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Sunday, February 1, 2009

LoTs & LoTs oF GooDiEs...

Well it is super bowl sunday! are you spending your day!..are you watching the game? if so who are you rooting for? While we love the Steelers..they have been several times so we are rooting for the Cardinals this year..and all my DH wants is a good game...not one sided...I am making pepperoni dip from one of the blogs I visit...and Garlica's Guacamole...oh it is tasty..will share the recipe in another post...and stuffed mushrooms...I am going to church first and then watching the I will miss a good hour of the game..but then I am not much of a don't really care...we will be at the neighbors house this year as their TV is larger...I would rather be at home on my comfy couch watching it..I ordered this now I am ready for more crafting..I also got some of the paper tinsel..and I am just itching to use it...
I dropped Mike and Tucker off at Petsmart yesterday and I headed to Joanns with coupons in hand only to have everything on I have 3 coupons with my name on it for next time..i want one of those big cupcake pans that makes a gigantic cupcake..but they were on sale, but I want to use my 40% off am waiting patiently...I got some rubber stamps letters in different sizes cause I like to make my words big and you can tell in my headers. I got this to do my mixed media with..also got 2 more canvases...I am having so much fun with it..and I can now finish up the one I did...I am totally hooked..Thanks again ladys for your opinions..I am going with the ribbon...:)

Here is some stuff that I ordered from Glitter your World..I am SOOOOOO excited to use this stuff I can hardly stand it..I want to make some dolls and use those little feather wings.. I also got some velvet rick rack. more paper tinsel for halloween and some purple too..I also got a bottle of spray glitter..I will use that on my mixed media stuff and dollies too... Well I hope your day is a great one with whatever you are doing today... Oh my party on Friday night was a huge success!..I wish you all could have been there (course it would have been standing room only) but you would have had a great time too..and getting to smell about a million different scents as well..and had some good food as well...I cleaned up in the stuff I got for doing the party too..You might want to host your own or order from me next time...Sorry no one was interested it was free shipping..can't beat that as no one has free shipping on partys that I have ever done...I got to big warmers for the price of one..they are normally $30.00 each. I got 12 different scent bars..(I got all that were my absolute favorites)..but I know there is more I like..I also got 2 night lite warmers too..they are $15 I got those for free..cause I get 10% of my my grand total for the night was $59.00..which would have cost me $120.00 total...I got 4 1/2 off items cause I held the party in January and it was double your 1/2 off items..sweet huh..and my girlfriend is having a party and when I go to hers I get another 1/2 off item...I think I see another big warmer in my future...these make great gifts and you don't have to worry about wicks, smoke, soot etc..just pop in a tart square and turn it on...they run on a 25watt they make great safe gifts..(man I should sell this stuff), I will just keep having the partys...that is why I do partys...I am too cheap to purchase it any other way...This month is My Sensaria Party..It is facial cleansing type stuff..I love their stuff!!!!! especially their body butters...I have never tried anything so decitent in my life..all those body butters you are buying at the stores..feel like lotions to me..but when I use body is so soft afterwards and all day really lasts all is thick and luxurious...and makes me feel like I have been at a if anyone is intereste in ordering let me know...
Well I have a busy week this week..I am going to my Kimmys house tomorrow..(I call her my Kimmy)..she is my bestest friend!.we are finally going to make those purses..and I have so much fabric..I want to make alot of these and sell them..they are just too cute...and then on Tuesday if my hairdresser gets back to me..I am getting my hair re-colored as it just faded in like 2 weeks..that perm I got was a disasterous one and I will never, I repeat never get another one ever...I even took the razor and re-cut my hair as the gal that I went to and trusted..didn't do right by me..won't be going back to looked like she gave me too totally different hairdos and they just didn't gel I cut it and fixed it..and now it looks blended and more like it should have...just need the color and I am complete..then I am staying home and sewing and painting till my hearts content..I want to do my mixed media going...whats on your agenda?..sorry for rambling on and on..I guess I had alot to say....:) go figure..*smirk*..have a great sunday!..


  1. Glad your friends liked the ironing board cover. I'm trying to persuade the mill shop to get some more in. You look as if you got some bargains today. Things like that are so hard to get here in the UK and if you can they cost a small fortune. Don't forget to let me know what your friend says about her ironing board cover. Pam xx

  2. Ooooh look at all that pretty tinsel!!
    I am not a football fan but I'll be squeezin' for the Cardinals since they are the underdogs. Besides, they are one of my favorite birdies. :> )

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  4. Wow, Gina, you got alot of goodies there & at Joannes, and at your candle party. Have fun tonight. I'm not too much of a football fan, though I like to watch the commercials, LOL.


  5. Hi Gina,
    Looks like you got lots of goodies!! I have alot of the tinsel yarn and I love it!
    You kitty post from the other day is too sure made me laugh and smile.
    Have fun making your purse! I have alot of purse patterns, but have only made one so far.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Thought I'd tell you what my JoAnn's does. If an item is on sale, but you want to use your 40% coupon on it(if it makes it a bettr price) they will ring it up at regular price and then take off the 40%. Does that make sense? I've done this several times. ~Ann