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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WiNner, WinNer ChIckEn DiNnEr...

Hey there everyone..I have chosen a winner...well I let Hubby pick a number between 1-25 and he picked 18!! I counted them all..excluding Ali's cause she couldn't play living in England and I didn't count the deleted comments and number 18 was....are you ready...My new Pal Shirley Pumpkin!!! she is going to be so excited!! I met her at my show finally last thursday and she purchased some of my items and she let me know last night she needed one of my wee witches too..I am going to her house for girls night out I get to take her goodies to her...I hope she is reading this post..(I'll email her too)...
Okay here is the last harvest of the season at our home so I used pretty much all of this in our spaghetti last night..still have some little tomatoes and two of the jalapanos too..and in my foodnetwork recipe magazine I found a recipe for pickling green tomatoes and we have alot of I am buying the ingredients and making nothing will go to waste her..Okay are you ready for my halloween home..I spent yesterday with Hubby finishing up the outside..decorated the inside on sunday night while he watched football...
Here is the kitchen...I just love that witch..I got her last year when I went back home for a visit and there was this awesome store called Taipan...they don't sell on line..and probably a good thing cause I would be broke..they had the best stuff there..the happy halloween sign came from them as well with the skelly hands on it. oh and so did the black wooden dish that is leaning up against the pantry wall.
my hutch..the fall blocks and black paper mache box came from there..the little block that says "happy halloween" came from Factory direct..the black cat that is on a bobbin like two faced and lights came from my good pal Patrick of Creator's touch..he does a wonderful job...
my dining room table..the sign came from well you know...I made the candles and the tray came from Factory direct..I just got that with the blocks...
one of my little pillow tucks on my vintage T-cart and a leaf from our yard on a TS find jug..
this is in our entry way when you come in..this scene is on our vanity..this little witch has her cauldron, witch spell book that I made, and her 8 ball..I got that at the thrift store..I made her and the cauldron and th kitty under her as well..the big kitty to the right was my little splurge at Michaels last week...the sign on the wall came from another neat store visting back home..
so did this sign..this is the living room..
the harvest blessing sign came from a swap that I did with Janae..I love my signs..the autumn sign came from that really cool store..and the witch and kitty came from a halloween swap I did last year...
Okay we are outside now...I had Hubby by me a haybale..I swear they get bigger every year...that little witch in the front is sound activated when someone walks up to the door she says "happy halloween" hhahahahahahaahhaha..bout scares the crap out of you if you are not expecting it..:) the luminaries that are lined up on the shelf will be put out and lit on halloween for the little nose goblins that knock on our door..
the other side of the front porch...I need to get a piece of plexi-glass to fit the chaulkboard on that door..I have those neat liquid markers but they don't like "homemade" hubby thought of putting a piece of plexi-glass there so I can write and erase with ease..pretty genius I think..
the front of the house...we put our grill on the front porch cause we love to grill but hate grilling in the rain so for the winter that is where it is going...and hopefully one day we will enclose the back porch or at least put a roof on it..;)
this is up by the you can see the witchy gazebo we put up..I took my brooms that I bought in italy and secured them to the front of it...I love those brooms..they were like 2 bucks and they look like witch brooms..the italians use them for sweeping...
the front gate..I picked up some caution tape that they use at crime scenes and never used this year..we did...I still have to hang a "cemetary" sign up on the top of the will notice the tombstones at the bottom...I really need to get more and scatter them through out the yard...
more caution tape in front..those bushes you see will turn their fall colors and come spring they go back to green again...I love them..:)

my vinyl kitty in the dining room window..I need to get lights to illuminate them...
here is my vinyl witch in the guest bedroom upstairs..I need t light her up too..she looks so cool..she has bats flying around over head..mmuuuwwwahahhhhh!!
here is the stairwell..I made the big witch head from kentucky primitives..I love her patterns...the cat on the lower right came from Aunt Mannys creations..we did a is a candy dish..the hat comes off..too kewl..
I lit the flicker candles but they don't show up will put in a T-light in the lamp has ghosts that look like they are flitting is neat to look came from Party Lite..
Well that is the tour of my halloween home..I can't wait to see all of yours out there..I love seeing them and getting inspiration..I have to get busy doing my orders for my swap/trades and get sewing on my christmas decor for my shows..have a great Tuesday and thank you all for the wonderful comments on my giveaway..I am so hooked on blogging and love all the wonderful folks I have met and love all the giveways I have won are all the best..;)


  1. Wow look at all those decorations! Very cool and festive! Thanks for the tour. :D

    Congrats to Shirley!

  2. Congrats to Shirley for winning all those treasures! Your house looks wonderful and cozy! that witch in the window is a bit scary:o

  3. OMG OMG.... I can't believe that I won!! (wet my pants lol) Tell your hubby "thank you for picking me".. I am just so excited and happy.. (it might be all the coffee today lol). I can't wait to see you tomorrow and show off my Halloween house.. and add the stuff you are bring over, you will have to talk me into blogging about it.. lol. Thanks Gina.. you are a sweety!!

    Shirley Pumpkin

  4. Gina,
    Your house looks awesome inside and out!!
    Congrats to the winner of your giveaway!

  5. Your house is delightful. That is a real treat for those little treak or treaters coming to your house this year!

  6. I keep hoping that I'll have the room to go all out decorating someday soon. I do my best here in this little apartment. All your decorations are great! You have some interesting and unusual pieces. You've inspired me.

  7. You always do such a good job decoraing your home, always cozy!