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Saturday, June 13, 2009

CaT NaP AnyOnE?

Well I decided to start making animal beds..This is a kitty one I just finished..I am starting the Doggy bed soon...This one comes with all that you see here..the wicker basket and homespun bow wrapped around the basket..It has an americana theme to it..I have 2 more of these types of baskets 2 natural like shown above..I also have 3 round baskets that are a post or two down..that I can make too..
They are made of a soft canvas material and I embroidered "CatNap" on the front of it.I can also add your babys name on it as well. That will be $2.00 extra.
Here is the back of this particular one..done in an americana theme with stars and stripes..

I have sewn in velcro so that you can easily remove the cedar lining and launder the cover..all of this has been prewashed and dried to remove any sizing..The liner is made of muslin that too has been washed and dried...

Here is a side view so you can see the piping in blue around the pillow..I think this really finishes the pillow...I can make these beds a bit bigger..but remember shipping on these..the cedar gets pretty heavy...or I can make the bed and lining and you stuff yourself..I got the cedar at our home store..This bed measures 16 inches long by 13 inches wide...Your kitty will be as snug as a bug in a little rug..and the cedar is a natural flea repelent..:) This is $30.00 + Shipping..Without the basket they are $25.00 + shipping..My hubby gave me this I know what my inlaws will be getting for their dogs...and I think I will make a big one for our babys to lay on when the wood stove is fired up..they will love it..If there is a certain color scheme you are going for..I will certainly work with you..The Hubby just got home and I showed it to him...he loves it..and I do too..I am very pleased with the way it came out..


  1. Nicely done. I love it that you can take the cover off and wash it. I have had a couple of cat beds and the covers don't come off to wash them. I usually wind up throwing them out. Great job!

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  3. My goodness those will certainly sell...they are so neat!