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Thursday, August 20, 2009

WhaTchA WoRkiNg oN ThuRsDay?

Okay since I missed whatcha working on Wednesday you are getting it today!!:) I worked on this baby blanket for 4 hours and it turned out really cute..I did it in pink and brown and added her first name shown above

and added her middle name shown in the above photo shown here..I had a baby shower to go to last night and was only a half hour late..not bad had to fix dinner in between and get on the photos to see the embroidery...Her name is Afton Christine and she is a little cutie..

here is a little burp rag I made for her too...

here are some little business/credit card holders I have made as well..I used my new sizzix on all but the crow and the star..those were hand cut..

here's one open so you can see what they look like..they all have little bling tags added to the chain on them.(click the photos)..

yesterday we picked the largest zuchinni from the garden as well as the tomatoes..picked some cherry ones as well..we still have aobut 4-5 more zuchinni that are still getting big...I just looked at that large one last week and it was smaller then the smaller one and then yesterday there it is huge and we also have several large tomatoes like the above only they aren't ripe yet...we also have basil...oh a caprese salad is in our future..:) just wish we had fresh mozzerella from Italy made with buffalo's milk..that is the best stuff on god's green earth..and there is no other can get some of that stuff in Jersey but even then it is not the same..(we had friends that lived there) and they would get some..they even sent us some from Jersey to washington..overnighted it I think...still wasn't the same..any to finish up the rest of the purses, been playing with my sizzix and having a blast with it.. What do you think of my new look? My good pal Deb of "Deb's Lost Treasures" made my new header and background with a few of my kittys added to it..don'tcha love the winking kitty..just makes me smile as I lost him 6 years ago to cancer and its like he is here with I just love this!!! Deb you did a fantastic job on this..look at the window there is a kitty paw that lights up...She also did a halloween one similar to this one..but you will have to wait till this fall to see it..any way if you need anything done like this go see Deb..she will do anything you ask of her and she is so reasonable and you won't be sorry...Have a wonderful day today...Hubby is off this week so not sure what is on the agenda..another walk is in store today..we have walked everyday this week so gotta keep the momentum going..gotta harvest the tators in the a new fence cause the old one around the yard has seen better days..we lost a pumpkin..:( but still have 2) and hoping they make a new car on Monday...we needed a commuter car for DH as the truck is showing her years (20) and needing some work so we got a little silver2005 ford is a pretty car and so clean and we got a great deal on it..he loves driving it..I still love my car though..not used to driving a stick shift that is so smooth and easy ...I am used to driving that beat up truck's gotta get used to it..okay have a wonderful day everyone...:)

thanks for kudos on the items made..My friend Heather loved her baby stuff..(she has had the baby) we waited to have the shower cause they didn't know what they were having) and 3 of the kittys shown in my new header the two large ones in front and the little black one on the right have all passed on with in 6 years..hard but nice to have them on my header and again Thanks Deb for doing a fantastic job..;)


  1. Gina, do I see a purse, wallet, credit card holder business in your future??? Wow, you do a great job on them:) LOVE the new header with the country lane kitty gang, lol! It's always nice to remember our fur babies that have gone to rainbow bridge:) Love the baby blankie too pink and brown together is one of my fav color combinations! have a wonderful day!

  2. Girl, that baby blanket and burp cloth are fabulous! I bet the mother-to-be was so excited to receive those from you...I bet you were even forgiven for being 30 minutes late!
    Your veggies look tremendous...I see lots of zucchini bread in your future! LOL

  3. Gina, everything is so cute! I know
    what you mean about missing your
    cat, I lost a couple of mine in
    the last couple years and sure miss
    them...Boo and Bucky were both black...Love that header!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. I am loving that new header!!!!!Very cool!!!!I still say you show find an outlet for your stuff. It looks so professional. Veggies are looking good! congrats on the new car.

  5. Oohh, Gina your tomatoes look so good! The rabbits ruined all of our pumpkins, so we have none!

    Love your baby shower creations! Those are so cute! I bet they were loved!

    Thanks too for the emails! :)

    Have a great day and a fun walk with your hubby!


  6. Wow you have been busy! Your winking kitty is charming and it is nice you can still have a part of her with you. I really love your business card holders! How primitive and fall!

  7. "I coo, I poo, that's all I do"...that is too cute! I love the new look to the blog too.


  8. Hey Gina..
    Love your new header.. it's Purrrfect for ya..teeheehee. The baby blanket and burp towel are great.. I love that saying too.. haahah..
    If I were to want one (and I do) of the star/crow business card holders, like say in a burgundy or wine color will you are you making custom colors?

  9. Gina,
    Love the new items that you are making. Great purses, wallets and credit card holders!!
    Love the new look of your blog...what a special header to have some of your beloved kitties on it!!
    The baby blanket is so wonderful. I've made some in the past and can't wait to make some for my new granbaby as soon as we know what the baby will be.
    higs, Cindy