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Friday, November 27, 2009

SanTa KiTTyS and GinGerBreAdMen..

Hey there Everyone had a nice thanksgiving!!! Ours was quiet and a relaxing day..I worked on dolls and DH played on his game station..This is what I finished up today...these two folky-whimsical kittys by blue moon beginnings..I added arms and legs to these dolls as folks here just aren't in to super I keep it whimsical..but I do love them this way..I added so many details to these guys..and I love the fabric..I got this last year when I went back to Utah to visit my family and went to this awesome fabric/quilting store..kind of spendy..but definitely worth it..I also added the trim to the bottoms of the dresses that I got at Joanns last week..:)

and here are some gingerbread men that I made being inspired by Chestnut Junction..I added big red bows with green trees and each is holding a little garland..the two outer ones are holding candy garlands and the center one is holding christmas light garlands..I also started another strand of silicone dipped little sister is getting the first set as I was a total beginner..and it shows..but Pea gave me some wonderful tips and today they look so much got 2 more strands to do and finish up the one I am working on..still doing the coffee cozys..they are so much fun to do..and I am making a hobby horse right now and then onto some signs and more dolls.. I have till next thursday to get it all gotta get hoppin..but wanted to share what I have finished..if anyone is interested in any of these just let me know..have a fabulous weekend..;) today is glorious and has been sunny all Pody lynn is outside watching all the squirrels and birds feasting on some food I put out for them..there was about 4 squirrels..chasing and running all over..they are fun to watch.I started listening to christmas helps me be more creative I care..:)


  1. I love the santa kitties and the gingermen:) Love the kitties on your header pic too with their santa hats!!!!

  2. Ohhhh These are super Cute !!! Bet they won't last long !!!

    I love that peppermint trim adorable got that at JoAnns ??? I'm shocked !!!

    It's been a while since I stopped in ..glad to chat with ya again !!!

    Hugs ..Sara

  3. Love the Santa Kitties!! and the gingerbread too!!

  4. The gingerbread men are so cute and I love the little head wreaths the kitties are holding. Sounds like you have been super busy and will be for a while with everything you are planning to do.I am not sure which ornament I got from you. Still trying to find it on your blog.Thanks for stopping by and saying Hello.
    PS: I also love the vintage paper background on your blog -lovely images.

  5. I love the kitties Gina, they're so cute. I hope your next show is a good one. I've got 2 coming up, a Nursery opening on Monday for the diaper cakes and baby stuff and then another one on Saturday at the local church so I'm just hoping they're going to be better than the last few have been. Pam xx

  6. Love the kittys and the Gingers! The dress fabric IS way cute! I have such a weakness for fabric!
    I do hope your shows are better than the last ones too.

    We have squirrels, don’t know where they came from, but they are a mess. We never used to have them here in this dry old eastern Ut desert country. Now we have ground squirrels, And they are worse than mice in the grain barrels! LOL

    I love your new header picture.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. Very nice kitties and the gingerbread men are adorable! Your blog looks very nice and christmasy!

  8. Love those sweet kitties and their snowmen heads. LOL So creative!

  9. Oh I love the santa kitties and gingers! ~~Pam

  10. Super cute...from kitties , to Gingers, to your christmas blog darned CUTE!!!!!

  11. Oh how sweet are these. I have to see if I can copy them for my Temptation Mondays post. Then it is off to bed 3am comes early
    Sweet Dreams

  12. You've been busy girlie ! Sooo glad to hear ya had a wonderful Thanksgivin. Love them kitties and ginger fellas. Dont ya just love Chestnut Junctions patterns ? They are awesome.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins