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Sunday, July 5, 2009

PoSt 4Th oF JuLy PhoTos and OthEr PicS...

Hey there everyone!! did you survive the 4th? we had a beautiful day for the is hit or miss here for weather on the 4th and its usually how we determine when summer hits around here..but I must say...we have had a glorious spring and so far summer is was 86 degrees got my watering done early...then it was time to get some of the cooking done before our guests showed up...I made potato salad that Sue over at Country Pleasures was talking about...and it was sooooo good..I did add crumbled bacon to mine..but it is definitely a basically mash this they are not cubed potatoes...makes it really creamy and it was so good..we then Marinated the pork baby back ribs in beer and then simmered them on the stove for 3 hours and then threw them on the grill with some sauce and they are like done in 10 minutes..I made corn on the cob as well..this is whats left of dinner..every one loved the food..(mind you they were 3 single guys) so I think a good home cooked meal and anyone is happy..but they were was sooooooo good...

The guys played Baco ball most of the afternoon and to sit back and read a magazine and watch them destroy my pot got big never drained..does guys were getting creative with the game..if you know anything about this old italian game..there is one little ball that is thrown and each player has 2 big balls (like croquet balls) and they have to throw it as close to the little ball as possible and then they decided that they had to copy each other with how they threw it...certainly made the game more interesting..

bending over and throwing it between their legs..thats Peters butt.

that would be my hubbys butt...

and this would be Beckers butt..sorry didn't get Jerrys butt..and he refused to pose again...

I went to walmart on friday to pick up some last minute food stuff for the big day and bought some plants for the yard...I planted the little colanders here on the front of the walkway...

I added some to the ones at the front of the house....
sorry these are out of the trellis in front


back porch..I wanted red, white and blue flowers and I think I did pretty good...I can't wait till they get bigger and really fill out...

the back porch deck...

I put 2 big pots in the wheelbarrow...

I filled this old newpaper carrier with a big vase and filled it with the neighbors lilys...and lavendar..close up of one of the colanders..

I also cut the rest of the lavendar from my neighbors garden and hung them up on the front porch to dry..then I will harvest them and make sachets out of them...or stuff pillows etc..
My daisys are just starting to bloom..they will be cut and brought in to enjoy...I love daisys..they make me smile...

My little gerbera daisys didn't make it here..I transplanted them to the Kittys garden and hope they make I planted these in place of it and hope they make it..:)

my little garden ferry looks as if to be saying.."I'm over here" can't you see me?..

everything has grown by leaps and is amazing...I found squash to add to my mix now..I am so excited..there are 2 and 3 zucchini and one pumpkin so far...lots of tomatoes none ripe yet...

This is the zucchini plant.the flowers (the yellow) ones on this one were huge..bigger then my hand...

can you see Silly Millie in the korral?

Sunny buns enjoying the sun...

Stanley in the chair and Podylicious watching the birdies coming and going..we still have our little nest in the bird house on the side of the house and those babys are rest for mama..

Sunny relaxing after a long day of sunning herself..

Pody sleeping in her favorite spot on the bed..she is the only one I talk baby talk to...she loves it...and I love her..

I caught Millie here in the bedroom window yesterday...she seemed quite content...

and last but not least..this is Gracie..this has become her favorite afternoon Siesta spot..our trunk in front of the bedroom window...and she certainly looks content...Well I hope you all had a nice 4th of July..ours really was low parade or fireworks this year for hot to go and stand there..and I am usually good for every other year..and the older I get the more I like staying home and not fighting the we had great food and good friends to share it with and we were all fat and happy as they say...Couldn't ask for anything better...have a wonderful sunday...I am making buckwheat pancakes, with a little egg salad on top and smoked salmon(lox) and topped with cavier...they are blinis and ohh are they ever good..our neighbor has fixed these for us twice and they are sooo flipping good and gourmet...will take photos so you can see what I am talking about..I will also give you the recipe..that will be tomorrows post..enjoy your day...I gotta go and water...:)


  1. oh that food looks so gooooood!!!!!! Wish I was there!!!! xxxRobby

  2. Looks like the guys were having so much fun Gina:) Your kitty's are always adorable:)

  3. Glad you had a great time too and that pot salad is a keeper, it was very good! I like the idea of adding bacon bits too! Time to clean up today! :)

  4. I love your home and yard. It looks like the perfect spot for friends and family to gather--and the food sounds great too!

    Cathy ♥

  5. What a beautiful place you have. It looks very relaxing and peaceful there. Glad that you and your family had a nice July 4th.

  6. LOL...Love the butt shots! ( do they know they were posted on blogger for all to see??)Thats so funny! Your flowers and garden are beautiful as well as the kitties:) Those ribs look to die for, I've never marinated them in beer, I'm gonna have to try that:)

  7. Hi Gina, you looked like you had a great day, I love your garden...Your kitty cats are beautiful and they look as if they know it
    Have you visited Kody of Stoney Hill Cabin
    She's a cat lover like us, she does a lot of rescue. She just found a ferral cat about to give birth, she is a kind person...
    Enjoy your week...Hugs Chrissy x

  8. Hey Gina! There's so many things to see in these wonderful pics of your party & home! Happy days! We are now on an island, Sylt, off the coast of Denmark.

  9. Wish I'd been at YOUR picnic. What a nice blog - love, love, love your kitties. I had to enlarge the pic to see Milly. She blended in so well in the corral. You have a great blog and a wonderful furry family. I'll be posting photos of the new editions when they arrive as long as mama kitty doesn't mind. Happy day after the 4th.


  10. Gina,
    Looks like you all had a great time...and the food sure looks yummy!! Love the pics of your house and of course I love the pics of your kitties!!

  11. Lol, Gina! I don't LIVE there in that beautiful place in Arkansas....sure wish I did! I live in flat country, pretty much....lots of cotton and rice fields here! The heart of the Ozarks are absolutely beautiful!