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Friday, July 31, 2009

PuMpkiNs anD MoRe PuMpKins...

Well I finally finished up my last two pumpkins this morning...These are a bit time consuming as I wanted to put in the shading details etc..I LOVE how these turned out..I bought the pattern from Shirley Hudson Holidays on patternmart and had all the roving etc for about 2 years and wasn't using it..and I love I went for it..and I am very pleased..These babys are up for sale on both my selling sites..will post them shortly..if you are interested let me know..

The one in the middle is my own design as I have the cute little tags that are on each of them...and one had an I enlarged it and think I did a pretty good job capturing him..the tag is attached to the pumpkin..I added 3-dimensional qualitys to all of these to make them stand out better..the two on the left has sticks for the branches that they are standing on..the kitty has a rusty safety pin with rusty bell for his collar) attached after the photo was taken..

The little one on the left is from Bird in the hand is a stitchery...but I needle felted it instead..I added the little tendril...don'tcha just love the little green tendril on the pumpkin..:)The witch is my own design as well. I added flax to the witches hair and it looks so good..she also has little beady teeth sewn on. the kitty has a rusty bell sewn onto his purple collar

the crow has a rusty safety pin with bell for his wing..the spider is hanging from a twig that has been sewn on..

right side view of the broom

left side view of the bat..

candy corn..I shaded it so it would stand out better..Click on the photos to see the details..I also added real pumpkin stems that I have left dry and I also added little baby pine cones that drop in our yard so I E-6000 all of these and they are not going any where.. I also added stained cheesecloth to some of the stems...They range in sizes and shapes...all the details will be on my selling sites..Well tomorrow is the big day for my stay tuned for the details and how you can enter...Have a wonderful day!!!:)


  1. Gina,
    Those are cool, I've never seen anything like them. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, they do look time consuming but very neat, great job! I want to think about fall but got to get thru Aug. yet?

  3. Hi, I see you signed on to be my first follower, thanks! I have been reading your blog for a year, I think and I laughed my fanny off at your funnies! Love your work! Karen

  4. I am not much in to Halloween, but you should sell those. They are originals & not seen very much out there. You will probably be busy mkaing those. Great job & really different!

  5. Those turned out so cute!!!! I love the witch design especially!!! Thanks for mentioning me as the designer, I appreciate that!!!
    Hudson's Holidays

  6. Very cute Gina!! I bet they will sell out quickly!!

  7. Hi Gina,
    You sure have been a busy gal!! Those are really neat!! It sure is making me wish that Fall would here and get here.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Gina, your pumpkins are great! One of a kind for sure. What a clever idea.


  9. I love your pumpkins. I can just about sew a straight line, so I have envy talented crafters like you!


  10. I loved how you used my design...toooo cute !! You do great work...! How fun !!1