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Friday, October 9, 2009

GiFt ShOw AfTeRmAth...

Hey there.. Here is my show all set up for yesterday..I was so worried that I wouldn't have enough stuff and was cramming like crazy..and I am so glad that I didn't make any dolls cause none of them would have sold...Last night in my opinion was a HUGE disappointment to say the least...especially when I have had no life for the past 2 months working non-stop to get stuff made for this show to hardly sell anything..there were alot of people that came to this event only wanting the "FREE" was a waste of time, money and effort and I will not be doing this one again...The little Ziggy halloween Dolly above sold right off the bat..and I was hoping for the rest of the show to be a hit..
I did want you all to see my displays and all that I had made for this show..only a few fabric pumpkins sold no luminarie, the big felted pumpkin on the bottom with the witch sold and one on the next shelf up did too..
I had a fellow blogger come and see me and she snatched up my little black pumpkin doll hanging above my witch doll..Thanks again Shirley..she spied it on a few posts back..needless to say she got a few extra surprises to go with it...
here all all my candle mats and pillow tucks and purses and would you believe NOT ONE SOLD...they all loved them of course but only wanted to know how I dyed my mats..I only sold one pair of my earrings..

I sold a couple of my room/linen sprays and gave away a couple of them to my good customers..Now I have to cart this stuff all back upstairs and wait till the next show..won't have to do as much for my next show..cause of all that is left over..will make a few christmas dolls and some christmas pillow tucks..might make some jackets as some seen my jacket that I had last night and loved will was so flipping hot in this building last didn't wear it..I am exhausted and don't want to look at another craft for a couple of days..I am going to have a giveaway cause I got a lot..just need to go through it all and decide what I want to give away..but it will be good..will do it hopefully tomorrow as I will be going through it tonight when hubby gets home and we can put it all away....folks were not thinking about the upcoming holidays and shopping for gifts or decorating...If I sound disappointed I am!! I make great quality items in my opinion and thought my prices were TOTALLY reasonable and they were only after the free stuff and the giveaways...well at least I know now to not do these kind of shows as it is only going to be looky loos after the free I need to find another show to do between my christmas show to try to unload it all..I am off to eat my breakfast and catch up on all my T.V. shows that I have DVR'D...have a great weekend all..:)



  1. I'm sorry it was such a disappointment for you. Unfortunately, I think what happened is simply a reflection of the current economy. Unfair as that is, considering all the hard work you put in. ((hugs))


  2. Oh Gina, I have been there too many times too! It sucks when it goes like that... just lookey-loos and no one dropping any money!
    I hope the next one makes up for it!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  3. What a let down after all of your hard work Gina. Why is it that so many people who come to this sort of thing expect something for nothing. Have a rest and enjoy your weekend. Pam xx

  4. Gina,
    I am so sorry to hear that the show was a disappointment. I've been there before too.
    Your booth looked wonderful and I know your all goodies are the best!!!
    I'll email you after my show this weekend...we have to leave here shortly to set up.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. So sorry to hear about the show. How irritating to do all that work. But like you said you have everything ready for the next show! Keep your chin up! Take good care :)

  6. What a terrible!!! Do you ever do the Christmas in October at the Findlay fair grounds? I know there were a lot of people there but again I don't know who was buying. I bought a raggedy doll there....hope it gets better for you.

  7. Ohh, Gina ~
    I feel so bad for you after all of that hard work. Don't take it personally though. Some shows are just like that! I've been there too ~ people want quality stuff at flea market prices.

  8. Sorry that your show was a disappointment to you. Your crafts are wonderful and I love your displays. That is why I got out of the shows and sales several years ago. People would ohh and ahh......then tell me that their Aunt Jane would make them the item. Or they would ask for the pattern....yep had that happen several times. When the lookers started outnumbering the buyers by 25 to 1.....I stopped going to shows and sales.

  9. Also wondering why they didn't have the show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday? I always found those days to be best for sales.

  10. what a bummer, i've done shows like that, they are exausting!!!!

  11. How gorgeous everything is! Wish I had been there to snatch some things up! I know it's hard right now on everyone. You things are really wonderful!

  12. Oh that is so awful for you. I am sorry to hear that you spend all of that time and money and not have a great time in return. I hope the Christmas sale will be better.

    On a bright note...sad for me....the soap in the can is all gone...and today the lotion is all gone...I might add...I never finish containers of stuff like that. You picked good for me!!!! :)


  13. That's such a shame, so sorry to hear that, all the trouble you went through. Can you save it for another show?

  14. Hey Gina.. Your booth and handmades are very nice! I agree with Ali about the economy, people are not buying. They like to look but are thinking do I really need that? It's a shame that more folks aren't buying, even if it's a little something to show support... after all they are getting good quality, hand made in the USA goods. I have heard that many shows are down both in attendance and vendors this year. My last show I even had someone want to dicker with me to take a lower price on an item, can you imagine that! I am hoping that the holiday shows will be better. Try to focus on what's ahead and not behind.. your already well stocked for your next show and that will give you more free time to enjoy the holidays.
    Keep smiling!

  15. Gina, everything looks wonderful and I'm sorry for the lack of sales, but I think too the economy plays a big part. With so many out of work folks just aren't able to buy like they used to. I'm sure it will pick up for the holidays, and you have all that stuff made up ahead of time, you can enjoy yourself while others are cramming:)

  16. Gina,
    Sorry to hear about your show..I even showed my hubby all your goodies the other night!! You are very talented, and your things are great. But owning a is waaaayyy down everywhere, so don't feel too bad. If your thinking of ways to get rid of some things, maybe try to contact other store owners in your area and offer them wholesale?
    Snuggle in a blankie, eat some comfort food and watch alot of chick ficks, you'll feel better in no time. PS, from what we heard of customers, they are saving penny's for Chirstmas due to economy.

  17. Your booth looks fabulous!!! Wish I had been there! Shows are so hard on us..sometimes they are great is the pits....You do have nice quality items, those shoppers are either broke or living in another era!

  18. Oh Gina, I'm so sorry that you didn't have a good day!! Your crafts are beyond beautiful and I can't believe you didn't sell any of your candle mats!! I've done fairs like that, too, and it's such a disappointment. I didn't sign up for any this year because I'm newly pregnant and don't want to do too much lifting. If you have a lot of sales all the time and effort are worth it but when you have to pretty much pack up the same stuff that you unpacked that's terrible. Take a break, like you said. There's always Etsy, too. I think that would be great for you!! I don't know if you have a shop already but,if not, you should look into it. God bless. :)

    ~ Wendy

  19. Let me tell you "Girl" you had the best booth... and the cutest one too. It was all about the give-aways. I told you I was helping my friend Terry with her Stampin Up booth and she had way more then 100 people ask for the free item, a few people said "Hey I lost my Sheet can I have the free thing anyway" can you believe that?? Gee's!! I love your stuff... and I am so HAPPY with my Pumpkin head doll... I really want the witch with the Medicine bottle around her neck (so if you still have her I will mail you a check or we can do lunch or something one day)... "Any Who" I did have a lot of fun at the show, I won a door prize, I met you!, I bought my pumpkin doll, I bought some jewelry, and 2 new purses... OH Yeah... Plus!! the things you gave me... Love Ya Girl!!

  20. Awww darlin', I'm sorry to read this.
    You need to sell your quality wares on the internet. :> )
    If you ever head out to the east coast, know my door is always open. We can make dollies, eat cookies and giggle all day. :> )

  21. Gina, I am so sorry your items didnT sell. Everything looked to be so beautiful and you are so talented. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and you are just so clever. I wish I would have been at your show, I could have spent lottsa moola. Cheer up Hon, they are to pretty not to sell. Hugs, Linda