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Monday, March 2, 2009

BeaUtiFul GloRioUs MoNdaY!!!

Well Today feels so much like Spring it is scary!... it felt so good to be out in it today..we took a nice long walk through our little town of Indianola..this is a neat little town of about 3000 give or used to be an old fishing/weekend village and now most folks live here full time...and they are quaint little cottages that are here...We live about a mile from the beach where we have Indianola days every year...and get together for the huge salmon bake...We have little general store, post office and a community center that puts on plays gift shows, fleamarkets and private partys...we love living is a big hippy town..and dogs and kids run rampant here..We have lived here since 1994 with the exception of living in Naples Italy for 3 of those years..we just rented out our home..would never do it again..not with all the upgrades we have done..the only good thing about renting was being able to remodel..:)..well we took our 2 mile walk with Tucker and along our way we came across this huge window frame glass intact and it was when we got back we got the truck and loaded her is single paned..we are probably going to use it as a cold frame for winter/early spring gardening...hoping this person unloads a couple that was my sweet deal of the day! :)
Then we came home and let the kittys out to enjoy the nice warm sunshine and let Tucker run around and play..he is catching the frisbee in his mouth now..he is smart little puppy...and he got so hot he sat his bottom in the water was too funny..just wish I had had the camera at that moment..we have been out till about I made some butternut squash soup (store bought) and sat outside enjoying that and my magazines...when days are like they are is a rarety and we like to get out and enjoy neighbors jonquils are blooming and they make me smile...hard to believe we had snow last wednesday...any way yesterday I started another mixed media painting..its all about camping...I love it...kind of geared for the sisters on the fly...but can be for anyone that enjoys camping..just got a few more finishing touches and then I will post a mulitude of free books from my nephews are going to be thrilled..might put some on Ebay as there are some oldies..they are really neat..the rest are going to our library here where I live...I won a giveaway at Sues Country Pleasures..I love it..that is the 2nd time I have one..I completely forgot about the other time I won..I love surprises and I can't wait to see what she has for me...
Well that is it for me..I also added a slide show of my home..scroll down to the end and you can view it...take care and have a wonderful week!:)


  1. Hi, Gina!
    Congrats on winning the giveaway. Your little town sounds so cool. by the way, I love, love squash soup. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. eeekkk! a painting geared for my sister! i just can't wait to see it...i didn't know that those sassy paintings are yours...were have i been...hee hee...cant' wait to see it...blessings cat