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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OuR WaLkS and GoOdiEs iN ThE MaiL...

hey there!!! well I felt well enough to go out for our weekend walks this past sunday and Monday..(hubbys days off this past month) and took my camera in hopes to find something new...and this is the only thing I took on Sunday...isn't this a unique piece of driftwood? looks like an alligator head to is really neat..
yesterday passing the same house that we always do...I took photos of these in full bloom and oh my gosh the heads on the things are Dinner Plate size and I mean the big ones...mine were truly salad plate size..still neat to look at though...I cut the head off of mine and put them where the bird feeders are and they are being eaten by a great way for the animals to get some food in their bellys...
I am posting a "what is this" question to you all..I will reveal the answer in tomorrows post..:)
love the colors and this type of tree...fall is was a winnie the pooh kind of day yesterday...blustery...but rained a bit last night and is expected too the rest of the I can hopefully get lots done..
Our Friend Travis' house...I love the blue..he is a young man with a new baby and he is a landscaper with his dad and they have worked hard on building this house and has a beautiful back yard..and I love the style of his house and love the blue with the white..:)
I got two packages in the mail yesterday..and apparently I took some pretty blurry photos...poo...well you get the picture..:)
my blog winnings from Thimble prim studios came and it is such a cute little pin cushion...the bottom is a soft black velvet..and I love the way she sewed on her business card to the bottom of it...very creative..will have to keep that one in mind...she is also having another giveaway is on my side bar a cute little cranberry be sure to check that out..
Here is where I put my little pin cushion...This is in the stairwell now..I have also been tweeking and we are cleaning out the guest bedroom to make way for a new to us, old roll top desk that Mike is getting for free from his work..he doesn't use his computer in it is going and so is the there are so many books and just plain crap in he is going to take a day to go through it when the desk comes will be nice to declutter and make it a guest room this wrought iron longaberger stand made its way down stairs to the stairwell and is housing all my cookbooks and decorating books now along with my picnic baskets.. I also put out my little fall picks that I bought at Joanns last week and one is here..the cushion is sitting on it...amazing how much those little picks add in just the right places..might have to go buy more when I am out this week..getting my hair done on thursday..oh it is so needing to be done..hate faded hair...then to joanns to spend my 50% off coupons and then it will be a long day...
last but not least...I ordered these candles to use in my creations from Sharon of Hearts and homespun..Soft in the head uses them in her creations and I purchased some of her patterns and they call for these itty bitty candles..they are only 2 inches long and oh so cute..She also sent me a cute little blackened grunged wax headstone ornament..this will go on my tree with my other wax ornaments when I decorate this weekend or next...I have been busy sewing and will have lots to show you tomorrow for WWW...I will have ornies and candlemats and 2 dollies to share..hopefully have a wonderful tuesday everyone..:)


  1. Awww...the itty bitty baby candles are too cute:) As for the "what is it", I'm not sure, I'm going to guess either old blueberry jam or (excuse the rudeness...) diarrhea from a bear??? LOL! Can't wait to find out:)

  2. wow, your walks look gorgeous, so fallish, love the cute blue house. i was going to grow sunflowers, i love how big they get, but you know, seems like there are too many ideas in my head. have fun at joanns.

  3. You do have interesting walks!
    I had to visit you today to show my son your winking cat on your header - he loves cats.

  4. Love the pretty autumn pics from your walk!

  5. Gina,
    Love your goodie that came in the mail...too cute!!
    I have no clue as to what that picture is of...but I can't wait for you to tell us!!
    I've been working on my little pillow tucks today and hope to finish them up tomorrow. Got a few other things to finish up before the show on Sunday.

  6. What a busy lady you are!! I always feel the need to declutter this time of the year. Actually, all the time!! This time of the year you know you're going to start being at home more often so you can't walk out the front door and pretend the clutter doesn't exist. It really does effect me in a negative way when things are cluttered and I don't like feeling that way. My guess for the "what is it" is lots and lots of deer poop. :)

    ~ Wendy

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  8. Your walks are always very interesting.

  9. Gina ~
    Love your goodies you got in the mail. Sharon makes the nicest things & good patterns, too. Love seeing what you see on your walks.