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Friday, October 23, 2009

LoOk WhoS 49 ToDaY!!!!

AAAAHHH yes today is my hubbys 49th I thought I would spotlight him for his big he is above at maybe less then a year old...
4th grade I believe..sorry for the flash..
5th grade
I think the lower photo is 6th grade..the middle one he was 23...and the top he was 20 years old and in the Marines at the time..I loved that photo..he is so handsome in that one.:) hubba
the photo on the left he was 15 and a the suit..he had long hair in those days and when he joined the Marine corp 2 years later (middle photo) age 17 he was used to flipping his hair out of his face and was still doing it even when his hair was shaved off..looks like a baby there doesn't he...the photo on the right is age 25 when he joined the Navy and we were freshly married by 2 months..He's at work today so we will celebrate tonight..I am making him dinner at home and we will go out on monday on his day off...He is a wonderful person and great husband..he has always!! made sure that we have been well cared for and safe..he is such a hard worker and I soooooo appreciate all that he does for us...So heres to another 49 years...:) I love you man!!!

Have a wonderful weekend..I will be back tomorrow hopefully with a few things done..I have been goofing off these past 2 weeks and I am going to pay for gotta get crafting..working on some order/swaps and hopefully getting them out today..;)


  1. Happy Birthday hubby, hope you both have a great day. Pam xx

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Cat Nap Inn man! Many blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr CNI! I hope the two of you have a wonderful evening!


  4. What a lovely tribute to your hubby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA'S HUBBY:)

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubby, Gina! Wow, he's been in the service for a long time ~ thank him for serving our country for me.
    Loved the pics, loved your swap with Angie, too. I've missed alot in blogland, I've been oh, so busy.

  6. Hoooooah to that Marine, chickee!

  7. Wishing a happy happy birthday to your hubby, Gina! Hope the two of you have a wonderful time tonight together! AND lots of fun on Monday! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! We hope it's a good one as the next one is a duzy!

  9. Happy birthday to your DH! I hope he has a wonderful day. Blessings.

  10. Great pictures! It is fun to look back to how we looked through the years...Hope you have a great time and "Happy Birthday" to your hubby!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  11. Happy birthday Mike!!!!! Hope Gina spoils you rotten! Looking at the beautiful food she shows us, I know you will enjoy dinner. Have a great time celebrating. xxxRobby

  12. What a thoughtful tribute to your husband! What a gift it is for you to have such a wonderful man in your life.

    I remember that movie you were talking about (about the people living under the stairs)..I never saw it but it sure did look scary!