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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WhAtchA WorKinG On WeDnEsDay..

Hey there everyone..its Thanksgiving Eve.....:) are you all set for Turkey Day? we are having a quiet one at home..just the 2 of us this too much to do for my show and don't feel like all the hub bub, bub!! tonight I am cooking a big ham and sweet potatoes (tastes like dessert) and tomorrow it is cornish hens and garlic smashed potatoes and a veggie of some sort..and I bought 2 little individual cherry pies for dessert..simple and I can craft and get some more work done..DH will be watching football or playing on his new play station...Here is what I have been working on the past couple of days..Another kentucky primitives pattern..I love her patterns..This is a little snow dude rag stuffed and is carrying a little pewter metal stocking..
he's 18 inches tall at the longest stick (for his leg) is up for adoption @ $24.95 + shipping..
more coffee cozies..the kittys the top one has green eyes and the bottom one has blue eyes..old fashioned motorcycle and coffee mugs
3 more...
a token Pody Lynn photo..she is enjoying the beautiful morning outside..I put out squirrel and bird hopefully she will see some action and be entertained...2 weeks ago we had 5 little gray squirrels just feasting..they are so much fun to watch..;)
these next set of photos are what we woke up to this morning..a beautiful glorious sunrise...

This photo is taken from our bedroom..that is the back steps to the upper part of our garage..and in the distance is the peek-a-boo water view we have when the trees have shed their leaves...Well I am off to start embroidering and make another doll of some sort.. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful thanksgiving..I am thankful to our Lord above and thank him each and every day for everything..and I thank him for all my wonderful blogging buddys that I have made..:)
Tomorrow night is the "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"..I have it set to will always watch these shows..they take me back to being a kid when all was right with the world...:)


  1. Sounds like a nice and cozy Thanksgiving with delicious food! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)!

  2. I love all the Charlie Brown shows. I think the Christmas one is my favorite. I also love all the old Christmas shows...Frosty, The Night Before Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph and all the rest. I love your dolls...they are so cute!

  3. I still love watching Charlie Brown too, and all the Christmas cartoons:) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!!!

  4. Gina ~
    Love your snow guy ~ fantastic, love all of your stuff. It sounds like a good Thanksgiving for you & Mr. Cat Nap Inn. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.
    I love all the Christmas movies they show on Hallmark channel.

  5. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I'm thankful to know you! Hugs!

  6. That's really cute! I'll have to check out her patterns.

  7. Gina,
    Love the snowman doll!! Very primitive.
    I also love to watch all those shows that we did when we were kids.
    Have a wonderful cozy Thanksgiving with your hubby tomorrow and enjoy your crafting. I set up for my 3 day show first thing tomorrow morning and then later in the day...we are having Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's.
    I'm going to email you, but it might not be until after my show is over this weekend.

  8. Happy thanksgiving. Gee you are a busy bee!!!! I love your comment about before the world went mad....if only we could go back to those days. xxxRobby