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Thursday, February 11, 2010

OnIonS...FaCt or FolkLorE..

I was reading in my Mary Jane Magazine..not going to subscribe..I just wasn't that impressed to pay the big bucks for it..but did find this to be interesting..

When the 1918 flu pandemic killed 50-100 million people between 1918-1920, there was said to be a doctor who visited many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu. Thee doctor came upon one household where everyone was very healthy... When the doctor asked what the family was doing that was different, the wife replied that she had placed a dish of unpeeled onions in each room of the home..The Doctor asked if he could have one of the onions to observe under a microscope. When he did, he found traces of the virus in the onion. if had absorbed the infection, keeping the family healthy.
Some else wrote that they heard this story from their hairdresser in Arizona. She said that after hearing it, she placed onions around her shop during flu season. To her surprise, none of the staff got sick that year. Another friend reported, "I developed pneumonia after a bad cold and, needless to say, I was very ill...I came across an article that said to cut both ends off of an onion and place it in an empty jar next to the sick patient at night..It said the onion would turn darker in color by morning from the germs. Sure enough, it happened just like that..and I began to feel better.
Mary Jane reports that during childhood bouts with colds and flu, her grandma would have her eat a slice of onion sprinkled with salt to chase away the germs..
Moral of the story? buy some onions and place them in bowls around your home. If you are at work at a desk, place one or two in your office.. What have you got to lose..:)

Well I am off to take Tucker to the Vets this morning..his right ear is beet red and irritated..then stopping off at Joanns then to a meeting for our church social..we need to hatch up some ideas for it as it is next saturday the 20th..." A round the world" sort of thing..I am making my famous Pepperoni Per Padelle (red pepper dinner with bowtie pasta) and my friend is going to help me out as he served a mission for our church in Italy and he will sing a song or at least speak in Italian..should be a fun night to try different foods and learn different cultures..:)
Have a wonderful thursday everyone.:)


  1. Pungent, but who knows? Me, I prefer red thyme essential oil to kill the nasty wee beasties.

  2. I haven't heard this, but I did
    know that you can place bowls of
    white vinegar around the room to
    get rid of odors..This is a good
    idea, they should do this in
    all the hospitals!!!
    Thanks for sharing this...I am
    now sharing tips on Thursdays,
    come check it out.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. I love MaryJanes Farm mag. but of course I've been on the forums for years too and have a few of her books! I read that article too and thought it couldn't hurt?

  4. Intersting info Gina. I might have to try that out. My Hubbs swears by black pepper lol. He uses black pepper on everything and never gets sick and he says that's why.
    Hope Tucker gets to feelin' better poor fella. One of my fur babies had an allergic reaction to something and his poor lil mouth, eye and one side of his nose is swollen. So he is on some meds and we have to hand feed him soft foods. Hope ya found lotsa' goodies at Jo's and have fun hatching up ideas for the social.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  5. Ive never heard that BUT I remember my Italian grandmother used to eat ALOT of onions and red pepper and never got sick. EVER!
    So it does make sense!

  6. My cousin sent me this as an email. It's VERY interesting! I wonder if it does really work? Great post! Makes you think.

  7. Very interesting! I am always trying to avoid germs, so I may have to try this. I hope Tucker's ear gets better really soon! ~Dan~

  8. I'm going to go cut an onion and tie it around my neck right now......I don't think one can be too careful....stinky yes.....but not too careful!!! :O)

    Thanks for the info!! It is very interesting!!

  9. Very interesting. I will have to give that a try.

  10. Wow, who knew a smelly onion could do that! I'm working on my selling blog a little and want to make a lil' list of links to my friends' sites, do you mind if I add your selling blog to my list? Hope your enjoying the day, I'm makin' a lil' something for ya..tee-hee!

  11. Well, I'll be the one to crush everyone's dreams. Viruses don't travel through the air, they are transmitted by contact so they most certainly couldn't float around and get absorbed by an onion :(

    And wouldn't it be dangerous to consume onions if they could carry viruses? All of the onions sitting in the grocery store would be sucking up all the nasty germs of the dirty passers by. Who would want to eat those???