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Friday, June 5, 2009

GoOd FriDay To YoU!!!:)

Hello there and thanks for stopping by for your Friday edition of my blog...;) this is what we had for breakfast this morning...fresh from the chicken Eggs..Mike takes the used "mash" that he has when he makes beer to a gal that has chickens and she feeds it to them..they love it!! and she gives us fresh eggs..I just love the colors of these we had 2 eggs, 2 sausages and a piece of toast...great way to start your day..

I got this nice thank you card in the mail from Beth Swanson, thanking us for the donation of dolls that Kimmy and I made for a lady that lost everything in a fire at Easter this year..I can't wait to see photos on her blog to see what all got donated to her..I wish I could be there delivering the goods to see the look on her face...Now she can start decorating and getting her life back...
Thank you for the wonderful card Beth...:)

I went to a thrift store that gives back to the cancer society and this is what I found for $3 bucks..and I bought a breast cancer rubber bracelet for $1..

My shopping spree at Joanns and the dollar store..I got the little cheese holders to make carpet freshner..I got one of these from Dani and she had it primmed up so I am going to make some...The tacky spray works wonderfully when you are transferring your patterns to cardboard or more glue sticks..Robby gave me that wonderful idea..Were was that when I first started buying patterns..I have 100's..:)

this will be my frame for the latest cross stitch that i am working on..don't know what color I will paint it..maybe something neutral so the stitchery takes center stage..i will get to that when I finish it and as you all for your opinion..

more floss for stitcherys and some duck cloth for stitchery too..machine embroidered and hand done..gotta stain it then stitch

more frames for stitcherys..

I thought I would share our little bird house that we have occupied every year at this time with swallows..we would love to think that they are the same ones every year..They usually have 2 babys...didn't see them this year...the roof lifts off so Mike has to get a ladder to clean it out..they used to make their nests in the vents so that is why the house is there..we also covered the vents with chicken coop wire...the window above is my craftroom the kittys will sit in the windows and watch the birds come in for landings..drives em nuts..

This has been here for about 12 years..
My little sister sent me my birthday package..I just got it yesterday...Something for everyone..She is a great shopper and I know she gets alot of this for next to nothing or free..but she spends alot of time searching the bargains and gets the best deals ever..I wish I could be more like her..I know our check book would love it..There is chocolate there too..and of course baking chocolate as well...Cat food, toothpaste, makeup, toiletries, a little bike to use for my dolls..

and to tops to wear..I love em..great for the 4th..the red/white one kind of has that nautical feel to it...Thanks Melba toast for the wonderful gifts...:)

Sunny yesterday in the hallway...look at those eyes..she is my computer baby...(she just wants to be fed and loved..:)

Millie snoozing on the dog was soooo hot..about 86 hot for my is much cooler..over cast..but oh so nice..

Pody this morning..just itching to get outside to get her day going...she is our outdoor baby..last night she brought me 2 more leaves and they are whole ones..not just a piece...she just trots out and drops it..and then waits to be praised..I just love that little girl..she warms my soul..They all do...

more pictures of the front..the day lilys are blooming now..a big cluster of them in yellow..along with the purple rhodie in front and the iris' are a light purple and they are all in bloom on the photo..there is also native bleeding heart there too..
upclose of the lilys.
our azeleas in bloom with more bleeding is all over...

I stopped by lowes yesterday to get cedar chips for my pillows and dog bedding..and they had the Gerbera daisys finally..I tell you these flowers are my favorites..They just tickle me to see these when I open up my kitchen curtains in the morning...One is corral and the other is a fushia pink color...
Here they are from the outside...

2 more in americana buckets on the yellow and the other red..I just love em...:)

the flower garden..I swear everything has grown at least 6 inches this week or more..the hopps are already over the top of the roof...the big leafed plant in the garden is our artichoke plant..we usually get 3 and we just let them bloom...should eat them I guess..

the potatoe are getting their blooms to the left and are huge now..
my poppys..there are 10 far only 3..I just love their color..they make me smile too...:)

the ariel view from my craft room..I just love our garden and love our yard this is the prettiest to date I think...I love being out there piddling and place to be other then in my craftroom creating something...On another note I got my hair cut and colored yesterday...I love it..will post a photo later when it is done and my makeup is on..don't want to scare you all..well I gotta go and get some grocerys..Have a wonderful weekend...:)


  1. Gina, I LOVE all the pictures! Everything looks SO nice! And how sweet to have a birdhouse for the little birds. :)

    I do have to agree with you on how our kitties can warm our hearts! I get such pleasure, joy, and comfort from mine. I would be lost without them! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Those eggs look almost like easter eggs, lol! What a delightful package full of goodies you got and your flowers and kitties are awesome! So cute how you keep getting LEAVES, LOL!!!!!

  3. I just love reading your blog. You have such wonderful posts about primitives, cats and your life. Our little Misty sends love to all your kitties and Tucker too!

  4. I love your yard photo with the little red shed, so cute! Those daisy's are my favorite too! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Gina,

    I have never been in a JoAnns but we have one nearby now and I can't wait to go!

    I always pick up frames for stitcheries whenever I get the chance too!

    That's lots of goodies from your sister! How sweet!

    And I LOVE seeing pictures of your outdoor gardening and set up! It looks awesome! You have a beautiful place!

    Have a great weekend, Gina!

  6. That is so kewl about the sparrows! And I love the daisies right where you can enjoy them too. And your gardens look great. So much to read about today!! :-)

  7. I love your little birdhouse...your house looks so cute & cozy! I love yellow houses...We had a birdhouse that was rented out by two little sparrows...but the other morning when my husband went out back it had fallen and was on the ground! Good thing there were no eggs yet! I miss them.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. Everything looks wonderful Gina...I love the birdhouse and the flowers in your window box:)

  9. Wonderful blog today. Your pics are terrific.... Love the garden and flower ones.


  10. Oh my goodness, Look at your garden, I love it.
    And of course love the red shed.
    thank you so much for sign up on my blog and adding me to yours.
    I have you down 3 times.
    I love meeting new blogers.