the other guy's sign too. I also love the way fog makes things look so different and mysterious....

    I loved seeing your swap items. Looks like you had a great April swap. Are you going to try and participate in the May swap?

    I got one of the words in BINGO... Hopefully my normal BINGO luck won't hold true. *laughing*

    Hope you have a great day!

  16. Your fog pictures look great! I never thought of fog like that!

    Lots of goodies in the mail!!!

  17. When we were in Maine one year, we rented a cottage on a river. I loved having my tea on the porch and watching the fog lift off the river. That key is a neat idea.


  18. I like fog. My hair doesn't, but I do. That key is one kick butt idea. I could use one of those.

    Love your swag from the goodie swap.

  19. HI Gina - glad you liked your swap gifts - I had fun shopping for them. You know I had to treat myself and now I have matching items. Enjoy - can't wait to see what I get - hehe!! ~Rie~