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Saturday, August 8, 2009

AnD the WiNneR is...DruM RoLL PleAsE..

Hi there all!!! and happy Saturday to ya!! it is nice and cool and overcast yet again in the great northwest...I so love these cool mornings that turn out to be beautiful sunny certainly feels like fall around here. I can't wait to decorate for fall/halloween..okay I can wait cause I have sooo many things to make for my 2 upcoming shows and don't have time right is our garden as of this morning...the potatoes will be harvested this weekend..and the big cluster is artichokes, squash, brussels and beans, oh and throw in a pumpkin that has gone crazy and is trailing everywhere...the artichokes are blooming..take a closer peek...okay have I made you wait long enough...without further adoooooo...the winner is....drum roll...

My house of Prims...she does not have a blog so I will email her of her also get to choose your scent for the linen spray..I had 38 wonderful entrys and I thank all that entered in my little giveaway..I think I will do another one right before halloween after my October show...something halloweeny of course..

Yesterday was the doctors appt..they took x-rays and I wait to hear how my knee is feels better all the time..just want to make sure I didn't do some serious damage that I can't see or feel..gotta call the feet doctors and make another feet feel better it is prolonged standing that seems to set them after the doctors appt..I went to a few places...petsmart, Michaels, and of course are the goodies I picked up..stuff to embellish my dolls with. more items for my purses..the cookie cutters I will trace onto the leather and cut them out and sew on the purses..they are halloween designs..I have other cookie cutters and it hit me at joanns could have seen the light bulb go excelsior for package items up with..and my better homes and garden craft magazine..I went through it last night and I love every craft in going to try to get to Pams of soft in the head fame and do hers for halloween and christmas...I want to try them all..but have so many other things to accomplish...If I could only unglue myself from this dang computer..anyway..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..:)


  1. Congrats to House of Prim, lucky lady!

  2. I am so excited to win! Thanks so much for drawing my name!I can't wait to get my "smell goods."

  3. Congrats to "My House of Prims" on winning your giveaway!

    I picked up that Craft Holiday issue are right, there are so many wonderful things to make in it!! Glad to hear that your feet and knee is feeling better. Oh, guess what...your goodies are on the way!! You should get them on by mid-week.

    hugs, Cindy

  4. Congratulations House of Prim!!! :)

  5. What a cute little giveaway! Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  6. Lucky lady! Congratulations!

    Your garden is looking great! My two tomato plants and two green pepper plants got gnawed at by the deer! Oh well...hope they enjoyed it! :) ~~Annie

  7. Grats to the lucky winner!
    I'm glad that your knee is feeling better :) I almost picked up that craft holiday issue...but I figured it would just add to my to do list hehe
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats to House of Prim!

    I went through the Craft Holidays magazine this morning. It has some great stuff in it. Pam (Soft In The Head)has some great patterns in it.
    Hope all is well with your feet & knees.