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Thursday, April 22, 2010

GarDen, PoDy, and BinGo..

This is how our garden is the big garden plot, to the left is the tators..I swear they are growing right before my eyes..the little peas are in the back right corner of the the 2 tiered garden is lettuce and the upper one is the far so good..the only things not doing well is the basil..they like it hot..and it has been mild here..and yesterday was cold..I had a fire going most of the day....April is the month when we really taper off around here from doing fires...haven't had one lit in like 2 weeks..but yesterday was a tad bit cold...and so far is looking the same...
do your babys prefer to drink from your glass? well all of our cats except Grace do this...this is at my craft table...and this is Miss Pody Lynn...I just love that pretty little face...even her whiskers have a smile on them...they are long and beautiful...:)
Okay now for some bingo words...Are you all ready?

hot chocolate


Tomorrow I am heading to my favorite house to shop at..she is having her Spring sale..I do her July show which is a garage/gift show and she also does this again after thanksgiving thru christmas...I will take my camera to share photos of her home yet again..I love this place...and they have new places they will be shopping at this more for us to buy when they come back from their long trip...Gotta get there by 9:30am as there will be alot of people waiting to get in..I am not a morning I gotta be on my game tomorrow..:) have a wonderful Thursday..;)


  1. Boy, sugar, you've got a huge garden compared to us. Are the potatoes under the tree? I'm not quite sure what you mean. Looking good though. Hubs hasn't even planted ours yet as freezes are expected this week.

  2. Your garden is picture perfect Gina! I love Pody Lynn drinking from your glass, once I had a cup of coffee on the *coffee* table, LOL, and miss Kiah helped herself to a sip:) It didn't hurt her, but I kindly told her "coffee is not for dogs"!

  3. Wow you sure do have a nice garden there! I would love to have a garden but just don't have enough time or patience to take care of one.
    What a cute kitty=) Have a great day!

  4. I love your garden with all the walls! We planted
    along the chain link fence and I have 19 tomato plants! I will be giving them away and making salsa, that is for sure! Love your cat, in fact all of them! I can't wait to get me another one, but haven't seen any to be given away, yet. Looking forward to your pics...thanks for the compliment on my flower!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hi Gina,
    One of my little guys has just started drinking out of my water glass! That is too funny. Now my crew has water bowls everywhere and even a water fountain of their own and now he claims my drinking glasses, go figure! Love your garden, can I hire you?

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!Your cat is too funny. Ours will only drink bathroom faucet water out of a little red cup!! They certainly do have minds of their own. Your garden looks great. I don't have anything out yet. I'm waiting just a bit longer.

  7. Your garden is looking great! I love the picture of your kitty drinking out of the glass! Very cute!


  8. Your garden looks fantastic, love the view from the window, I am starting on my planting next week, don't have much, but its plenty. Thanks for sharing..

  9. Your garden is so neat! We have mostly shade here so no veggie garden for me....I will just sit and watch yours grow!..:)

  10. What a nice garden! I always think I want to plant stuff then the time comes and I think, maybe not. I'm just not a garden person, but I sure do love fresh-from-the-garden veggies. That's why I frequent the farmers market at the bottom of old Stoney Hill. Fresh produce, no weeds!

    Love that little Pody girl too. Mine love to drink out of glasses and the sink and the faucet. Your Pody looks like my Holly Bee. Love that you have middle names for your kids too...Dixie Ann, Gracie Mae, Annie Fay, Elliot Boo, Bailey Boo Boo, Kelly Ann, Timmy is called get the idea. LOL

  11. Your garden is looking great!!!

  12. Twinkle dips his paw into any cups or bowls left out and then licks his paw. He does it with his water bowl too, but not all the time. He's the only one that does this of our three kitties.

  13. Gina,
    Can I come and go shopping with you? Just think of all the fun we would fun!! Can't wait to see what goodies you find.
    Love Pody drinking out of your glass. We have to watch Chloe or she would do the same thing.
    Your garden is looking great.

  14. Love your garden, Gina! I hope you have fun shopping today. Funny what you said about your kitties drinking from cups, they are so cute.

    We hardly ever take baths here, we love in our bathtub, we have a big cup in there. The cup, we fill daily with water, for out cats to drink out of. They drink out of that more, then their dish by their food. Go figure. Crazy cats. They would rather jump in the tub to drink water I guess.

    I got one more word, that makes a total of only 4. I still have hope. LOL

    Have a great day.