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Friday, March 5, 2010

My ShaDes Of BroWn..

Hey there everyone! glad you could stop by for a visit..after seeing everyones shades of brown..I thought I would see what I had..but first..I finished this little pillow last night..I used my new "ruffle foot" and I am in love...This was so easy and it made this job so much faster..I have a new apron pattern and it has you guessed it..ruffles..I can't wait to be able to make the aprons and use my new foot..I also used my new "gathering" foot and love it as well..should make my doll dresses and anything else that needs to be gathered a more breaking the thread halfway through the gathering process..:)Any way this pillow Says: Serenity on it..and is in shades of purple..It will be on my humble arts site if anyone is interested..
the back of the pillow..
Okay now for my shades of brown..This is the new rug I told you about..I got it at Walmart last week..and this is the 2nd one..I purchased a black one just like it..but it was tooooo much I went back and got the brown one..I love it..its shagadellic baby!!!..feels nice on the old toesies..:)
candles that I primmed up.. and my home interior blocks that I have had since the early 90's..
my hutch and the primitive gatherings sign..
vintage bottles grouped together..
wooden signs and a gift from a good friend...:)
more signs and another gift from the same sweet friend..You know who you are..I won the signs in a giveaway..and love the little simple words;)
I made this in was so much fun to make..might have to do a tutorial someday..this is in my entry way..I have another one similar technique but different photo in our bedroom..
a wonderful deacons bench that is heavy for its size..I have had this since about 92..and my brown kittys.:)
our cuckoo clock we got while visiting Germany..:)the little people dance around at the top and the little woodsman arms swings his ax as he is cutting wood..
oh my kitchen cabinets..I love the warm honey color and the novelty of my newly (okay its been 5 years now since it has been remodeled) has not worn off yet..I love being in my kitchen..its my favorite place to be next to my craft/sewing room..
this butcher block stand a freebie from the neighbors..and the wooden crate on top..I love this..and take it to my shows..great display piece..
baskets..old or them..
ahhh fabric..I love fabric..and love getting new pieces.:)
my favorite place to my sewing table..I got this from my mom along with her pfaff..still use it..but my favorite is my husqvarna sitting there..:)
another freebie from hubbys work..a huge roll top desk..:)
my newly redesigned amoire/used to be entertainment it now...Well that is it for me..I hope you all have a wonderful is sunny today and will be till sunday..and then we get our rain back..but only off and can't beat that..will be good to knock the pollens down as hubby and one kitty has the seasonal allergies..and right now it is bad..but not is nice to see the sun and everything in camilla bush/tree is loaded with red blooms..and the little primroses are all blooming a beautiful shade of fushia..Take care and thanks for stopping by..:)


  1. I enjoyed your shades of brown and that pillow is darling.

  2. Love the pillow .... And you have some beautiful browns!

  3. What lovely shades of brown my dear and I love the shagadellic???? rug:D

  4. Love the pillow!!
    You have some wonderful shades of brown!! I just purchased a brown twig bunny today from Pier One...and I just love it.
    I emailed you about a problem I had with an attachment you sent me...need you to resend it.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Gina do you ever slow down girl....
    You amaze me with your ability to make things and they always turn out so pretty. Love your browns too.
    I had to post your joke about the old man in the movies...girl I fell over laughing so I had to share are too funny