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Friday, October 2, 2009

What A LoNg DaY...

Well Yesterday was quite the day...started off at my hairdressers...again with the 4 hours..I am not sure why it is taking them so long when the last gal had me out the door in about that sets me back cause I make a full day when I go stop the pet store for cat food and treats for the stinky puppy..then to the bank, then to costco..then to Joanns and this is what I picked up using my 50% off coupons..and my cute little gal was there and I love it when she she always takes good care of me....if you all know what I I was able to finally get the copy of the create and decorate..they didn't have last this was nice to get and I bought the martha Stewart one this time...I love her holiday ones the best..and aren't those pumpkins fabulous..speaking of pumpkins..I purchased some little johnny ones and some smaller ones..they are scattered throughout the down stairs and outside..I just love em!!
I picked up some more backing supplys for my embroidering..been doing so much lately..didn't want to run low..also picked up some ribbons and halloween cards to give out..and some glass ornaments...that I am using for a project below...after Joanns I headed to the commissary to go grocery shopping..I didn't get home till 7pm last night..let my home at 10:45am and walked in the door at it was a long day..
here is what I worked on on wednesday...they are little lace ornaments..that I can make earrings with. or make into necklaces and add them to my dollies..they are all about an inch and 3/4 tall..
here is what the glass ornaments are for..I made these lace embroidered tops for the ornaments..gotta make a whole lot more cause it is taking about 3 to make one ornament...will see if I finish some fabric pumpkins in the works too..sat on the couch wednesday night stuffing these and stitching them up..gotta put the finishing touches on 2 different styles..and cute fabric too...well I am off to pay my bills and get some breakfast and get at my crafts to knock some of it off my list....we just got a huge down pour of rain and a bit of it is only a matter of time and we will be using the wood stove is a bit chilly here but not fire chilly..I will put on a sweater and be just fine..have a wonderful weekend everyone.:) will update more as I get it done...:)

UPDATE: Well I broke down and lit the first fire of the felt good and took the chill off...the stinky puppy enjoyed it as well...


  1. WoW! That is a long day!!!
    This is definately fireplace weather...I love being warm and toasty!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Four hours at the hairdresser? Which has the attitude, you or your hair? LOL!

    I love the MS holiday issues too, but unfortunately I can't get them anymore as they aren't sold in the U.K.


  3. Busy day! Sounds like me when I go into town. I live 30 miles from Joann's, Michael's and grocery stores. Since my Dad lives in the vicinity I go visit with him on shopping days. Didn't get to shop or visit today as our van had to go into repair shop. There goes my crafing money for the month. LOL

  4. What a long day! If it took 4 hrs. to do my hair I think I'd forget it. I got that Create & Decorate today in the mail. Have a great weekend.

  5. What a long day you had Gina. I think 4 hours at the hairdressers must be some sort of record. Have a great weekend. Pam xx

  6. That was a LONG day, Gina! Glad stinky puppy enjoyed the fire and your lace ornaments are so adorable, great job:)

  7. Love your deals that you got! I bet the first fire of the season felt really good!

  8. oh you reminded me of the day before. I refused to put the heating on...and about 1/2 hr later I gave in.

    4 hrs is a LoOOOONggg time at the hairdresser!!! I get mine done within an easy 2 hrs...maybe less.


  9. I've been noticing the smell of wood burning stoves in the air. That is one of the best smells ever!! I remember when we lived in a condo that had a fireplace and my husband showed me how to light it so we could have a fire even when he was at work. I had that going all the time. We don't have a fireplace in our house but I'm trying to talk my hubby into getting at least a wood burning stove. This time of the year is when I really, really want one!!! : )

    ~ Wendy