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Friday, January 22, 2010

LoOk wHaT caMe iN The MaiL.....& BaKinG..

Hey there Blog buds!!! I decided to do a little baking today and I love the recipes I get from all of you on line..some are better then others..and this one is a tasty one..I got this recipe from Carmen of waxed out creative life for a stamping club thing I am going to tonight..of course I had to sample them (I only took the smallest ones) and they are super easy and good...Stop by and wish Carmen the best as she is going into surgery on Monday to get her back straightened out and the doctor said she would be pain free..:) so please keep her in your prayers..
Well look what came in the mail today..I ordered these wonderful candle tarts from Early Homestead Primitives and when Tucky and I got back from our walk I found these in the mailbox...the box smelled really good too..she threw in another sample one it is apple something clove...
I just had to try out the sweet potato pie one..and how appropriate in my star candle warmer...I can't wait for it to melt..
I put the rest of them in a little colander on the counter..they look so cute displayed in there and I can smell em as I walk by...
This also came in the mail you all get this catalog? I love it and it always gives me inspiration and lots of ideas..course my favorite is their "fall" one..I also have my new country sampler I have had for a couple of weeks that I need to look through...I have been going through my magazines like crazy cause I have about 7 subscriptions that I get and have about 5 months each to look at night on the couch..I multi task and read and watch I am off to get my makeup on and then get dinner going so I can shovel it down before my ride gets here..we are having chinese chicken salad..I have had this yummy recipe for 20 years...and it is soooooo good..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..:)


  1. Yuuuummmmmm, chickee.... Oh, how I'd love to have some cinnamon rolls tonight. Feeding missionaries though and NOT baking.

  2. Hey Gina, I would love the ins and outs of making a GOOD chinese salad! Would you um maybe share your recipie?
    Your tarts do look cute. ANd your cin. rolls look WAY yummy!
    Enjoy your day.

  3. OOhhhhh...those tarts sound yummy, love sweet tater pie:) Thanks for the sweet thoughts and good wishes Gina and your cinn. buns turned out wonderful!!!

  4. I have those heart palpitations things too. I tried to explain it to my doctor and he looked at me like I had 2 heads. I told him I thought it felt like butterflies in my throat. I guess I am crazy.

  5. Wow I wish I were at that meeting with you tonight. Boy do these look I go talking like this and doing a post on weight...hahahaha
    Your really racked in on the mail did you not.
    Love your new curtains and flowers.
    Really pretty.
    Take care

  6. Gina,
    I get the Country House catalogs...that is where my rooster lamp came from.
    Those cinnamon rolls look yummy!! And the tarts are so cute!!
    Send you 2 emails this evening with what you needed...hope that you got them.

  7. Oh Man those cinnamon buns looked yummy. Hey girl, haven't been here for awhile, don't get out much to play, but I love your blog! The whole trip reading it was fun! When did you join Humble Arts? Great bunch of women on there! Take care my friend! Miss you!

  8. The rolls look delicious! Yes Carmen has great recipes and many wonderful things she shares in her blog.
    Your tarts look like they smell delicious and what a nice surprise for you in the mail box.
    Take care now!

  9. Who doesn't love a good sweet roll, not me! Thanks for the link, and your tarts look good too!

  10. Everything looks so great...Love those star tarts!

  11. That all looks good enough to actually eat! The magazine is intriging. It's called "The Country House"?

    Ali@Holiday Hollow

  12. Yum.....yummy....and then yumm-o-licious order of pix!! tee hee hee!!! LOVE cim-o-nem rolls (giggles) LOVE those tarts (I've tried a few of her candles and YUM!!) and I really LOVE the country house catalog!!!

    Hope you enjoy your evening...smelling, tasting, and seeing!! LOL!!


  13. thanks for stopping by hun! that pic is sure making me hungry and those tarts! I will have to check out that place, love the Star tartwarmer! Been checking out your pics...I have 4 cats and my orange boy likes to sleep under the covers too!

  14. Ok so I haven't had breakfast yet I I really wish I could reach through this monitor & grab me a cinnamon roll...those look delicious!

  15. MMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMM Those look divine Gina ! Gonna have to check out that recipe and maybe make some myself. Gonna check out that country house catalog never heard of that one. Hope your still feelin' better and enjoyed your stamping club thing.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  16. How fun the kids sayings were! Nice blog! Kerrie

  17. Yummy!!! Those actually made my mouth water!! :) Don't you just love that catalogue?!!? I've ordered some things in the past. I usually find stuff that I don't see anyplace else.

    ~ Wendy