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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Hey there Folks!...I have been busy making up these purses and I am still not finished with them..but I wanted to post for today..I have them all embroidered and now I just need to put the inside fabric in, attach the handles and put magnetic closures on some and zippers on others..The ones above will have zippers and straps for over the chest/shoulder..

these little ones are for little girls..the one above is going to my little friend Eliza that goes to my church..she loved the last purse I gave she is getting the sue bonnet one with her pulling her wagon with kitty and puppy in it..the fabrics on all of these will be the insides of the purses..I have had soooo much fun doing these...I truly am addicted to my embroidery machine..the possibilities are endless and it just makes the item that much more special..

Here are my two "goth" like or halloween purses..they are in black with black leather handles..the first one is a cat in haunted graveyard and the bottom one is a skeleton climbing out of a coffin.they are done in white..they will have that black and white checkered fabric in the inside and a magnetic closure..

Here is my fall pumpkins with a festive orange striped liner and this neat handle and magnetic closure..mixing them up a bit for more variety.. after all variety is the spice of

Okay this one above has to be my favorite..hhhmmm I wonder why..I love the way this one turned out..the eyes are so vibrant and it reminds me of my tattoo on my will have a magnetic closure and this great handle..and green polka-dotted fabric for the lining..

my winter purse..with snowflake lining and that wonderful handle with magnetic closure..

I just made us these today...they are checkbook covers!..I am so excited about these..I also sewed on a place to put your pen and I did a blanket stitch all the way around the edge..I also made the little business/credit card holder as well..

here is the insides of the checkbook cover with pen...

okay this is the only one I have completed so skull in flames purse..I love how this one turned has orange stitching around it..

there is the inside...this is an over the shoulder one with an orange zipper..all of these will be on my selling blog hopefully by the weekend...gotta doctors appt for my feet..getting fit with orthodics I suppose..although my feet have been feeling better..which is nice..

here is another stitchery I did the other day...she reminds me of the cartoons with the big eyes..she is the loreli fairy with her kitty..she will be a little pillow..

I also ordered some more fragrances for my room linen sprays..I am so happy about these scents..they smell so wonderful.. they are :country clothesline, country bumpkin, autumn magic (my favorite I think), clean crisp air, christmas cabin (another favorite) and fresh will be putting those together sometime soon...I got a wonderful package today..but I want to give it, its own will have to wait till tomorrow...but all I can say is I was spoiled rotten and you know who you are my dear..I love it all..gotta take photos of where I put my items too..;) have a wonderful rest of your wednesday..tonights menu is rotisserrie chicken, corn on the cob and mashed tators..we haven't had those in a while and it sounds yummy..okay going to work on some more purses..see you all tomorrow..:)


  1. Gina, your purses are too cute! Mom had the same cat design and put it on hand towels and wash clothes. Think I even have one. The check book covers are neat.

  2. Eliza's mom here.. she is going to freak out at that purse, Gina. You are so sweet to her!! Thank you ahead of time.

    Also, while I'm not that into cats (I know.. i know...) the purse with the cat's face on it... awesome looking!

  3. Wow love the purses Gina. !!! Looks like so much fun !!!

    and the checkbook covers are really beautiful too !!!

    What a great job you are doing on them ..

    Blessings ..Sara

  4. Why Miss Gina...are you talking about me? That I spoiled you rotten?
    Love your purses and checkbook covers!! The fairy with her kitty stitched out so beautifully!!
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Love the purses Gina and especially the checkbook covers. AWESOME!
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I'm impressed! You have a real talent.

  7. love the cheque book covers!!! I am still not into some of a parcel to send you...just want to make you mojo is gone..:(

  8. Amazing what a sewing machine can do now! Very nice!

  9. Very nice purses and checkbook covers!! I am Nan and new to your blog and look forward to visiting you!

  10. Wow!! Those are all awesome! Geez, I want Santa to bring me an embroidery machine for Christmas! Are they easy to use?