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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yesterday I was set on taking down the christmas decor...needed some simplicity in my life and it felt so I put away most everything..and kept out a few winter type items to enjoy through January..I did a lot of tweaking...oh I love to decorate and tweak..just what I needed...Mike made us Turkey soup..and it was so yummy after a long day of work and here is the Hutch above.. With a cute little annie Doll from Brenda and my Sheep from Cindy..
I moved this little trio from the floor by the woodstove to my kitchen it there..
and here are my 2 cabinets all gussied up with everyday decor..I will love changing these out with the season..(if I have enough seasonal stuff to add) prim kitty on the bottom from Karin, my kitty on top from Angie and a little cat pillow and wood star with crow from Cindy..I love them...I also have a little winter blessings lamp to turn on..
Do you see the little doll sitting next to the door..she is sitting on a pitch fork that is bent..and a little kitty hanging from the pegs..the pitchfork is doing double keeps the door open all the way..I have my mixing bowls with 2 of my gingerbread ornaments inside and my little cloth runner that Willow gave me...on an old metal picnic basket that my mom gave me..Kimmy made the snowman on a spoon for me..
Here is the other cabinet..I strung my silicone dipped lights across them both as I love twinkling lights for the ambiance...
I took one of my candle mats that I made and used double stick tape and put it up..I love it..another way to use those mats..:)
a little snowman topper for my candle..from Home interiors..I hand stitched the bittersweet berries years ago and the blocks are also by home interiors..old...they say, welcome friends, easter greatings, be my valentine and christmas? (can't remember)...
Here is the vanity in our entry has all of our babys photos on them..
DH watching Football today and enjoying the "kids" and a nice fire that he built..we are thinking of putting old reclaimed brick up behind the woodstove with a mantel..I can't wait...would certainly bounce the heat off better...and it would just look so good having the stockings hanging on an actual mantel...(yes always decorating)..did it when we first saw this house..where to put the used to go in the corner where the white shelf is..the huge sectional couch was where the T.V. is now..
and last but not least..the stairwell..put the old jugs/bottles there and the other basket is on the vanity...oh it feels so good to have a clean I gotta get cracking and start some more dollys..and make my mom and MIL their jackets that I am of the gals at church today taught me how to fold fabric to cut on the bias...oh it is going to be sweet..might not use the machine I got from Joanns..will use the ironing one though..cause it folds it and irons it..I will be picking that machine up this week when I head into just came in...well I hope you all have a wonderful week...are you all planning new years partys and such? we are having the neighbors over for dinner and cards...we all love to play cards..make some tasty finger foods to munch shopping is a must this week too....Have a wonderful rest of your evening..:) we are eating left over ribs, mashed taters and corn..:)


  1. I put all my Christmas away yesterday and the tree came down today, I like to clean when it's all put away for the year, kinda like starting with a clean slate, lol! For my recipe, you can go to and there is a search bar at the top, just type in orange cinnamon biscuits and it will come up, you can print out the recipe there:)

  2. Hi Gina,
    I dread putting it all away but I leave mine out till after New Years Day:0

  3. I love your prim gatherings! All your little groupings make your home so cozy! I love all your little dollies! Since I didn't get anything up this year I have nothing to put away.. so I started right in on my messy craftroom! I think this will be a bigger job than I thought! I will be going to my brothers.. we all get together to play our favorite games and eat good stuff.. only I am getting tired of the holiday goodies everywhere! I need nothing but carrot sticks and lettuce after this weekend!
    Deb ;)

  4. I'n still working on packing all of mine up, but like you, I'm ready for a simple, fresh start to the New Year! I love to tweak and decorate, we are so much alike! I just love your home!

  5. Looks soooo good Gina!! I love getting everything up for Christmas....but love when it comes down too!! :O) I'm all back to normal I'm ready to get back to creatin'!!

    Have a great Monday!!

  6. Your new decorating looks great Gina. I got going late with mine so it may stay for a bit. I will take the tree down this week as it has been up since Thanksgiving. My snowmen always stay out for a while though. Enjoy your new machine! Jayne

  7. Gina,
    I love all the decorating and tweaking that you did!! Really like how you hung the doily looks great there. It's so wonderful to see where you put some of the goodies that I made for you.
    Speaking of goodies...I'm making you a surprise, but I won't be able to get back to working it until after that first of the year. I'll keep you posted. Don't you just love surprises!!

  8. I love your prim gatherings and decorating!! Everything looks so nice!!
    I will be taking down my tree and decorations tomorrow. I've always done it on New Years Day.
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!!!