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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My BiG ShoPpinG DaY..

Well I went shopping to Joanns and Michaels as they were having their sales and I needed to get some more supplys for my purses..I have 36 made so far (still finishing them up)...and wanting to make more..I will be posting photos of the purses tomorrow..I got some cute christmas tablets by mary englebrite.I love em and some cute little note cards to use as thank you cards..or great little stuffers..oh and I got some cute little recipe cards too..
Joanns was having in the notions 1 get one free..and I needed this stuff regardless..and this stuff is it was a huge savings..and my little check out girl takes such good care of me..I had to do 3 checkouts to get the savings but it was worth it....the candles I got at Michaels and used my 40% coupon so got six for $6..that was a savings..all the stuff above is used in my embroidering and purse making..minus the candles..:)
ahh more fabric..I have already used the red in a christmas purse..I love will see it tomorrow..and If found the breast cancer is going on my purses as well...
I purchased another vinyl stick on ..but it didn't stick and I am mad cause I had just the place for it in the said "grateful hearts gather here" with the little wheat..
more zippers, dog tag chain and a button shank remover so I can use my buttons for button covers on my purses..
I love buttons!! and just love the ones I purchased..all for my dolls or mostly for the on to see the variety..I got some halloween and christmas ones..I love them!!! I am having so much fun making them all different for more variety..I think you will love my latest ones..
I stopped by the new goodwill store and picked up some wooden cutting boards that I will paint and put the old labels on ..I also picked up a candle sconce to paint..and that neat brown Pfaltgraff pitcher(?)..not sure what it is..but i love the I am going to put flowers in my shopping trip was great at Joanns..I saved $131.21. Had I not had any coupons would have cost me I did pretty well I think...Well we are getting our rain yesterday and today..and it is a bit chilly today..feels like a fire night..but we won't...hopefully going to harvest our tators tomorrow... Mike is picking his hops as they are ready..I will be sad to see the plants they add so much to the house...well I can smell dinner cooking..tonights menu..chicken on the george forman grill, baked tators. and brussels cooked..oh they are tasty...have a wonderful and safe labor day..enjoying family etc..:) thanks for stopping by..


  1. Wow...girl...wish I could just pop off to Joann's and Micheals!!! Bargains to boot!!! (and back stalking xxxRobby

  2. Great savings on your shopping trip!

  3. You lucky thing, being able to go to a JoAnn's - I'm green with envy! The closest I'm getting to any JoAnn's are their store catalogs that a friend has recently mailed to me :( .

  4. Love all the goodies!!! Oh how fun it is to have all that to be creative with!