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Friday, March 6, 2009

DaY SpEnt TweaKinG...:)

This is what I did yesterday..I felt like crap..yesterday was by far my worst day for my that dry cough with that little tickle in your throat, so I couldn't stop couching..and blowing..felt much better towards evening..but did sleep really well..but then I never do as my hips ache all night I toss and turn..any who...on with what I did yesterday..I bought this great red/plaid shelf liner at Walmart the other day so I could reline my shelves..I love the way it looks now..
all nice and tidy and looking much better in my opinion..I also did the baking area (not shown here)...

here is a before photo..I decided to do these as well too..only the 2 lower ones...

and here it is after..I also rearranged the items too..I brought down my muffin tin collection and added those..I make those fake yummy smelling cinnamon rolls and I use them for display when I am selling them at my shows..Did you notice my old metal meat cutter on the left...I had admired this at one of my favorite haunts (this was years ago) and she had it displayed like this with her cookbooks in I bought this (years ago) and have my cook books in it....the bowls in the center are some oldies and when I was shopping with Kimmy the other day..found the smallest now I have a complete set..and I love using these especially in the fall with their great fall colors.. I also have an old round grater on top of my hutch..I use it with a tea light candle...I also have a collection of tea-pots...I don't drink tea..but love em..I also have 2 cork items from italy when we lived there, one is a pitcher and the other is a vase..I should take photos of these as they are very unique..I also organized my recipes..oh boy do I have alot of recipes and I am always digging through them to find that certain I bought an accordian folder also at Walmart and catorgized them by pasta, chicken, pork, cookies, cakes, drinks etc..what a difference..but it took some time..and I was able to weed a few out of there..I love being organized and having everything in its place...

here is also an after shot with the lights out and only my twinkle lights glowing..I love the way the light bounces off the bowls..makes them really pop..adds a nice ambience too...

well I stepped outside to throw something away in the recycling bin and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a wonderful package left by the mailgirl...:)I bought a cute mixed media from Stacey at Tattered n torn Prims and I couldn't wait to open it up..She is such a sweetheart and is so funny to stop on over to her blog and say hi..She had not only put in my mixed media, but a few other surprises as this is what I saw when I opened it up..a cute little basket with moss and 3 little eggs in it...

here is the package before I unwrapped...duh...:) A little carrot and the burlap ribbon...I love that touch...and love the paper too...but not as much as what was inside...

so here it the little carrot along with my other carrots and an old grater...looks right at home doesn't it?...

Here is my little basket with my metal crow..looks like these could be her eggs...

and last but certainly not little mixed media that she did..I just love it..and it is my sentiments exactly...look below for an upclose shot..There is also a painting by my friend Jenny there as well...

I just love this and knew it would be right at home here with me!.. Thanks Stacey for a wonderful job on this..I love it!!!...She and her DH make lots of neat items for be sure to check out her blog...

had to show you a photo of our silly Millie..she is half sitting on me and half on the me her morning needle session..she burys her face between my boobs and needles the heck out of my arm...she is such a cuddle butt...gotta love em..:)
on another Note..Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy is having a drawing for a wonderful americana cat that you can win if you donate to help spay and neuter the stray kittys in her area...she has been catching the little feral and strays in her area and getting them fixed...and this is all coming out of her pocket so..please go to her site and help and you even might win the beautiful cat she is offering..I know I am hoping I win...Well that is it for me..I am hoping to get some items made today for our update tomorrow..will post them when I get them done..have a wonderful weekend...we are getting a beautiful day here...the sun is shining..just wish I felt better...yesterday was so cold it felt like snow..and the DH is telling me we still might get some...and I am so excited about daylights savings...means we can go for some walks when Mike gets home from work...Take care and have a fabulous weekend!!!...:)
P.S. I won a set of earrings on Penniwigs blog yesterday! that is my 3 blog win...I can't wait to see them and of course wear them...


  1. Gina~You are an organizing wizard!
    Everything looks great! I have that exact same checkered shelf liner...I love the way it looks.
    I'm so glad that I was able to catch your post, happy you are posting when I get a chance to read it!
    Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. Hi Gina,
    Love your cupboard with the lights out and your twinkle lights on:) The bowls are great and you will have to show a pic of them come fall!

  3. Gina,
    Everything looks great. I need to redo my shelves one of these days. Love your new goodies. Have a great weekend. Hope you get feeling better,

  4. Thanks for the blurb! I like all your goodies. That lil kitty painting looks cute there. heehee

  5. Hi Gina,
    Everything look the checkered shelf liner. Your bowls look great with the twinkle lights shining on them.
    Sorry to hear that you still are feeling bad. When I had took a while to go away as it was mean and ugly. Hope it goes away soon for you.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Everythin' looks great!!! I love Stace's work! AND she's a sweetheart to boot! :> )
    I hope you feel better darlin'.

  7. Hey girl!!! I'm glad you got your pix!!! How nice of you to show it off!! It really does look wonderful!!! You have just the right spot for it!!! Enjoy darlin'!!!

    Hope you're feeling better!!!

  8. Looks about coming over and line my shelfs!!! LOL

  9. Hi Gina! Everything looks so nice. I just love that little dolly on your shelf and all the old tins and things. It looks so homey.

    With spring approaching, I haven't been online much but when i got your email I just had to stop by and say hello. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support during the past month. It meant more that I can ever express.

    Milly is a cutie!