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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its OFfiCial...500th Post and ChRiStmAs StuFf...

Wahhoooo!!! I hit the big 500!!! I can't believe it..but it has been so much fun being in blog land getting to know each and everyone of you and seeing and meeting new faces...and getting new followers..I love it!!...Sharing ideas, recipes etc..I have found some really neat recipes that I am trying this christmas..just found another one from Karin at countryfolk keepsakes that I can't wait to add to my baking tomorrow...they sure look tasty..Thanks for sharing Peanut..:)The above photo are mugs that I got at walmart for a $ I will pop those in to my bags that I make every year to give to the neighbors my hubbys co-workers etc..more photos down below of what I will be adding to the bags..
I purchased these too puppys at walmart and sliced open their backs and added a velcro opening..I made little rice packet pillows that you can heat up and put back in to the puppy and velcro it shut..great for little ones to take to bed to keep them warm..I made these for my little nephews...I tell you the velcro part was a bugger but they turned out pretty well..Ron Smith the guy that had all the metal stuff at my last show gave me this idea..I just have to figure out a better way to add the velcro or put snaps in place of it..would be great sellers I suppose...but will let the nephews give them a shot and see if they are worth doing more..

I made more hot cocoa mix on tuesday..gotta put on a topper and the directions on how to mix it up...
I also made more christmas jam...I kept a jar for me and use it every morning..yumm..:)
and last but not least I made gingerbread coffee/tea the recipe from a fellow blogger but don't know who...simple and easy...would love to know how it is..but I don't do coffee and I rarely if ever drink tea...
I made another coffee cozy..this one is a beefed up mustang..I love the old muscle cars and these remind me of the stickers you got in the gum packets as kids and you could mix or match them with a monster driving the car...does anyone remember these...I used to draw the brother had a whole slew of them on his wall..
and I finished up this hat/scarf set for Angie of love the prim look..she and are in swap mode and she is getting these and I am getting a doughboard/tray to fit on my stove..I can't wait...I am also getting my 2 prim cabinets this sunday..Steve called to tell me they are all nicely distressed and he is dropping them by...I can't wait to decorate them up for the holiday and then with all my regular everyday stuff ...well I have to package up my little sisters ever growing package and get hers and 2 others mailed off today and hope they make it by christmas..I still have more stuff to make and baking to gotta keep on trucking...I do love keeping busy though...and watching some christmas shows in between...My all time favorite christmas movies are: Christmas Story, Young Pioneers christmas,(you must see this one), the waltons homecoming, and the house without a christmas tree..that one is an oldie..but found it on DVD..anyway..we are having over 2 guys from Mikes work tonight over for dinner..the menu, huge porterhouse steaks, potatoes augratain(?) new recipe..brussel sprouts and for dessert and edwards key lime pie...they are the best..these 2 are single and a good home cooked meal will be good for these 2...Gotta run and pick up some stuff at the grocery store and mail off packages..have a wonderful day everyone..:) and thanks for stopping by...:>)


  1. Wow 500 post!!! I can not even begin to imagine that many post.
    You are a wonderful blogger to visit and so glad that I am following you.
    Love everything you have done for the holidays. You make me feel like I have done nothing after seeing all your goodies.
    Everyone is lucky getting your gifts.
    Congrats on a record setting and Merry Christmas

  2. Congratulations on your 500th post.

  3. I love all of your handmade items for gifts! You have some great ideas and I would like to try the stuffed toy idea! congrats on your blog! I love visiting! Merry Christmas!

  4. Congrats on your first 500, looking forward to the next 500! So glad you like my Christmas jam, I guess I need to do another post on it. Merry Christmas friend!

  5. Yeaaaaaaaaa, 500 is very, very good, sugar!!! Merry Christmas, sistah...

  6. Gina, I am "shocked and awed" at your energy level, LOL, you have been a busy lil' elf! What a wonderful idea for the warming puppies, I'm sure little ones will love those and you could do bunnies at Easter time :o

  7. .....Almost forgot....congrats on the BIG 500, that's awesome!!!!!!

  8. Wow Gina...500 posts!! I don't think I am even close. I have not paid attention to it.

    You have been one busy gal! So neat that you give handmade things, that is what Christmas is suppose to be. I don't like how everything is so commercialized.

    Have FUN finishing up your last things to do.


  9. Hi Gina, congrats on the 500th post !!! I cant wait to get the swap...Jakes mother will love it. Your board is drying and will go out on Saturday. Merry Christmas to you and yours !!!


  10. 500 posts!!!!! Wow you are a chatterbox...woman of my own heart!!!! oh that jam looks yummy!!!! You look like you are ready for Christmas...I am dragging the chain yet again. xxxRobby

  11. 500 posts! Well done Gina. I used to have velcro problems too until I started using the self adhesive one, I still sew it but at least the sticky back holds it in place while I attach it. Hope you and hubby have a great holiday season. Pam xx

  12. My goodness you've been a busy girl! And 500th post on top of it! Not sure I'll ever make that number.
    Okay...which channel was the pioneer Christmas on. That sounds like one I'd like. Been watching Lifetime and Hallmark, but they're rerunning a lot of them now.
    Congratulations & Merry Christmas!

  13. Congrats on the 500th post darlin'!! Woo-hoo!! Man, you have been busy! How 'bout you bottle some of that energy you have and sell it? I'll take two please. :> )
    How did your cookies come out? I can't stop crammmin' them in my trap. :> )

  14. Its me again. I forgot to mention my Temptation Mondays post. If you want to post any pictures of your lovely work be sure and send me a email with what you want on there
    I will be working on it a little tonight but mostly tomorrow evening.

  15. Congrats on your 500th post! You are such a busy creative woman & talented!

  16. the velcro in the stuffed animals is way cool!

    500? are your fingers tired from all that typing??? lol. Congrats!!!!!!

  17. Wow! You have been busy! The stuffed animal idea is great! Love the homemade items. Enjoy your week!

  18. WOW.....500......congrats!!! Thanks for stopping by! You sure have been busy girl!!! My daughter lives in GA and is flying home tomorrow....she has a flight from Charlotte SC to Dulles Washington.......then on to Providence RI. Hopefully she doesn't get delayed in Washington.....Last trip home was a nightmare in Washington
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.