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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...

Hello there and happy hump day to ya!..I finally got the crud everyone has..I have a nasty you know how hard it is to eat and breathe out of your mouth? hate it but that is my mode of breathing right now..I have so much snot it isn't funny...snot is a funny word though isn't enough of that..This is my latest project another mixed media..this time done on wood and using my wood burning tool..hoping to get it done by saturday for our WSOAPP update.. that is your sneek peek..
Here is my latest mixed media all done..I bought some rubber stamps not too long ago and blew them up so that I could make these trailers...This is for you lovers of camping and all that goes with it...and for my Sisters on the Fly...I had so much fun doing this..and using my stamps, chalk, pencils and paint...

Yesterday I went and got my annual boob squeeze done and then I headed over to Kimmys house and we went to some thrift/antique stores..our stores are not as cheap as some of yours out there...but we did find some fun items..this was at joanns and everything was on sale...I didn't need to use any of my coupons and it bugs me to not be able to use is coupon abuse I tell you..but this is for more mixed media type stuff..

this is zippers and binding..all for 25 cents best friend said don't buy em brand new when you can get em for a now she just need to teach me...

These items were found at the antique store and we asked the lady if she would go down lower and she did..not much but every bit helps..the bowls will be made into candles..the red handled double boiler will be used to store my laundry soap as well as the blue one..will be putting those neat labels on them..the scoop will be used in the laundry and the bowl is for my neighbor..she admired am still searching for those types but in turquoise/aqua...Kimmy has a set and they are to die for..

we hit her local nursery and I tell you ladies..I love this shopee not just for buying your plants but they have the neatest prim items and so I bought some toweling to embroider on and this little sign..bought another one..but is going in a swap and I don't want her to see it..I also bought these plastic tubs to use for the laundry and they will have the labels as well...

I also bought this really cute bloomers apron..I am going to trace it and make is too funny when worn..

this was a package that I ordered from Factory direct and more stuff for mixed media..little metal crows, stars, hearts and metal tubs for my candles that are electric that I make..and one little electric candle that is still wrapped in bubble wrap...well that is it for me...I feel like crap..going to go down and let Tucker out and get something to eat and catch up on the tube...oh we took Tucker to his class last night and he is a show off..and is doing so well in class.. he even catches the frisbee in his mouth jumping for it..he is amazing..yesterday he went for a nice long walk on the beach with his pa and made a new friend they had lots of fun playing in the low tide...our weather is turning out glorious..wasn't earlier...everything is blooming around us and DH could see the pollen just flying he has bad allergies..tis the season...hope your wednesday is a glorious is an awesome blog to go to, to help you get your food storage in order and be prepared for what ever comes your way..I have also put 2 videos of this smart gal on the bottom part of my blog..Her name is Wendy DeWitt and her blog is chock full of advice..hope it helps you get on your way to being well cared for..have a great day!!!:)


  1. Gosh Gina...Did you leave any good stuff for the rest of us?
    Do you make your own laundry detergent or do you buy yours?
    I hope you are feeling better soon! I am glad to hear that your baby is doing so well in school! How long will it be before he graduates?

  2. Gina, Hope you get to feeling better. No fun crafting when you have a bug. I checked out Wendy's site......awesome information.

  3. Gina, your travel trailer plaque turned out so cute! Very clever! What a fun craft. Hope you are feeling better real soon! It is really a bummer not being able to breath out of our nose! LOL!


  4. Gina, I love the idea of putting your laundry detergent in the big pots! I'm going to have to find me some cool pots now!

    Get to feeling better girlie :(

  5. Hi Gina,
    Love all the goodies you got!! Sorry to hear that you got that nasty cold stuff...hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to see what you do with the mixed media that has the cupboard on it.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Oh my, such nice finds. Love the bloomer apron! I bet that is a hoot!


  7. Oops ~ forgot to say that LOVE your Sisters on the Fly art. Beee U Ti Ful! I have my eye on an old camper and if I ever see the "For Sale" sign go up on it, I will have to rob a bank and buy it! LOL

    And did you know that gal painting on the ladder in your sidebar really resembles me. Belly, butt and all! It would be funny if it weren't true.